White Cupid: fish-cleaner

In the reservoirs of our country there are many commercialfish, as well as fish that are of major economic importance. The latter includes the white cupid. This fish plays an important role in the prevention of diseases that are transmitted by transmission (mosquito bites), cooling of nuclear power plant turbines and other processes.

white cupid fishWhy is that?Let's find out about this amazing inhabitant of Russian rivers more. His homeland is East Asia, where it is widely distributed in the Amur River and the rivers of all of China and the surrounding countries. It should be noted that it was not found on the territory of our country until the 60s of the last century, when a large batch of these fish was brought to the USSR in order to acclimatize them.

The uniqueness of this is not the very fact of successacclimatization, as there are many examples of such examples, but in the circumstance that the introduced Cupid invasion not only did not lead to undesirable environmental consequences (which happened very often), but also to undoubted benefits. After all, a white cupid is a valuable fish not only from the fishing point of view (and with weight up to 35 kg it is obvious), but also from the point of view of business executives, since for a day such a "freshwater cow" eats as much grass as it weighs! In particular, residents of coastal villages in the spring and autumn feed their hardworking neighbors, throwing straight into the water sloping grass.white amour fish

Such a passion in eating aquatic vegetation is notcould not interest the power engineers, who have long been faced with the problem of silting pond-coolers and overgrowing them with a huge amount of water debris. Especially in this regard, they are molested by the elodey, which is practically impossible to smear with "legal" methods. But the white cupid's fish fell in love with Elodie and completely solved the problem, which amused the ecologists a lot: after all, this plant was imported from Canada and is exactly the same "immigrant".white cupid photo

It should be specially noted that this representativefreshwater fauna in our reservoirs does not spawn, so that the maintenance of its abundance is entirely within the sphere of responsibility of specially created hatcheries, which each year release thousands of fry and larvae of the cupid into the reservoirs of our country. By the way, what does this wonderful fish look like?

As we have already said, a white cupid whose photo youcan be seen in our article, is a large fish, the length of which may well reach 120 centimeters. It features an elongated, flattened body from the sides, which is covered with large scales. About its size, says at least the fact that in the entire lateral line this fish has no more than 50 flakes.

If you are planning to visit the pond where it is locatedwhite cupid (fish, by the way, delicious) for the purpose of catching it, then keep in mind that it will not work at any moment. The fact is that the Cupid is extremely picky in nutrition and will not take even the most tempting bait for as long as there is still water vegetation in the pond. In other words, catch it should be in early spring and late autumn, when the forage base becomes very bad. This fish is cautious, so when fishing we strongly do not recommend you to make noise.

So we learned about who such a white cupid: fish, without which many rivers in our country could easily overgrew with grass.

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