Who is the slanting bang?

Bangs are direct trendsetters, they will always exist. Thanks to them, the face always has a young flirty look. But the people also have their own characteristics. Therefore, their shape must be selected in accordance with the facial features. Let's talk about oblique bangs.oblique fringe

An element that complements the image

If you are bold and risky, like experiments, you can safely make a haircut, which will have a slanting and long (up to the eyelashes) bangs. Oblique fringe looks great on girls with both long and short hair. Who can not wear such bangs, so it is the owner of curly hair, because it will constantly need to ensure that everything looks beautiful and lay properly.types of oblique bangs

So many variations ...

Consider the types of oblique bangs. The fair sex and professional stylists adore different options because of the opportunity to refresh her hair and give a new image to her owner. You can have a hairstyle with a slanting bang: short, long or torn. The prerequisite is that the hair should be thick and smooth.

Choose your

It was an oblique fringe that helped many girls change. The length of the hair also does not matter. For round, oval and square face shapes, you need to make a long bang. This way it balances the proportions of the face. With small neat features, a short bang is possible. To soften the angularity of the forms of the face, you can make the hair with a long oblique bangs. It is becoming increasingly popular. Many girls stop on this variant. In the presence of sparse hair, oblique bangs help to create the impression of thick hair when filing.

Visual effects

If you want to visually lengthen the face, then you will need bangs, which has torn edges. It is also called multi-level specialists with different thicknesses. Ripped bangs give sexuality and mystery. It helps to visually lengthen the face, soften its irregularities. By the way, such a slanting bang will suit girls with small features.how to cut a slanting bang

Brief instruction

We approached the question of how to shear oblique fringe. Sharp scissors are required for this procedure. Hair do not need to wet. If they are wet, it will be hard to guess the length.Be sure to be prepared in advance clips and clips. They remove excess hair when the area of ​​oblique fringe is determined. The position of the scissors when shearing is vertical, so as not to cut across the forehead. The tips are trimmed carefully and carefully.

Styling Care

Remember: a slanting bang never combed. This is so she did not look ridiculous and untidy. It is sprayed with a varnish and smoothed with a brush. In this case, it will always be neat and well-groomed. If you want your appearance to change dramatically, you can experiment. Create yourself a new and stylish look!


Before you decide on the oblique fringe, you need to choose where it will be sent: right or left. Or, perhaps, the shortest part will reach you to the middle of the forehead, the longest will cover the eye, or the cut of the bang will be completely invisible.

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