Why are cats allergic?

At the moment, thousands of people around the world suffer from allergies to various pets. It is noteworthy that cats are the most often provocateurs of this problem. In this article, we take a detailed look at what is an allergy to cats, and how to deal with it.

cat allergyWhat triggers allergies?

First of all, it should be noted that in the course of their life, each cat releases certain proteins into its environment, which in turn are found in large quantities in the saliva and faeces of the animal. Surely everyone noticed that these creatures love to lick their wool, which is the source of the spread of the above protein throughout the body. That he is a kind of provocateur. Therefore, it can be concluded that, in fact, an allergy to cats does not appear because of the wool itself, but because of the widespread distribution of biological substances.

Obvious symptoms

According to experts, an allergy to cats looks almost no different from other options. But for each person, the symptoms can be expressed in completely different degrees of manifestation. Depending on the amount of allergen and the general condition of a particular person, experts identify the following factors:

cat allergy treatmentAre there cats that do not cause allergies?

Unfortunately no. Today, many people who still have a love for these animals often try to find out from breeders which cats are hypoallergenic. In fact, many unscrupulous sellers are beginning to offer various options, including bald individuals. This is just a clever marketing move in order to sell kittens faster. But as noted above, it’s not a matter of wool, but of a protein that every living creature exudes. Of course, if you get a bald cat (for example, a sphinx), then the spread of protein will be significantly less, especially if you wipe her skin every day. However, in severe cases, allergies to cats and does not pass - you have to give the animal to other people.

Allergic to cats. Treatment

cats do not cause allergiesAt the moment, experts around the world are looking for an effective cure for this scourge. However, until now, a universal remedy has not been found, and all treatment is reduced only to the elimination of the primary symptoms. For example, various types of antihistamines are prescribed as a blocking agent for the onset of allergies. Also often used drugs to reduce the swelling of the mucous membrane of the nose and eyes. It is important to note that an allergy is in any case a particular chronic disease, therefore, it is unlikely to get rid of it permanently. It is necessary to constantly apply a set of measures to reduce the appearance of symptoms. It is very important to find a good specialist in this field who, on the basis of individual indicators, will prescribe a competent treatment.

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