Why does a CRC error occur and how to fix it

A CRC data error can occur with any kind of copying of information, whether it is unarchiving, transferring data from a storage medium or downloading data from the Internet. Let's analyze in stages all possible ways for the occurrence of this error, moving from the particular to the general.


This is one of the very first times when a failure can occur. The archiving process is rather complicated, so the slightest failure can lead to archive damage. If you see the inscription "Error CRC. The file is damaged", then most likely the archive was damaged after it was created. That is, you did not fully download it or copied it from the data carrier. Another variant of problems with the archive is that a hardware failure occurred right during the creation of the archive. Perhaps there was a power failure, the processor was "overclocked" with his own hand, or substandard memory bars were installed. In this case, the information is not subject to recovery.

crc error

Download from the Internet

If you download any information from the Internet, then the crc error may also occur when accessing the received data. This, as in the previous case, means that the file is broken. The one who posted the file to the network did not do it completely. It is possible that the download was interrupted not through his fault, however, the data in the network are not complete. The solution to this problem is to find the data you need elsewhere. Delete the already downloaded file and start the download. If you are using a torrent, then remove the torrent file from the download along with the bat downloaded information.


Sometimes when copying information from a disk, flash drive and external screw, files can also be damaged. This also causes the CRC Data Error message. What does this mean when working with optical discs?

crc data error

In 99% of cases, this means that your disk is damaged. And not at the logical, but at the physical level. Try to gently wipe its surface from dust and fingerprints, just do not leave new ones. Another option - try to read the disk on another computer. If it helps, then there is probably a malfunction in your drive. If there are scratches on the top (with a picture) of the disk, you can try to sketch them with a marker (the old-fashioned way sometimes helps).


To read and recover the bad data is the program BadCopy. When the message "Error in CRC data" appears when working with disks, it will help you to save information. Or at least consider her part. For example, with its help, you can pull video from a damaged disk. Since disk damage is present on 1-2% of the surface, the data will be distorted by about the same or even less. Thus, if you save the video with this program, then you will see a couple of shots with unclear graphics while watching, otherwise the whole movie will be unharmed. With a very strong disk damage, program execution can take quite a long time, and it’s not a fact that the result will be 100%. In general, this program is able to perform the following actions:

crc data error

  • Get access to unreadable files.
  • Recover photos on camera.
  • Recover data deleted by fast formatting.
  • Recover lost files on various storage media.
  • Read data if it has been deleted from a rewritable optical disc.


The last and most dangerous reason that may cause a CRC error is a problem with your hardware and pre-installed software.

  1. Indexing broken.Your hard disk may attempt to write data to a sector that is already occupied by other files. To correct this option, try restarting the indexing service cisvc.exe via the command line.
  2. Logical damage to the disk. May occur with incompatibility of equipment. For example, if you independently collected your personal computer or tried to connect your hard drive to someone else. It is treated by the disk check for errors. In the command line, type chkdsk D: / f / r, where D is the name / number (C, D, E) of your disk.crc error - treatment
  3. To correct the error, you can use the defragmentation program (Start - My Programs - Standard - System Tools - Disk Defragmenter).
  4. The worst option is physical damage to your hard drive. Try checking it with Victoria 4.46. This program will determine the presence of damaged areas in your disk. If you identify such an area, it will help you to take it out of the limits of using the operating system, which will allow you to delay a little before replacing the hard drive.

In any case, remember that preventive care for your computer has not been canceled.Install CCleaner and clean the system regularly. At least once every six months, do defragmentation. And, of course, correctly remove the installed programs, then the CRC error will not appear due to the fault of your equipment.

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