"Fire safety" (specialty). Work on the specialty "Fire safety"

When a great flame flares up, many envelopsfear of his all-consuming languages. Of course, we are not talking about a lighted kitchen towel. Here, without much difficulty, probably all will cope. But if you take into account the full-blown, burning all in its path fire, then the situation is different. To overcome the elements and put out the fire are capable only of brave professionals.

In absolutely any place - at the enterprise, in theschool, office, store, etc. - one of the most important moments of organization and functioning is fire safety. A specialty, which was once chosen by people coming on call for the sake of saving others, is vital. Indeed, the choice of a profession is inextricably linked with a personal vocation, and if it is to save and protect its fellow citizens, then it is not difficult to determine the future work. Entering first in college, then in a higher educational institution, finding a job in the rescue service, such people have the most important thing - the opportunity to realize themselves.

History of the formation of the specialty "Fire safety"

If we turn to historical facts,It is clear that since the days of Ancient Egypt people were interested in fire safety. Specialty, or rather, the prerequisites for its emergence, is recorded precisely on the territory of this oldest civilization. In manuscripts, there are many references to professional firefighters.fire safety specialtyA few centuries later the next place wherethere was a whole organization to combat fires at the state level, became the Roman Empire. By order of the Emperor Augustus, night policemen patrolling the city at this time of day, went out on the path of saving people, their houses and property from terrible fires during the day.

And only at the beginning of the XVI century in the territoryRussian lands, there was a need to create a specialized body, the main activity of which was fire safety. Specialty firefighter as such was born even later. Almost 150 years after the appearance of the first brigades, Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich issued a decree, which was able to establish exactly the number of workers and duties of each brigade. It happened in 1649, on April 30. There is nothing surprising in the fact that at present this date has become symbolic, since the Day of Fire Protection of Russia is celebrated on the last April day.

How does the system work?

Work on the specialty "Fire safety"is not limited only to the departure of firefighters directly to the place where the fire is extinguished. This sphere is a complex system, where each element is paramount and necessary.specialty fire safety by whom to workTo understand how the system worksthe name "Fire safety", it is necessary to consider each responsible link in a certain area of ​​work. In the performance of their duties, a particular function of a rescue officer is entrusted. A vivid example will be a unique simulation of the situation with the fire that has arisen.

How does the work of firefighters start? First of all, a call comes to the centralized dispatching service. Its task is to determine the fire department, which is at the closest possible distance from the scene. Before sending an application for the departure of firefighters, the dispatcher must find out to what level of difficulty this fire can be attributed. This factor is in many respects a determining starting point.

Prepare for fire fighting

For example, if the container caught fire with easeflammable garbage, to the place of fire will send one car-tanker. In the event of a more serious incident, two or more fire engines may be needed from all adjacent areas.specialty fire safety in collegeIn particular, when a residential building is burning orproduction workshops, send several fire brigades, and from different directions. Thus, by regulating the number of machines for objects, the coordination link of the chain "Fire safety" functions.

Specialty, the preparation for which passfighters of rescue services, involves a lot of physical training. This is no coincidence, after all, after the received signal about the forthcoming departure, firefighters, who are on duty, are obliged to put on protective fire-fighting equipment and leave to the place of ignition. Often the number of rescued lives depends on how quickly the fire brigade arrives. The fighters arriving at the site of the fire determine as their primary task the drawing up of an urgent action plan, taking into account the nature of the outbreak, its location and possible risks, potential difficulties and complications in the course of work.

Emergency rescue operations

At the disposal of the rescue team there are only 2-3minutes for the preparation of hydrants, unfolding sleeves or connecting to a machine tank. There are no medium-term extinguishing process. Fight with fire professionals can do their business for a quarter of an hour, and for several days. Estimating the scale of the fire and comparing them with the forces of the incoming fire brigade, rescuers can cause additional forces.why I choose fire safety specialty

After completing the work, the guard chief is obligedreport to the fire department about the result of the elimination of the elements, draw up and sign an act. The next actors in the rescue operation are the investigators. They must find out the reasons for the outbreak, investigate the related facts, find the perpetrators if there was a purposeful arson. Often, before the investigators, there is a need to challenge the lawfulness of the actions of firefighters. In the process of extinguishing fire, fire brigades are sometimes accused of causing material damage.

What are the future firefighters taught?

Therefore, the specialty "Fire and Industrialsecurity "refers to the list of the most popular professions in the Russian labor market. Having received a full secondary education, applicants have a chance to enter universities in this direction.work in the field of fire safetyEach of them, asking himself the question "Why do I choose the specialty" Fire Safety "?", Can specifically respond to it. Future students want to become firefighters in order to:

  • To develop new protection systems with idealtechnical characteristics used in technological and production processes to prevent potential threats and risks to workers and the environment;
  • to master the basics of economic diagnostics of fire-fighting complexes and protective devices, as well as technical projects being implemented;
  • participate in the development of the regulatory and legal framework, the current documentation relating to all aspects of the fire service: operational, leadership, organizational and tactical.
  • create and implement programs that determine the appropriate conditions for the technical component, regulatory standards in the course of ensuring fire safety.

Studying in college on the specialty "Fire safety"

Not only in the university you can get a specialty"Fire safety". In college, students can get a professional education by enrolling in one of the secondary specialized educational institutions on the basis of full education or having only a basic level. Having received the qualification of a diploma technician, the graduate will acquire a lot of knowledge and skills necessary for the further realization of work activity.fire safety specialty universities

After college, a technician specializing in Firesecurity "will already be taught to work in a team, to maintain communication and communication with colleagues who are directly in the zone of ignition. In addition, a graduate of an average special educational institution should independently organize its own activities and make responsible decisions in both ordinary situations and those that are of an unusual nature.

Higher education in this field

To improve their qualifications and get a diploma ofgraduated college graduate can, by enrolling in one of the Russian universities, where there is training in the direction of "Fire Safety" (specialty). The universities in Moscow where they can receive this training are popular among applicants, because for many years these institutions have been able to prove their competitiveness and the opportunity to create real professionals in demand on modern labor markets. Among the most successful Russian universities:

  • Academy of the State Fire Service of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters.
  • Academy of Civil Protection of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.
  • Moscow State University of Technology and Management. K.G. Razumovsky (First Cossack University).

Who can work after graduation?

After the person has received a specialty"Fire safety", who he already knows for sure. A graduate of a college or a leading Moscow university can perform emergency rescue work. However, everything depends here not only on the diploma of education. The level of physical training is most likely the main factor.fire safety specialty girlsGraduates of universities often become public servants, whose competence includes the supervision of the territories entrusted to them.

Work in Fire Safety for Women

By the way, such work is evenrepresentatives of the weaker sex who have been trained at the course "Fire Safety". Specialty girls can be comprehended without difficulty, since it is this type of employment that is not connected with power activities. An important role belongs to fire inspectors. Despite the fact that they do not rush into danger with a head, they have the duty of regular cooperation with the public. Carrying out preventive, training events, briefings, talks and lectures with schoolchildren, students, etc. is a pledge of raising the educational level of the population in matters of fire safety.

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