Which Sberbank card to choose: types, opening conditions

The question of which Sberbank card to choose, quite often arises among the clients of this financial institution. Absolutely everyone is faced with the need to open a card product for various charges: for salary, online purchases or savings. For this reason, it is advisable to explore all the existing options in order to be able to answer the question of how to choose a Sberbank card for salary or for other purposes.Sberbank card which one to choose

Card selection

Sberbank offers people a fairly wide choice of cards, starting with debit and credit, ending with youth payment instruments with various bonus programs and the like. But how to figure out which one is better to open? Let us examine some options.

To decide which Sberbank card to choose, you need to narrow the search parameters among the main types - debit plastic or credit.In the event that there is no need to think about interest-free periods, cash withdrawal fees and no need to borrow money from a bank, then you should opt for debit cards, which, plus everything, are processed faster than credit cards.

In the event that a client does not want to take a loan, but from time to time he has a need to borrow some amount of money, which he can quickly return, then the question of which Sberbank credit card to choose should not cause difficulties. One of the advantages of such plastic is that, for most cards, there is an interest-free period for using borrowed funds, which is fifty days.

By the way, if you have already answered the question about which Sberbank card to choose, you should not forget that in this institution there is an opportunity to activate the “Thank you” program. The program is tied to one or another selected card and helps to save on purchases, receiving various bonuses. Clarify any information of interest customers can always around the clock toll free number.

Sberbank Salary Cards

If you urgently need to know which Sberbank debit card is best for you to choose, then the products offered as part of instant issuance are the most acceptable option. They assume a free service, and, in addition, they are quickly drawn up in the presence of a client. True, they have some drawbacks that are mainly associated with their use online or abroad. Due to the presence of all these shortcomings, such a card is not offered as a salary card.
which card to choose a savings bank

If you think which Sberbank card to choose for salary, employees of the institution are advised to use the traditional options: MasterCard Standard, as well as Visa Classic. It is worth saying that the type of payment system is no longer decisive today. In terms of their level of security, and, moreover, they are no different in terms of the quality of service.

Possibilities of classic plastic product options

Classic payment instruments give customers the following features:

  • Making non-cash payments for products and services, including through remote self-service devices along with remote bank services.
  • Perform online transactions using the secure 3D-secure format.
  • Making transfers to accounts or cards for cash.
  • Replenishment of card accounts in any way. In this case, there are options for financial transactions through an ATM in cash or through a cash desk, from another account of yours, receiving transfers from third parties and organizations, and so on.
  • Write off cash.
  • The ability to bind card accounts to an electronic wallet.
  • Balance control, along with the operations carried out independently through mobile and Internet banking.

Classic category cards cost customers, as a rule, 750 rubles. In the event that a person uses the product for more than a year, the price drops to 450 rubles.

Cards of another class

It usually happens that the leaders of higher ranks do not know which Sberbank card to choose for them. Premium cards provide much more opportunities, and, in addition, increase the class of the employee.

Sometimes the best solution is to open platinum cards of the largest Russian bank. The opening of the plastic "Gold" or "Platinum" in the best way can emphasize the image of the owner - this is again the question of which Sberbank debit card to choose.Such plastics differ in a number of different privileges, and, in addition, the cost of annual maintenance.which debit card of the savings bank is better to choose

Price policy of elite plastic

Let us give examples of price service for elite class cards:

  • The cost of annual maintenance of Visa Gold, as well as MasterCard Gold, is three thousand rubles.
  • Payment of annual maintenance of Visa or Platinum will result in ten thousand rubles.
  • The cost of annual maintenance of Visa and MasterCard Platinum Premier, as in the previous case, will be ten thousand rubles.
  • The cost of the annual service “Visa Give Life” directly depends on its class. For example, Classic will be a thousand rubles. And for Platinum you will have to pay fifteen thousand rubles annually.
  • The cost of Visa Aeroflot is three and a half thousand rubles.

Card tools for pensions

Before you think about how to choose a Sberbank pensioner card, you should first of all listen to the advice of employees and stop at the option of the card, which is called “Social”. It is characterized by the basic capabilities of world-class products, with the exception of payment for goods on the Internet. In addition, there are a number of restrictions regarding use outside the country.

Which card to choose Sberbank for individuals, based on its merits? The main advantages of the considered plastic should be counted as free maintenance, along with some other benefits. For social card holders, more points are often offered for the “Thank you” bonus programs at many points of sale.
card for salary Sberbank what to choose

Required papers for obtaining a “Social” card

To receive the submitted payment instrument, the client must go to the Sberbank office to submit the following documents:

  • Passport of the citizen and its copies.
  • Documents for a pension.
  • A completed sample application form for a retirement account.

In the event that a citizen does not have registration or does not correspond to the location of the office of Sberbank, then the decision on the issue is made individually according to the characteristics of a client.

The percentage of the balance of "Social"

Social plastic gives you the opportunity to receive a percentage of the profits on the remaining funds that are not withdrawn from the account. Therefore, choosing which card to open for savings, it is worthwhile to dwell on it.Sberbank offers three and a half percent to the balance indicator. There are no more favorable offers for this financial institution today.

Cards from Sberbank, providing bonuses for payment

How to choose a payment card of Sberbank of Russia, if you want something special? The well-known bonus program “Thank you” is available to holders of most Sberbank plastic cards. The owner of such a payment instrument, paying with a card, acquires bonus points to his account, which can be spent on various purchases of goods in stores that are partners of the bank. Also, bonuses can be spent in online stores or they can be used to pay for services or purchase air tickets and so on.

Miles for payments

Aeroflot cards provide an opportunity to accumulate so-called “bonus miles”, which are credited for cashless payments when using plastic. You can spend the accumulated points on the purchase of tickets with a high level of service, for example, from SkyTeam or Aeroflot.

Features of other Sberbank payment instruments

Among the specialized products from Sberbank, there are several plastic options that offer certain advantages:

  • Virtual cards designed for use within the Internet space, which are tied to e-wallets. They differ democratic price for service. Their cost is only sixty rubles a year.

Sberbank cards for individuals which one to choose

  • Electronic payment instruments that provide a minimum set of services for a fairly loyal cost, which amounts to three hundred rubles per month.
  • Visa and MasterCard Classic, with a unique design that every client can choose for themselves. The presented products combine all the parameters and, in addition, the characteristics of the standard card. The main difference is in the appearance of the plastic. The cost of such a payment instrument is 750 rubles per year. In addition, the client will be charged another five hundred rubles for his release.
  • A youth card is provided for issuing exclusively to clients whose age does not exceed twenty-five years. Its annual cost is 150 rubles.

If you already know which Sberbank salary card to choose, you should also turn your attention to all sorts of innovations in banking products.Nowadays, contactless cards are becoming more and more common, and it is possible to pay with special devices. In this situation, the card is not required to pass into the hands of other people, which, of course, greatly increases the degree of security. It is possible to issue a similar version of plastic with various possibilities, and, moreover, with privileges.

The cards that are endowed with a contactless function are as follows:

  • Classic card.
  • Card "Aeroflot Gold". This card involves the accrual of miles for purchases.
  • Card "Give Life to Platinum".

The cost for the annual maintenance of the account of these payment instruments is slightly higher compared to similar cards that do not differ by the presence of contactless use. For example, the cost of a Classic card is nine hundred rubles a year.Sberbank of Russia payment cards which one to choose


So, which Sberbank card is best to choose depends primarily on the personal needs of customers. Plastic can be debit or credit, depending on what operations it is planned to carry out with its help. Cards provide an opportunity to save money, and, in addition, to manage their credit resources, paying for goods or services in stores.Payments using cards can also be made via the Internet. One of the bright and at the same time convenient innovations is the possibility of using the contactless payment service. Along with this, Sberbank cards allow you to send finances to other people, as well as to travel with only one plastic in your pocket, thanks to which you can withdraw money abroad under the same conditions as in your own country.

In addition, Sberbank offers people various promotions, along with bonus and affiliate programs. Any cardholder can accumulate bonuses and then pay them off. Thanks to them, you can save a lot, and, in addition, get nice discounts on the purchase of airline tickets, services or all kinds of goods, as well as participate in charity. And all that is required to receive all the above bonuses and privileges is simply to pay with your plastic card from Sberbank.which salary card to choose a savings bank

Thus, a wide choice and a wide variety of Sberbank products gives customers the opportunity to choose for themselves the most affordable price, and, in addition, the product privileges.Which Sberbank card is more profitable and better to open - decide only to customers. In any case, before you do this, it is advisable to carefully examine the cost of servicing certain payment instruments, and, in addition, to get acquainted with the limits of cash withdrawals and interest rates when it comes to credit cards.

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