Why do you have a bite?

Have you ever dreamed that you were bitten? If so, you just need to know the interpretation of this dream, in order to be able to prevent all the troubles that it promises as quickly as possible. Why do you have a bite?

Unfortunately, this dream does not bode well for anythinggood. To see a bite in a dream is to failure. If you feel that you were bitten, wait for home scandals and other troubles. And, the more painful this bite, the stronger will be all your troubles.

What does the snake's bite dream about? Such a bite means complex disputes and litigation, in which you will most likely lose. Snakes in general represent our enemies, envious persons, rivals, competitors, and their bite means certain actions in your address that can harm you. So let this dream be a kind of caution: do not get involved in questionable arguments with enemies and ill-wishers.

What does a dog or cat bite dream about? Cats bite in a dream to adultery, dogs - to quarrel with friends. If you are bitten by a lion in a dream, then be careful, you are threatened with harassment from a very important person. Traces of itching from bites on the skin, seen by you, a sign that you will long survive as a result of the offense or treason inflicted on you, especially if the bite resulted in blood.

A good outcome of events portends a bite of lice, fleas or bedbugs - prepare a purse, you will receive a profit. These insects in a dream are always a good sign, they dream about money, even if they do not bite.

When a big spider bites you in a dream, it means that you secretly dream of sensual pleasures.

If a certain girl bites you in a dream, wait for a new love.

If a mosquito bites in a dream, an extremely annoying acquaintance will appear on your horizon, from which it will be difficult to get rid of.

If in a dream you yourself suddenly bite someone, you will have an amazing event.

Thus, if someone bites you in a dream, be careful to avoid trouble, and most likely, your dream serves as a warning.

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