Why finger tips grow numb: causes and prevention

Everyone who felt numbness in the tips explained to himself a similar phenomenon of blood circulation disturbance in the hands. But one thing is if this symptom was caused only by an uncomfortable pose in a dream (then it is enough to stretch your brushes and discomfort in them will disappear), and the other, if the presence of some kind of disease in the body is to blame. How can you understand why the tips of your fingers are numb, and in what cases is the symptom called an alarming signal? This is what will be discussed later in the article.why numb tips of hands

What causes numbness in the tips of the fingers?

The most common cause of the described symptom is cervical osteochondrosis. It is the presence of a developing deformity in this part of the spine, which entails the compression of the nerve endings and the blood vessels feeding the brain, which is able to answer the question why the tips of the fingers are numb.

To this symptom, as a rule,there is also a feeling of coldness of the hands, frequent headaches and dizziness, general weakness, pressure fluctuations and a sensation of tinnitus. Soreness often appears in the neck, shoulder and arm.

All the listed symptoms should force the patient to consult a doctor urgently, since the development of this disease can even lead to disability.

Numbness may be due to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Very often, the reason why the tips of the fingers on the right hand become numb becomes the carpal (carpal) canal syndrome that a patient has. With this pathology, the tendons of the wrist swell and pinch the median nerve, which is responsible for the sensitivity of the fingers and palms, which causes them to numb.

Right-handed people are affected by the right hand, which also experiences other signs of the disease:

  • at night, a feeling of “crawling goosebumps” may appear, which turns into pain that covers the whole arm;
  • not only numbness appears in the fingers, but also a burning sensation, and their tactile abilities are significantly reduced;
  • swelling on the wrist;
  • the thumb loses its mobility.

By the way, with the late treatment of this disease, the muscles in the thumb can completely atrophy, and the strength of the hands will be irretrievably lost.why numb tips on his right hand

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs in people whose work is associated with prolonged tension of the hand. And in order to prevent this, a small warm-up for hands should be carried out every half hour.

Vessel problems

The question of why the tips of the fingers and legs become numb can clarify the data on the condition of the patient’s vascular system. Thus, in developing atherosclerosis, to which people over 45 years of age are particularly susceptible, numbness in the pads of the fingers or toes and their chilliness can be detected as the first symptom. Limbs become cold regardless of the season, and this is a disturbing signal that the vessels lose their elasticity, leading to a lot of serious problems.

The described symptoms may also be signs of thrombosis. This disease is difficult to diagnose, as a clogged vessel with a blood clot for a long time may not manifest. The only sign is often numb fingers.And in the case of a pathology, it does not pass, but expands, over time covering the entire limb.

As the disease progresses rather quickly, when anxious symptoms appear, an expert should be urgently asked to avoid serious consequences in the form of tissue necrosis, and in the event of a blood clot separation, even death.why numb tips on his left hand

Why numb tips on his left hand

In the presence of cardiac abnormalities, patients may experience a regular sensation of numbing fingers on their left hand (especially the nameless and little finger). At the same time, it can spread along the inner side of the upper limb to the forearm. And most often it happens at night.

As a rule, in this case we are talking about coronary heart disease, angina or heart failure.

Raynaud's syndrome

Against the background of vascular, rheumatic or occupational diseases, the patient may develop the so-called Raynaud's syndrome, which also has a direct bearing on the question of why the tips of the fingers go numb.

Their pads whiten and grow numb, as a rule, on both limbs, and such an attack lasts for about 2 minutes, but in some cases it lasts for half an hour, after which it passes by itself.

In the severe stage of this pathology, pain, swelling, and then the cyanosis of the fingers are added to the numbness. The disease develops slowly, with periods of prolonged remission, but in the absence of proper treatment there is a risk of gangrene.why numb tips of fingers whiten

Numbness of the fingers for vegetative dystonia

The fact that the tips of the fingers on the hands become numb is also explained by the presence of vascular dystonia. This is a complex of disorders that are caused by a disorder of neuroregulation. In patients with this, there is not only numbness of the fingers on the upper limbs, but also sweating of the palms and feet, dizziness, sleep disturbances, drops in blood pressure, headaches, tachycardia, and panic attacks.

IRR can manifest itself both in childhood and in adulthood. The reason for this is a genetic predisposition, as well as depletion of the body as a result of past diseases or constant physical exertion. Often, the IRR occurs due to hormonal adjustment in adolescents, as well as during pregnancy or menopause in women. Even a change in climate can affect the development of dystonia.

Most patients with this pathology need constant medical therapy.why fingertips are numb

Multiple sclerosis

And in some cases, why the tips of the fingers get numb is explained by the presence of multiple sclerosis in the patient. This is a serious disease of the nervous system that most often affects young people.

Pathology has no specific signs, so it can be quite difficult to detect and diagnose in its early stages. Most often the first signal is paresthesia (impaired sensitivity). The patient may feel a sudden numbness in the fingers, tingling, burning, and sometimes itching. Moreover, the area of ​​these phenomena may be quite small - one finger, cheek or the tip of the nose.

These, especially not initially disturbing signs, are later joined by others — general weakness, mood swings, sudden visual acuity (usually in one eye), dizziness, shakiness during walking, change in handwriting, and lack of coordination of movements. Moreover, all these manifestations can be scattered in time and also periodically disappear, which allows the patient for a long time not to suspect the presence of a severe disease.why are the tips of your fingers and legs go numb

Prevention of numbness of the fingers

Hopefully, the information received helped you answer the question why the tips of your fingers are numb. The reasons leading to the described symptom, as you can see, are numerous, varied and in some cases quite dangerous, but in order to avoid all these diseases, you must follow the same rules.

  1. Eliminate alcohol and nicotine.
  2. Refuse fatty and spicy foods.
  3. Reduce the amount of salt consumed.
  4. Keep hands from hypothermia (do not forget about gloves in extreme cold).
  5. Avoid excessive hand loads. After 45 minutes of work, it is necessary to give the limbs a rest for at least 15 minutes - this will help restore blood circulation.

As you can see, everything is very simple, but believe me - effectively. And if you still make the habit of a periodic massage of the hands, the threat that your fingers will lose sensitivity will recede. Be healthy!

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