Why does a tooth ache under the crown? What to do?

It so happened that during life a person for various reasons loses some functional abilities of the organism. So it is with the maxillofacial system. Of course, modern technologies allow restoring lost functions with the help of prosthetics. However, patients sometimes face some problems after their crown has covered their teeth. What is it about? Today we will talk about the reasons for a tooth ache under the crown. What to do in such situations?what a tooth hurts under the crown

Why is this happening?

Dentists determine a number of reasons due to which the patient may be disturbed by a tooth covered with a crown. Most often, poor-quality canal preparation and cavity filling are to blame. If a foreign body enters the channel during filling with a special material, this is fraught with consequences. In any case, it is regrettable that the detection of a problem occurs after the tooth has been covered with a crown. Sometimes it takes even a few years.In such situations, you need to know that you need to go to a specialist immediately. Only he has enough ways to establish the reason why a tooth hurts under the crown. Moreover, a practitioner in the field has enough methods to eliminate the problem. It is worth understanding once and for all that many recipes of traditional medicine can alleviate your condition and calm the pain, but without diagnostics and intervention of a qualified specialist you will not be able to get rid of the problem.

A tooth hurts under the crown: causes

Let us consider in more detail the reasons for which pain may arise.

We have already mentioned that poor preparation of the tooth can lead to negative consequences after prosthetics. In this case, two factors play a role. The first option is incomplete filling of root canals. In this case, pus may accumulate at the top of the root, forming a granuloma. Accordingly, the inflammatory process leads to pain. The second factor is the filling of channels with low-quality materials, which eventually subside, forming voids. The infection gets into these cavities.The inflammatory process begins.

Violation of the integrity of the walls of the root canals is another answer to the question of why a tooth hurts under the crown. During the sanitization, the doctor may perforate the tissue. The cavities formed are a wide gateway for the infection to enter the root. Such an oversight just leads to a tooth ache under the crown. The nerve is removed, and the patient experiences discomfort. Also, the integrity of the root canal can be broken due to improper installation of the pin.a tooth hurts under the crown of reason

Foreign body

Experienced specialists, after filling in the channels, take radiographic images to verify the quality of the work performed. After all, getting a foreign body inside will necessarily lead to the fact that the patient will sooner or later feel pain. And this does not always happen due to the fault of the doctor himself (reuse of disposable tools, violation of the drilling technique, etc.). Sometimes the cause is the anomalous curvature of the tooth roots. In this situation, there is a risk of breaking the instrument. It is quite natural that some time after a foreign body enters the canal, the patient will begin to feel pain when biting solid food.And in the event that an inflammatory process of a purulent nature begins, the discomfort can be permanent. A visit to the doctor with these symptoms will be inevitable.

In what cases do not worry

If you have a tooth that has been turned under a crown, this is a normal reaction of the body. Preparation for prosthetics requires removal of the outer layer of the surface. But it is enamel that is a protective barrier for irritants. Therefore, if the nerve has not been removed, it will react to a temperature drop, sweet or salty food, etc. After installing the crown, the sensitivity will decrease. However, if the pain is too pronounced, you can use any of the medications. In this case, any pill anesthetic drug.why does the tooth ache under the crown

We go to the doctor

So, if you have a toothache under the crown, what to do? Of course, the best option to solve the problem is to visit the dentist. The specialist will diagnose and determine the cause of the problem. The doctor takes the decision, taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient. Except for a few cases, you still have to part with the crown.It must be removed to carry out treatment. In simple cases, the rehabilitation is simply carried out, the prosthetist makes a new crown. In some cases, when patients seek help too late, the tooth can no longer be saved. It is removed, and the patient has to make a more expensive prosthesis, which is called a bridge.

Ways to treat a tooth without removing the crown

Today, dentistry has a variety of technologies for treating a tooth under the crown. The advantages of these techniques are that it is possible to save the prosthesis. But this is an important factor. Many crowns today are made of expensive materials, and the patient does not want to part with them and pay for a new prosthesis. So, it is not necessary to postpone the visit to the dentist, if you have a toothache under the crown. When pressing on it, do you feel painful feelings or are they permanent? The difference in pain should not confuse you. Some patients simply try to redistribute pressure while the ailment progresses.

In some cases, the dentist does not remove the crown, and removes its part on the chewing surface.Thus, it has access to the tooth, drills the areas affected by caries and fills the cavity with a filling material.

There is another way to help the patient if he has a tooth under the crown. What to do if chronic periodontitis is found? For example, a patient has a pin, and the dentist needs to resect the root apex. Modern methods of treatment can remove the inflammatory focus by making an incision on the gum.

All manipulations are performed using anesthesia as needed. Therefore, the patient does not feel much discomfort.a dead tooth under the crown hurts

How to alleviate the condition at home?

Earlier, we have already determined why a tooth hurts under the crown. When pressing it, discomfort can be considered normal only for a few days. Just during this period, the mucous membrane of the gums adapts. In this case, information on how to relieve pain without the use of medication will be useful.

Rinsing will help. Perhaps the most popular and easiest to prepare means is soda solution. It will reduce inflammation and relieve pain.All due to the fact that baking soda destroys most microorganisms.

In order to make a solution, you will need a glass of warm water, in which you need to dissolve a teaspoon of powder. The tool is ready for use. It will certainly help if a tooth hurts under the crown. How to remove the pain? It is necessary to master the rinsing technique. Type in the mouth portion of the solution and place it in the area of ​​the patient tooth. Just hold the solution in your mouth for a few seconds. Then spit and repeat the action again. Do this until the tool in the glass is over.a tooth hurts under the crown how to relieve pain

Grass strength

There are several ways to alleviate the condition when a tooth aches under the crown. Folk remedies often save people. It is not always possible to quickly get an appointment with a doctor.

Let's start with the most popular plants. By right, sage takes the first place in the fight against toothache. This healing plant has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and hemostatic effects. Since ancient times, all healers considered it an indispensable tool in the fight against many ailments.

To prepare the infusion for rinsing, take a tablespoon of chopped herbs and fill it with a glass of boiling water. Bring all this to readiness in a water bath for 15 minutes.Then strain and apply in the form of heat. Rinsing can be done every five minutes until the pain subsides.

Such a plant as oregano is very similar in content to nutrients to sage. Therefore, it can also be used if a tooth hurts under the crown. What to do with this plant? Prepare the infusion to rinse. One and a half tablespoons of chopped herbs must be filled with a glass of boiling water. Next, in a water bath for 15 minutes, bring it to readiness. Insist about an hour, filter and apply in the same way as the tool made from sage. Oregano is an excellent antiseptic, and many people believe that it could even replace antibiotics in some cases.a tooth hurts under the crown folk remedies

Other pain relief

If a dead tooth hurts under the crown, you can use calamus root. To prepare a healing tool, take the two roots of this plant. Boil them in a liter of water. Cool the broth to a comfortable temperature. The tool is not intended for rinsing, but for baths. The broth must be kept in the mouth for 20 minutes, periodically changing the portion of the medicine. Such baths will not only calm the pain, but also have a positive effect on the gum. The plant can be used in the prevention of caries.All the healing properties of calamus appear when chewing a small piece of the spine. If the spicy taste with bitterness does not repel you, then you can not cook the broth.

There is another interesting way to deal with pain. Mash the root of the plantain, put it in the ear on the side with which the tooth is located. Unexpected turn? However, this method is considered to be no less effective than those methods that recommend direct contact of the drug with the diseased area.

What is the situation dangerous?

Any inaction at the time when the body asks for help, giving signals in the form of pain, is fraught with aggravation of the problem. As we have already mentioned, it is impossible to engage in self-treatment. The use of traditional medicine prescriptions is permissible only as a first aid. If the pain does not go away after three days, then go to the appointment of a specialist. Only he is able to eliminate the problem once and for all. After all, if you do not treat a bad tooth, then an abscess on the gum can form once. Edema often affects facial tissue, distorting it. Flux will not be able to cure without removing a tooth with a crown.

When the inflammatory process becomes purulent, the consequences can be very serious. Infection can spread from soft tissue to bone.And this may already be the beginning of a disease like osteomyelitis.

And, of course, it must be remembered that every inflammatory process has a negative effect on the whole organism.

Hygiene features

sore tooth under the crown

We talked about whether a tooth under a crown can hurt, discussed the causes of this phenomenon and methods of treatment. Now it's time to pay attention to the prevention of oral diseases. Some patients believe that non-removable prostheses do not need care. After all, the crown will not appear caries, if we neglect the hygienic procedures. But this is not entirely correct opinion. Caries, of course, will not appear on the crown, but excessive microbial seeding will lead to the development of an inflammatory process on the gum. That sooner or later will lead to pain.

So, after prosthetics, the oral cavity requires no less thorough care than before. How well you are caring for the oral cavity can be determined by smell. If, after brushing your teeth, food remains are not completely removed, then over time they will rot. Accordingly, the breath will lose its freshness. In order to carry out high-quality cleaning of teeth, experts recommend the use of hard brushes, specialized pastes, thread and rinses.

You can also try to buy a brush on batteries. It will certainly cope with the bloom and will not leave the bacteria a chance for unhindered reproduction. Electrobrush perfectly massages the gums, improving blood circulation. It is also an excellent device for the prevention of the formation of tartar. But many gum diseases provoke precisely these hard deposits.

Finally, I would like to note that proper nutrition plays a big role in oral health. In addition to the diet must be balanced, a person must eat a sufficient amount of hard food. And in the modern world it all comes down to making life as comfortable as possible. This also applies to the processing of solid food. But, as it turned out, such innovations are a disservice to humanity.

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