"Yamamoto" - the perfume of a popular Japanese brand

Perfume gives each person its own individual and unique smell. There are many different perfume compositions that are created by people who can combine different notes of smell. Very popular are "Yamamoto" - perfumes that are made in Japan. They have a huge number of different flavors.

general characteristics

"Yamamoto" - perfumes that have been for a long time the best and most popular Japanese brand. Their various aromas are perfect for both men and women. This perfume allows people of all ages and professions to give the body a unique and wonderful scent. It is no coincidence that they are popular not only in Japan, but also in other countries. Thanks to the large selection of perfumes of this brand, a person can complement his image, give it elegance or create a romantic style.

The first perfume created by this brand was a delicate fragrance with hints of tea tree.This smell allows you to feel the warmth, tenderness and femininity of any girl. It is appropriate for both young girls and middle-aged women.

Perfume "Yamamoto" perfect for any image. They can be used both in the daytime, and during a trip to the cinema, a restaurant in the evening.Yamamoto perfume

Distinctive features

Perfume "Yamamoto" - a brand that does not pursue fashion. It gives its customers an unforgettable and unique smell that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Experienced professionals create perfume compositions that are not similar to anything, they have many interesting and mysterious notes.

The most important feature of this brand is that the perfume combines the aromas of nutmeg with delicate notes of jasmine and other colors.

perfume Yamamoto for women

Women's fragrances "Yamamoto"

Designers who have been working on improving this brand for many years are constantly trying to create new, unique varieties for women.

Women's perfume "Yamamoto" have a lot of bright and bold scents, designed for both business women and fragile and romantic girls.

This brand allows each girl to complement their image. There are options for both daytime use and party. In the line of this brand you can find any desired flavor.

Women's perfume "Yamamoto" created by experienced designers who make each fragrance different. This allows each girl to create her own image, to be an individual person with her own special smell.

perfume yamamoto reviews

Line of aromas

Specialists engaged in the development of unique and exquisite perfumes Yohji Yamamoto, created for their customers a few lines of new flavors. They are represented by varieties for any lifestyle and character. In the line of fragrances of this Japanese brand there are perfumes:

  • for business women;
  • gentle, romantic girls;
  • seductive, self-confident women;

They are made for any type of female character. And the latest and new fragrance, which designers gave for girls, was a perfume with a mysterious smell. It combines the most unusual solutions, unusual for other perfume compositions.

This fragrance of perfumes Yohji Yamamoto is perfect for gentle, airy and fragile girls who want to always be noticed by men.

In the line of the Japanese brand there is also a scent with a combination of floral notes, which is perfect for a business woman who knows her worth.

Another one of the new smells that designers have created is perfect for romantic girls who love and value their freedom. It is ideal for women who love to travel.

The aroma with the smell of sea breeze and flowers is perfect for girls who smell of sexuality, love to manage men, know how to achieve their goals. The smell for daring and business women, which helps to complete the image of a confident lioness.

yohji yamamoto

Customer Reviews

For those who have been using Japanese perfume for a long time, these perfumes have become a reliable assistant in any situation. Using the flavors of "Yamamoto", women and men can complement their image for any event.

Reviews about the perfume "Yamamoto" from regular customers say that they are amazing, persistent, but not harsh. A large variety of flavors allows you to choose the one that is most suitable for creating an image. It says a lot, which means that Yamamoto perfumery is one of the best in the world.

According to women, they are always insolent, and they smell like sexuality. And most girls want to achieve exactly this result. After all, men are attracted to women, from which they smell good and pleasant.

Japanese perfume Yamamoto

Men's fragrances from "Yamamoto"

Just like for women, Japanese designers have created a line of men's fragrances. They have a very pleasant and bewitching scent that drives any woman crazy. Any of them simply will not be able to stand next to a man who smells of Yamamoto perfume. These Japanese flavors are chosen by people who are confident and capable of achieving any goal.

Also among the flavors of this brand, any man will find one that is perfect for a business event. And if you want to go on a romantic date, there is a delicate and pleasant smell that will not be cocky and will appeal to a woman. All men's perfume "Yamamoto" are perfect for both a young guy and a serious respectable man. These flavors are unobtrusive and quite popular.

All Japanese perfume "Yamamoto" can complement any image. Perfectly suited for both delicate and airy girl, and for the bold, sexy woman.They will be a great gift for both men and girls.

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