White rum: what to drink? How to replace white rum?

Historically, rum was considered a drink of pirates, but over the years its popularity has increased. Today, this drink is transferred to the category of noble and known in all corners of the world. Both men and women drink it. Based on it, hundreds of cocktails are created, and the delicate aroma and soft taste are rightly appreciated by the millions.

White rum is less popular than its dark counterpart, since the word “rum” is associated by many with a strong amber-colored alcoholic drink with a rich taste. However, the little-known nature of the silver drink of pirates does not mean that it is inferior to its dark fellow in taste, aroma and intoxicating properties.

Why is rum white?

Unlike dark rum varieties customary to everyone, kept in oak barrels and therefore acquiring a golden or dark brown tint, the white rum variety goes for a short time (12-18 months) in light ash barrels. In addition, after aging, it is poured for ripening into steel containers, and then filtered, completely depriving the color. Sometimes, to make the color "noble", a little caramel is added to the drink.white rumAlthough white rum and can not boast of a bright, rich flavor of spices and cane molasses, which has its dark counterpart, it has a pleasant softness, unobtrusive sweetness and ease of use.

Silver rum is made in countries with a tropical climate - India, Australia, etc. However, its homeland is the Caribbean islands, where rum is drunk only in its pure form, not recognizing cocktails.

Types of white rum

It is represented on the market by hundreds of brands from different manufacturers, differing in the degree of fame, quality of the drink, price. The most famous brands of white rum are Bacardi, Malibu, Havanaclub with the designations “Blanca” (colorless rum), “Silver” (silver), “White” (white), “Light” (light). At the same time, it is not so easy to determine which white rum is better.what can replace white rumNot all promoted brands offer the highest quality rum, while lesser-known companies may surprise you with the stunning taste of their offspring. Therefore, you should not pay attention primarily to the status and cost of the drink, you just need to be guided by your taste, of course, if you know a little about the favorite “nectar” of sea robbers.

White rum: what to drink? Culture of use

Silver rum to drink in its pure form is much nicer than its dark counterpart. The latter strongly burns the throat and has a sharp taste. To drink the first one in its pure form with ice is considered the habit of a thin, aristocratic person. You will be able to enjoy the refreshing herbal notes, light honey flavor, soft nut palette and bright aftertaste, rich in vanilla and coffee shades. The taste of silver rum and in the composition of cocktails is outstanding: all its taste secrets are revealed here, striking with bright, delicious notes. This drink is the basis of many famous and iconic cocktails, such as "Daiquiri", "Mojito", "Pina Colada", "Attic".

It’s impossible to answer unequivocally the question of whether white rum is drunk with anything, since it depends on the individual preferences of a person and the culture of drinking this drink in a particular country.
white rum with what they drink


White varieties of rum, as already mentioned above, are drunk either in pure form or added to cocktails, creating new taste sensations at the exit. Consider the recipes of the most popular cocktails based on a noble silver drink.


This widely known cocktail is associated with the name of E. Hemingway, as the writer was his ardent admirer. In order to create a classic "Mojito", you will need: a high glass "highball", fresh mint, a spoonful of sugar, lemon, soda and white rum (brand at your discretion). Put mint and sugar in a glass, cut the lemon in half, squeeze the juice out of it and put one of the halves in a glass. Add 50 ml of rum and a handful of crushed ice to the cocktail and fill the glass to the top with soda. Garnish the Mojito with a mint stalk.

What can replace the white rum in "Mojito"? A good alternative to the pirate drink will be high-quality vodka, and mint can be replaced with mint syrup.white rum cocktails

"Pina colada"

The history of this cocktail has more than 90 years, its homeland is Puerto Rico, and translates its name as "squeezed pineapple." During its existence, "Pina Colada" has constantly been modified and modified. At the moment there are several recipes for its preparation. The classic technology of creation sounds like this: one part of white rum (as a rule, Bacardi), one part of thick coconut cream, three parts of pineapple juice, crushed ice are mixed and whipped in a blender.The finished cocktail is served in a chilled glass “Hurricane” (a pear-shaped glass on a low fat stalk), decorated with a pineapple slice.

Many are interested in the question of how to replace white rum in the Pina Colada cocktail. In such cases, usually resorted to the help of almond liqueur "Amaretto". At the same time, it is possible to replace cream with regular condensed milk.


“Daiquiri” is not just another masterpiece invented by bartenders. These are white rum cocktails presented by numerous recipes. The official technology of its creation is recognized by the International Bartenders Association.
how to drink rum bacardi whiteAccording to the basic recipe, nine parts of rum, four parts of lemon juice, one part of sugar syrup are taken for a cocktail. All components are poured into a shaker, shaken and served in a martini glaz glass (a cone-shaped glass on a high leg).

Banana and strawberry "Daiquiri"

Two famous "frozen" cocktails made with crushed ice are the decoration of any summer party. The banana “Daiquiri” consists of four parts of white rum (mainly “Bacardi”), two parts of freshly squeezed lemon juice, one part of any orange liqueur, half a banana, a spoon of sugar and a cup of ice.All the ingredients are whipped in a blender at increasing speed, until the cocktail froths. After which it is poured into a chilled "Hurricane". For the strawberry counterpart “Daiquiri”, the same proportions and ingredients are used, only four strawberries are put in place of the banana. This is one of the most delicious alcoholic cocktails, full of summer, fruity notes and seasoned with the pleasant spice of rum. Therefore, if you have a question about how to drink rum "Bacardi" white, we recommend to evaluate its taste range in the cocktail "Daiquiri".

Hemingway's Daiquiri

The drink from the famous writer is prepared according to the following scheme: eight parts of silver rum, four parts of lime juice, two parts of grapefruit juice, one part of Maraskin cherry liqueur, place a cup of crushed ice in a blender and beat until foam appears. Serve the finished cocktail can be in a glass of "Martini Glaze" or "Hurricane."what better white rum

White rum varieties are much cheaper than dark ones. For example, a liter bottle of light “Bacardi” costs 1000 rubles, and 0.5 - 500 rubles, while a dark one is estimated to be much higher: a liter costs 1200 rubles, and 0.5 - 700 rubles.

White rum goes well with poultry and meat, barbecue and grill. Despite its ubiquitous use and fame, the drink of pirates does not benefit the human body, except for a brief rise in the emotional state and enjoying a rich taste. Therefore, do not abuse portions of rum and the number of cocktails. A small dose will be enough to feel the entire palette of its aftertaste and plunge into the abyss of hops!

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