Why doesn't Yota work?

Many modern users complain that Yota does not work for them. What are the reasons for this? Is there any way to fix the situation? What nuances need to pay attention in the first place? Answers to all these and other questions related to this ISP in our article. In fact, getting Yota to work is not difficult. The main thing is not to make mistakes in the preparatory process. Most often, malfunctions of the relevant devices are not a cause for panic.

yota doesn't work

About provider

Yota not working? First of all, let's figure out what is all about. Yota is a telecom operator. It offers a mobile network and an internet connection, which is why it is often perceived by the population as an Internet provider. In some regions, while Yota is absent, but somewhere this company has existed for a long time.

The most common service company - providing access to the Internet via USB-modems. That is what we will discuss next. So, what to do if Internet Yota does not work? Why does this happen?

Causes of failure

Why doesn't Yota work? The Internet may not work for many reasons. It is very problematic to decide what the problem is. Most often, users are faced with the following situations:

  • System failure
  • An accident on the line operator.
  • Engineering works.
  • Viruses in the computer.
  • Modem malfunction.
  • Incorrect connection.
  • Lack of suitable software.
  • Failure of the socket device.
  • Damage / removal / obsolescence of drivers for the Internet.

But that's not all the reasons why Yota is not working. In practice, there are more incredible.

why yota doesn't work

Human factor

Failures in the work of the Internet can occur due to the banal human inattention or forgetfulness.

Yota doesn't work for you? First, it is recommended to check the internet connection. Sometimes people just forget to do it, so it seems to them that the modem is not working.

Secondly, the lack of connection to the network occurs in case of late payment of communication services. It is enough to replenish the modem account - and the problem will be eliminated. You can enter the Internet and quietly go about your business.

Peak hour

Does Yota work poorly or does it refuse to provide access to the Internet? You need to look at the clock - sometimes a similar problem occurs only at certain times of the day.

These periods are called rush hour. At this time, hundreds of users are simultaneously connected to the Yota network. Because of this, there is a huge load, due to which someone does not connect to the Internet at all, but it slows down.

What to do? Just wait, trying to connect again and again. As soon as the load on the line decreases, the modem’s performance will be restored.

yota internet does not work


If Yota does not work, it is worth scanning the computer for viruses. You can not forget about computer spies.

The fact is that malicious software sometimes affects the work with the World Wide Web. Someone Internet slows down and buggy, but someone can not make a connection at all.

Antivirus programs and various spyware searches (such as SpyHuter) come to the rescue. The user needs to run a deep type scan, and then “disinfect” potentially dangerous objects. All that did not succumb to such operations will have to be removed.

After the OS reboots, the changes will take effect, and the Internet will return to the user.

Sometimes the removal of viruses entails the destruction of the operating system as a whole.Under such circumstances, the user needs to carry out a full, "clean" reinstall of the OS, and only then install drivers and connect to the network.

About drivers

Whether the Yota modem works, you can always ask directly from the service provider. Some people believe that the Internet does not work only because the modem is faulty. Actually it is wrong.

It so happens that the performance of the router is broken due to the lack of drivers in the OS. The corrective action algorithm is as follows:

  1. Connect the modem to the PC.
  2. Insert the driver CD into the drive (it comes with the router).
  3. Start and complete software initialization.
  4. If the disc was not, you can find drivers for the Internet on the official site of "Yota". But to get them when the Internet is disabled will be problematic.

In case of slow work, it is recommended to additionally update the network drivers. This is suggested using the Windows Update Center. It only takes a few minutes.

yota modem does not work

Accidents and work

If the Yota Internet does not work for you, and the tips listed above did not help, you need to move on.

Technical work and accidents on the transmission lines also lead to a malfunction of the network. Nothing can be done about it.

All that a user can do is call the company's support service and find out if everything is in order on the lines. It is recommended to immediately clarify data on the modernization of services and the implementation of prevention.

No accidents? Prevention is also not carried out? Then you have to look for other reasons why Yota does not work.


The following tip helps with system crashes. But in case of serious problems, it turns out to be useless.

It's about rebooting. First you need to do this for the modem, then for the operating system as a whole. After rebooting, the computer will work much better, and the Internet will most likely connect normally.


Under certain circumstances, access to the network is blocked if the connectors of the router connection or the modem itself are damaged. Fortunately, such situations are rare.

What to do? The only right decision is to replace the modem and connect it to another jack. Alternatively, you can take the computer to a service center and repair the USB connectors. Only they will work, most likely, not for long.

yota does not work well

Any failure is the reason for a visit to a service center with a computer and a faulty peripheral device. It is not recommended to repair this equipment by yourself. Units are able to do everything neatly, without harming the PC hardware.


If the Yota modem does not work, the user has the right to resort to non-standard solutions. These include the rollback of the system. Downed network and OS settings disable the Internet. In Windows, the OS rollback is done as follows:

  1. Open "Start" - "All Programs".
  2. Go to "Standard" - "Utility".
  3. Click on "Recovery Tool".
  4. Select a rollback point of the system. It is advisable to choose the day when Yota worked normally.
  5. Confirm actions.
  6. Agree with the information about the irreversibility of the process.
  7. Wait for the operation to complete.

During the system rollback, the computer will restart several times without user assistance. There is no need to fear it. This phenomenon is considered normal.

does yota modem work


We found out why Yota is not working. How to fix this situation, also considered.

The bulk of these problems are solved quite easily. Hence, the lack of Internet "Yota" should not cause panic.In some cases, even a novice user can correct the situation.

In some regions of the country, Yota does not work a priori very well. Usually this happens in cities where the operator appeared recently. In such circumstances, it is recommended to just be patient and wait. As soon as the company establishes the transmission line, failures will stop.

If the user complains about a low connection speed, you can change the tariff plan. In most cases it helps.

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