Which cat filler is better? Cat litter - reviews, prices

Cats are animals who love cleanliness and very carefully monitor their appearance. Pet hygiene is an important part of life, so you should pay special attention to cat litter. The pet will not be able to tell you which filler is more suitable for him, therefore, deciding which cat filler is better, you will have to carry out several experiments and learn the opinion of the pet.which cat filler is better

Today, manufacturers offer owners a fairly large selection of similar products. The filler can be lumpy, absorbent, etc. In accordance with the requested specifications, one or another price will be added.

Types of fillers

Cat litters are divided into several categories according to different parameters, for example:

  • Based on the mineral composition.These can be clay materials, pressed paper, hard minerals or sawdust.
  • Depending on the method of saturation with moisture. Absorbent or lumpy.
  • By weight.
  • In accordance with the size of the granules (small, medium or large).
  • Flavored or not.

Consider the most commonly used materials for cat litter.

Clodding filler

Quite a popular type of filler, which includes clay materials. According to statistics, it is in this composition that cats most of all like to hide the traces of their vital activity. The cost of clay fillers ranges from 50 rubles. per kg, and may be higher if they contain additional minerals. The most popular among crumpling products is the “Katsan” filler. When moisture enters the substance, the atapulgite rolls into a small com, which is very convenient to clean with a special shovel for a cat tray.

Consider the moment that clay materials are quite heavy, and it will not be so easy for a little kitten to dig it.cat litter

It is worth saying that a rather large range of mineral substances is used for lumping fillers,which can be listed for quite some time.

Woody filler for cats

This composition is one of the most environmentally friendly. In addition, wood filler for cats, reviews of which are quite favorable, is quite cheap and costs about 25 rubles. for 1 kg. Despite the low price, this composition is very effective and we love four-legged pets. The filler is a small wood pellets that absorb moisture and unpleasant odor. The tree is a hypoallergenic material, so it is perfect for cats of any breed and of any age.cat litter filler

In case the pet accidentally or even deliberately eats one such granule, there is no need to worry about poisoning, since the granules quickly break up into small particles and come out naturally. When choosing which cat litter is better, you should start with the tree variant.

Paper Waste Filler

Waste from grain handling as well as paper waste is an excellent raw material for cat litter. This type of filler is not very popular, and it is rarely found on the shelves of the pet shop, due to its low characteristics.First of all, this is due to poor absorption, besides there are big problems with the smell. This cat litter will cost you about 35 rubles. for 1 kg.

Unlike paper, grain filler is slightly better, although it still has several disadvantages.cat litter reviews

Corn filler

This filler is extremely difficult to find on the territory of the Russian Federation, due to the fact that it is based on corn cobs. Nevertheless, this material has the best characteristics, and if you are lucky enough to buy it, you will be able to appreciate all the advantages of corn filler. With perfect absorption, it also perfectly retains the smell for a long time. The only drawback of such a filler is that it is very light and is perfect for playing, so pets love to scatter it throughout the apartment.

The cost of such "convenience" is from 700 rubles per 5 kg. But if you take into account the fact that it will have to be changed less often, it is not so expensive.

Zeolite filler

Zeolite is a special material of volcanic origin and is highly absorbent.The smell also perfectly keeps for a long time. The cost of such a filler is only 60-70 rubles. for 2 kg.

Silica gel filler

This type of filler is a synthetic white crystals with a stunning absorbency. The main plus is that you can change the composition every 2-3 weeks. The cost of such a filler is about 80 rubles. for 1 kg. Despite the excellent characteristics, it is worth remembering that this is a synthetic filler, so it is better not to use it in the toilet of a little kitten, so that he does not decide to try this new piece of teeth.

The most popular manufacturers of fillers in Russia

Of course, speaking of cat litter fillers, it's hard not to mention the most popular manufacturers today:

  • German Cat’s Best. A quality product made from fir processing waste. The filler is ecologically safe and suitable for cats of any age and breed.wood cat litter
  • American Fresh Step. Consists of special grades of clay.
  • Russian "Clean feet". The most popular domestic cat filler.There is both clay and clay.
  • American Ever Clean. Cat filler lumpy has a special composition, which includes a mixture of clays and minerals. Contains activated carbon.

Which is better

Which cat litter is better, it's worth deciding with your furry pet. If he does not like the composition, he will not go to the tray, but instead he will find some secluded corner. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the age of the pet. If you are the owner of a small kitten, it is better not to risk it and use wood filler, as sharp particles of clay composition can injure the baby. Moreover, cats at a tender age are very inquisitive and may accidentally eat a little of the composition, in such a situation it will be better if it quickly disintegrates in the animal's body. Fillers for cats, clumping this will be an option or not, should be environmentally friendly and consist of natural materials.


It is not worth saving, deciding which cat litter is better. After all, the convenience and comfort of a pet are responsible for its mood.

Do not forget that cat litter should not be thrown into the sewer system. Throw it away only in the trash.You need to update it every few days in order not to produce harmful bacteria that will spread to animals throughout the house, as well as get into his stomach.cat litter

In order for the little hooligan not to scatter the filler everywhere, the tray should be bought with high sides, so the cat will not be able to throw out the granules during the burying of its waste.

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