Yevgeny Ivanov - theater and film actor

The Russian Actor Pleiad has raised more than one generation of remarkable and talented artists. Yevgeny Ivanov joined the acting environment, playing a huge number of roles, and fell in love with the audience for the skillfully performed roles.

Evgeny Ivanov

Biography of the actor

The future artist was born in an ordinary maternity hospital in the city of Kazan on January 5, 1967.

Eugene's childhood was the same as that of all Soviet children of that time: high school, various clubs and sports clubs. While still a student, the boy was determined to link his future life with the acting profession. He took part in various school plays, festive productions, and in his free time he attended a theater group, where he mastered the basics of acting.

After graduating from high school, Ivanov Evgeny Alekseevich served 2 years in the army, defending the borders of the motherland. And after demobilization he decided to fulfill the dream of his life.

Ivanov Evgeny Alekseevich

The beginning of a creative career

In 1985, Yevgeny Ivanov entered the Theater State Institute in Sverdlovsk (now Ekaterinburg).At the institute, a young student was trained in the department of acting skills under the guidance of Honored Artist of Russia Natalia Vitchenko Milchenko. In 1991, he successfully leaves the walls of the university with a diploma of a novice actor.

Our hero continued his activities in small provincial towns, where he worked very hard and fruitfully in the field of art - he played in theater productions. His work was already awarded in 1992 with the highest state awards - in the play “These Free Butterflies!” The role of Donald, played by Yevgeny Ivanov, was named one of the best works among young artists of the Yoshkar-Ola Theater. In 1993, the image of Fedotika in the play “Three Sisters” was awarded the First Festival of Russian Theaters in Yoshkar-Ola. And in 1995, his role as Aleksey Ivanovich in the production of “The Player” in the novel of Dostoevsky of the same name was marked by the highest state award of the theatrical festival “Nooruz” of the Kyrgyz Republic. There, an aspiring actor played performances on the stage of the Bishkek Russian Drama Theater named after N. Krupskaya.

In 1995, Yevgeny Ivanov organically joined the cast of the drama theater named after Komissarzhevskaya, where he still works today.His colleagues are such great artists as Igor Nikolaev, Emilia Spivak, Anna Kovalchuk, Sergey Baryshev and others.

On the stages of the St. Petersburg Drama Theater, the hero of our article has played many successful roles over the years, one of which the audience especially remembered - Armand Duval from Alexander Dumas' famous novel “The Lady with Camellias”. Also, Eugene repeated the image in the theater. Komissarzhevskaya "Player" Dostoevsky, together with the director V. Pasi.

Evgeny Ivanov actor

Dubbing actor

Evgeny Ivanov is an actor who perfectly masters almost all the techniques of his occupation. Especially it is very easy for him to acquire the skill of a light stylized mask - this allows him to feel the elements of freedom and express himself in any genre. No less, our hero likes to work in comedy, adventures and action movies.

The artist is also very much and fruitfully working in the field of voicing roles, both domestic and foreign. Movie sound is one of the invisible and invisible, but very irreplaceable film specialties. After all, voice-overs help the viewer plunge headlong into the plot. It allows you to create a common and whole impression of any foreign film, voiced in their native language.

The dubbing is the most sought-after and highly paid for the actor.He receives from the expert already ready translation of the text with remarks. A dubbing actor must be extremely collected and have a great imagination, as he often has to work alone without partners and imagine how an absent colleague says his remarks.

As a dubbing actor, Yevgeny Ivanov III voiced many popular foreign films: “Star Wars”, the cartoon “Pink Panther”, “Legend of Zorro”, “Appointment with a Star” and many other projects.

evgeny ivanov iii

Filmography actor

In addition to working on the theatrical scene and dubbing, our hero is a lot of feature films in the game. He became especially popular and recognizable after working in the TV series “Secrets of Investigation” with Anna Kovalchuk in the lead role, in which he played Edward. As noted above, Ivanov is especially successful in roles in the adventure genre, action films and comedies.

The audience remembered very vivid images of Eugene: Stanislav Firsov in “The Streets of Broken Lanterns - 9”, Plato Zubov in the TV series “Favorite”, assistant to the Privy Counselor in “The True History of Lieutenant Rzhevsky”, Miron in “Road Patrol - 5”, Valera Mityaev in “ Exit. The list goes on and on ...

Acting title of our hero

Evgeny Ivanov received the title of Honored Artist of Russia in 2007, which is to this day. But that is not all. Much more important for Eugene love the viewer. That's what it's worth living for! We wish the actor outstanding roles and happiness in his personal life!

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