White shoes for women of fashion

Choose shoes in size - it is a science. The modern woman pays a lot of time to this. White shoes are always appreciated and were fashionable. This looks on the leg.

Often choose white shoes for the celebration. Now there is a wide variety of these shoes. You can find models of both classic (boats) and more unusual options (on a high hairpin, with a platform, etc.).

White shoes

What is combined?

The world podium at fashion shows dictates fashion, offering shoes in soft and white shades. Designers combine white shoes with various decorative dresses, with ruffles and folds. It is recommended to wear such shoes with clothes of beige, white, pink and silvery tones. It can be both a suit and a dress of various lengths.

High-heeled white shoes are appropriate to combine with razdayka skirt and jacket. You can wear a classic suit, consisting of a jacket and trousers or a skirt to the knee.

Want to shod this model under a white dress? White shoes can be capricious and unpredictable. Therefore it is necessary to look at the clothes.White color has many tones, and it often happens that the shades of dress and shoes do not match. Therefore, you need to carefully think through your image.

white dress white shoes

White clothes are pretentious, as are shoes of this color. It is recommended to wear shoes two tones darker than the color of the dress. Ivory shade fits almost any garment. It is better to buy white shoes with high heels, because it lengthens legs and slims.


White shoes has a number of negative points:

• Impractical.
• Visually increases the foot.
• Reduces growth.
• Difficult to care for, requires more careful treatment.
• Excrete irregular shape of the legs.

If the size of the foot is more than forty, then it is not recommended to wear white shoes, especially with pointed noses. In extreme cases, such shoes can be chosen under a long dress.

Care for white shoes

1. To make leather shoes have a pristine appearance, they are wiped with a woolen cloth, a colorless cream is applied, which is wiped off after five minutes. Black spots are easily removed with an eraser.

2. Lacquered shoes do not tolerate a drop in low and high temperatures. To protect it, wipe it with a cotton swab moistened with milk.

3. It is forbidden to clean the white lacquered surface with a regular cream, as the original shine will go away. It should be applied vaseline or glycerol base. In addition, you can use beaten egg white. It will add gloss to white patent leather shoes.

4. Shoes are kept away from heating units. In the noses is to put a crumpled newspaper.

5. You can not keep white shoes with black shoes. Shoes are placed separately in a box or box. They must be cleaned after each use with a separate sponge. Thereby cleaning it from dust, dirt. If they are very dirty, then a special tool is applied to the sponge - a foamy detergent. It will help remove dirt from the shoe without damaging it.

6. There is a proven in practice care product for white shoes. Light skin is cleaned with a mixture of one glass of milk and whipped protein. This tool extends the life of white shoe products.

white shoes


Now you know what white shoes are, who they suit. We told what cases such shoes are needed for. In addition, we reviewed the features of the care of these shoes.

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