Winter boots Merrell: reviews, descriptions, models and manufacturer

When you need mega-friendly shoes, it is best to give preference to those brands that specialize in the production of sports and tactical types. In this regard, it is difficult to find a more worthy representative thanMerrell boots, reviewsThey are talking about this. Real connoisseurs of high quality and convenience have long preferred only this brand.

Among the undoubted advantages - the availability of products. So, finding a boutique of this brand in major cities of Russia is not a problem at all. A wide range also plays an important role.

history of the company

The main production of the company is located in the United States, in the city of Vermont (Utah). Merrel may well claim to be a firm with a long history. Randy Merrel (the founder of the brand) began developing sports shoes in 1981, but long before that time he was involved in the manufacture of cowboy shoes.

To the creation of sports shoes manufacturers approached with great care. It is quite understandable, because they set themselves the goal to create such shoes that would serve as a loyal and reliable helper even in long difficult campaigns.

Excellent quality, durability and comfort, felt when wearing, buyers immediately noted. This kind of fame helped the company sell hundreds of thousands of pairs of shoes every year. After some time, the popularity of the new shoes reached European countries, where consumers with the same pleasure acquired “all-terrain vehicles” shoes.

Today, Merrell is a large company that manufactures a wide range of sports shoes:

  • sandals;

  • running shoes;

  • low shoes;

  • boot

In addition, under this brand there are various models of sportswear and equipment for travelers.Merrell boots reviews

Winter models b deserve special attention.merrell otnoan (reviewsmany buyers leave them). The manufacturer effectively combined convenience, the ability to resist the cold and stylish design.

Features winter boots Merrell

To achieve maximum comfort when wearing shoes, low shoes and boots, the manufacturer took into account all the structural features of the human foot.

  1. Carefully thought out climb.This feature facilitates easy descent and does not allow the foot to slide in the shoe. In other words, the shoes "sit down" exactly on the leg. For sports and tourist models of shoes, this feature is mandatory.

  2. Wide cape.The wide front part of the boot is a distinctive feature of all models of shoes from the company Merrell. Due to this, the toes do not experience pressure and cramping, which is very important in campaigns for long distances. In everyday life, it can also be very useful to those people who are forced to be on their feet most of the day.

  3. Backdrop with anti-slip function.This feature adds comfort when wearing and reduces the risk of injury.

Production technology

Despite the great popularity of products, the manufacturer does not stop at what has been accomplished and is constantly developing and improving quality. To date, Merrell uses several technologies that make their shoes truly comfortable and unique.Men's shoes Merrell

  • Air Cushon technology.This innovation involves the use of an air cushion in the sole area. It contributes to better cushioning and increased comfort when walking and running.

  • Q-forms.This technology is not used in all models of Merrell. It is a special intermediate sole, which also increases depreciation capabilities and stability.

  • Vibram.Shoes equipped with such a characteristic have a thick sole made of special rubber. This makes shoes the most durable and waterproof. Manufacturerapplies this technology in the manufacture of touristMerrell boot (reviews confirm this advantage).

  • Polartec.Under this name hides a special thermo material. It can be found on all winter models of shoes of this brand. That it prevents frostbite and allows you to keep your feet warm even at very low temperatures.

  • Thinsulate.One more feature of the warmed models - Thinsulate heater. It not only warms the feet, but also prevents sweating.

Dimensional mesh shoes

When buying products of this brand should take into account the peculiarities of the sizes offered by the manufacturer. The sizes are not of the same type, but they correspond to the average fullness of “B”.

At the same time, such specialized footwear needs careful selection of the insole.If you buy a sports model, you can restrict a lightweight insole with an average density. If we are talking about tourist shoes, it is better to choose insoles with a seal.

Women's collection of shoes Merrell: reviews

The company has developed boots for winter activities Merrelldesigned specifically for the beautiful half of humanity. This is explained by the fact that the structure of the female leg is very different from the structure of the male: it is somewhat narrower and has a great lift.Boots for winter activities Merrell

Among the features of the women's collection of winter boots:

  • increased lift - girls will be as comfortable as possible in such shoes;

  • the elongated narrow cape - the shoes are quite spacious, but at the same time it looks more elegant;

  • elaborate design - women make more demands on the appearance of shoes.

In the presented assortment of winter boots, every woman will be able to choose the right fit for herself, even if her purchase requirements are quite high. So, choosing Merrell winter boots, a customer gets the most warm, comfortable and at the same time very attractive pair of shoes.

Types of winter shoes

All warmed female andMerrell men's shoesdivided into 2 categories:

  • Active lifestyle(such tracking models can be called universal, they are excellent for wearing both on stony and marshy areas, and in urban environments).Tracking boots Merrell reviews

  • Perfomance outdoor(the most insulated shoes for travel, in which even the severe frosts are not terrible).Merrell Shoe Reviews

Some versions of shoes have a special coating that prevents moisture from getting inside. These models are perfect for athletes and lovers of active winter recreation. ByMerrell Tracking Shoes Reviewssignificantly superior to counterparts from other firms.


The manufacturer paid a lot of attention to the appearance of the shoes. Due to this, the production of the company "Merel" is not just comfortable and warm shoes for tourism and sports, but modern stylish models. This statement is equally true for female and male variants.

Reviews of Merrell Shoesfor men confirm: buyers find the proposed models concise, but at the same time quite stylish. Men's shoes and low shoes are available in traditional colors (black, brown, gray).

Female models are more refined, among them there are not only black and gray, but also brown and white versions.There are many models decorated with bright details.

Winter boots Merrell winter boots (reviews)

The manufacturer adheres to the opinion that comfortable ergonomic shoes should be worn by absolutely everyone, regardless of gender and age. For children, quality shoes are even more important than for adults. The fact is that in childhood there is a formation of the whole organism. Poor quality or poorly chosen shoes can lead to problems in the development of the foot, which provokes various diseases. That is why Merrell has prepared a collection of stylish comfortable shoes for children.

In the winter line of shoes there are insulated low shoes and boots. All products are made of high quality materials, so their service life reaches several years of active use. In other words, a child can wear shoes until his leg grows out of this size. At the same time, shoes do not lose their visual appeal.Reviews about winter shoes company Merrell

Models are made in classic colors. It is black, brown, blue and gray. In this case, children will certainly enjoy the stylish design. Warm models Snow Bank, Polar, Moab,merrell hilltop boys boots reviewsfrom buyers have the most flattering.

Winter shoes for girls

Among the presented models there will certainly be a pair of winter shoes, worthy of the attention of little fashionistas.

Merrell shoes prices

In the first few years after the appearance of shoes of this brand, the products were very expensive, but gradually prices began to decline. Now summer, autumn and winter shoes “Marel” belong to the average price range and are quite accessible to every resident of Russia:

  • men's warm boots can be purchased for 7 000-12 000 rubles (depending on the model);

  • women's shoes for winter will cost 7 000 10 000 rubles;

  • Children's models are available at a price of 4,000-6,000 rubles.

Merrell Shoe Reviews

Those who decide before buying to familiarize yourself with the characteristics andMerrell Customer ReviewsBoth positive and negative consumer opinions will surely fall.

The following characteristics are often mentioned in the list of negative features.

  1. High price.The cost of winter boots may indeed seem high. It should be remembered: most of the modern range of stores is presented in the same price category or higher.

  2. Constant hit of snow in a boot.If shoes are chosen for everyday wear in the city, you should take into account the climate. For snowy areas, choose boots with a closed ankle.

  3. The weight of the boot.Usually it concerns models with rubberized top.

  4. The need for tying shoelaces.For those who are used to zippers and velcro, this option may indeed seem inconvenient. However, the manufacturer has provided this option. A great solution is fast lacing.

With this positivereviews about winter shoes company Merrellmuch more.

In the list of benefits:

  • convenience with constant wear (legs do not get tired at all);

  • reduced sweating feet when wearing a model with a special material;

  • the preservation of heat (many consumers note that in hard frosts they wore Marel shoes, even with a thin toe);

  • a wide range of models (here there are low and high models with different types of soles and insulation);

  • convenience in the conditions of winter recreation;

  • simple care and long-lasting aesthetic appearance (this criterion is especially important for children's shoes, which have to be cleaned more often than adults).

Considering all the above-mentioned features of the Marel winter shoes, we can come to the conclusion: these models really deserve the attention of tourists, connoisseurs of winter outdoor activities, and simply goal-oriented people with an active lifestyle. Those who put convenience and comfort in the first place, winter low shoes and Merrell boots will certainly please. At the same time, there are representative offices in many cities of Russia, so finding a brand boutique will not be difficult. When buying trekking or insulated boots of this brand, it is worth choosing the model more carefully. It saves you from wasting money and frustration.

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