Yuri Chaika: biography

Chaika Yuri Yakovlevich, sometimes came into the view of the media. However, despite the negative material about him or his close relatives that can be found on the Internet, he continues to remain in his post and successfully lead such a serious structure.

Chaika Yuri Yakovlevich: biography, wife

The future Prosecutor General was born in a family whose roots go back to the Kuban Cossacks. His date of birth is 05/21/1951. The place of birth is the city of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur. He was born the youngest of four children.

After graduating from the Nikolaev Secondary School No. 4 in 1968, Yuri Chaika entered the shipbuilding department at the Polytechnic Institute of Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

After studying a year and a half, he quit his studies and, before being called up for military service, he got a job as an electrician at the Nikolaev Shipbuilding Plant in the city of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur.

In 1970-1972, Yuri Chaika served in the Soviet Army, the place of his service was the autorotte of the city of Khabarovsk.

Immediately after demobilization, he became a student at the Sverdlovsk Law Institute (SUI), where he studied until 1976. After graduation, he received a law degree in law.Yuri Chaika

During his studies, Yuri Chaika met with his future wife Elena, who was then studying at the pedagogical institute of the city of Sverdlovsk. In 1974, after graduation, they got married.

Work after XUI

It is noteworthy that at the Sverdlovsk Law Institute in the seventies, the teacher of civil law was VF Yakovlev, who later became the presidential adviser on legal issues. It was he who studied Chaika Yuri Yakovlevich. From 1995 to 1999, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Skurytov Yury Ilyich, was studying at the same university for about the same period, he is a graduate of 1973. Skuratov met the Seagull while he was still a student.

Immediately after receiving his diploma in 1976, Yury Yakovlevich Chaika, whose biography from that time is inextricably linked with work in the prosecutor’s office, began his career as an intern at the Ust-Uda district prosecutor’s office (Irkutsk Region). Later he worked there as an investigator.

In 1978, he grew to the position of deputy prosecutor.

Since 1979, Yuri Chaika transferred to the East Siberian Transport Prosecutor's Office.
Until 1984, his place of work was the Taishet transport prosecutor's office, where he held the post of prosecutor, then he headed the investigation department in the higher transport prosecutor's office, where he worked until 1985.

Over the next year, he was invited as an instructor in the Irkutsk Regional Committee of the CPSU to the department in charge of administrative bodies.Chaika Yury Yakovlevich Attorney General

In 1986-1988, Chaika worked in Irkutsk as Deputy Regional Prosecutor for the investigation.

Participation in party organs and further career growth

In the spring of 1988, Yuri Chaika was again invited to work in the Irkutsk Regional Committee of the Communist Party, where he until 1991 headed the state legal department.
He then received an appointment to the post of prosecutor in the East Siberian Prosecutor's Office for Transport.

In February 1992, he became the regional prosecutor in Irkutsk.

After Vildan Suleimanovich Uzbekov resigned as First Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, from November 16, 1995, this position was taken by Chaika Yuri Yakovlevich. Procurator General Skuratov Yuri Ilyich responded about him as a very energetic, demanding and hard person in the suppression of criminal activity. He noted that he was familiar with Chaika since his student years and always noted his good abilities and hard work.

Skuratov praised the work of the Seagull in the Irkutsk regional prosecutor's office, where the crime situation is complicated by the presence of a large number of colonies. Prisoners who have served their sentence are often settled in this region.Chaika Yury Yakovlevich Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation

The seagull, according to Skuratov, successfully coped with his duties. For example, during 1992, a total of eight criminal cases under the heading "gangsterism" were investigated in the territory of the Russian Federation. Five of them were initiated by the Irkutsk prosecutor's office.

The work of the regional prosecutor allowed Chaika to experience problems related to the inefficiency of the central office, when petty tutelage does not allow focusing on the main problems.

At the post of first deputy attorney general

In the summer of 1996, Chaika conducted work on a well-known case on the removal of more than half a million dollars from the White House in a box in which there was previously branded photocopier paper.

Initially, Mikhail Katyshev, who oversaw this case, said that representatives of the presidential administration insisted on transferring the case to Chaika.

In January 1997, Chaika was introduced to the Interdepartmental Anti-Terrorism Commission of the Russian Federation.Seagull Yuri Yakovlevich address

In early September 1998, Chaika insisted on the arrest of First Deputy Treasury Secretary Vladimir Petrov, who was accused of having received a million dollars for carrying out illegal acts in favor of the Eskado bank.It was assumed that the money was transferred to his account in Andorra. In 1999, Petrov was released from custody, and two years later the case against him was discontinued.

In 1999, a Moscow Region firm Odintsovsk complained to law enforcement agencies about racketeering. The racketeers, the Ingush living in Irkutsk, were detained. On the car used by them were state numbers that were listed on the Seagull.

The detainees were found a special coupon prohibiting to check the car, as well as a power of attorney for the vehicle, signed by the name of the son of Yuri Chaika - Artem. The latter spoke at the trial of racketeers as a witness.

And about. Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation

In April 1999, Chaika was appointed to serve as the Prosecutor General of Russia.

During this period, they were told by representatives of the IMF that the Prosecutor General’s Office put forward unfounded allegations against former high-ranking government officials who improperly used the allocated IMF loans. These former government officials were the former Prime Minister S. Kiriyenko and the former head of the Central Bank S. Dubinin.

In the same period, a campaign began to remove Skuratov from his post. Yury Yakovlevich Chaika, as the Prosecutor General was dismissed according to the current legislation, said this later.


In July 1999, Seagull filed an application for resignation. The real reason for this, as many have suggested, was the start of a lawsuit against racketeers who had friendly relations with his son.

The Federation Council decided to consider the issue of Chaika’s resignation in October of this year.Chaika Yury Yakovlevich Biography

Chaika at this time, having gone on leave, transferred his authority to Deputy Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov, who became and. about. Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation since 07.29.1999.

In the process of being on leave, Chaika filed an application for retirement, which was granted on August 9, 1999.

Further posts in the public service

On August 17, 1999, Chaika Yuri Yakovlevich, whose address was still Moscow, became the head of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. He held this post until 2006, despite the change of the Prime Minister. seagull yuri yakovlevich biography wife

Since 2003, he was introduced to the Government Commission on Administrative Reform.

On June 23, 2006, Chaika was appointed the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.He holds this position to date.

Chaika Yuri Yakovlevich: family, photo

The wife of the Prosecutor General - Chaika Elena Grigorevna, born in 1952, after graduating from the teacher's college, worked in a kindergarten and as a teacher in a school, later she was a housewife. Currently retired.

The eldest son, Artem Yurevich Chaika, born in 1975, has a number of enterprises, according to the media, he is a candidate of law.seagull yuri yakovlevich family photo

The youngest son Igor, born in 1988, also has a law degree, he is a graduate of the Moscow State Academy. Kutafina.

At the age of 26, he became an adviser to the governor of the Moscow region Vorobiev, his activities were culture, sports and youth policy. Later, Igor Yuryevich Chaika left government structures to devote himself to entrepreneurial activity.

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