Where is Chersonesos in Crimea?

Chersonesos is a city on the Heraklean peninsula (southwest coast of Crimea). It was founded by the ancient Greeks in 529-528-s BC. The modern city administratively belongs to Sevastopol. To the world famous administrative center. The area where Khersones is located in Sevastopol is called Gagarinsky. For two thousand years, the city was a major political, economic and cultural center of the entire Northern Black Sea region. Today on its territory and part of the territory of the Quarantine Bay is an archaeological reserve. Since 2013, it is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Since its founding, Chersonese was a Greek colony. In those days, the policy occupied a small area. But, already a hundred years later, Chersonesos occupied the entire territory on the peninsula from Quarantine Bay to Pesochnaya. This settlement expanded its influence among other Greek cities. All-Greek holidays, sports competitions were held here, as well as political conversations with representatives of other countries were organized.

Chersonesos where is

In the 400–300s, a new currency appeared in Chersonesos.It was called silver coins. This currency has made a worthy competition to others common in the Black Sea region.

The history of the city is known to the modern world because of the records of the historian Syrisk, who lived there in the third century BC. He described in detail the history of the area where Chersonesos is located, as well as the relations of the settlers with representatives of other localities of the Black Sea region.

The entire period of the city were fierce war. Especially bloody and long was the war with the Scythians in the II century BC. During the hostilities, the Khersonites lost the territory of Kerkinitida and Kalos Limen. When their own forces for the defense of the state ceased to be enough, they asked for help from the Pontic king Mithridates VI Eupator. He ordered to go to the Crimea a large detachment led by commander Diofant. Joint Kherson and Pontic army were able to overcome the Scythians, defeating their troops in a matter of days. In addition, the combined army managed to capture Theodosius and Panticapaeum, located on the Kerch Peninsula.However, Chersonesus had to sacrifice its independence. Since then, he belonged to the Bosporan State and was completely dependent on him.

where is Chersonesos

After Pontic king Mithridates VI the Eupator died, major changes began to occur on the political map of the Eastern Mediterranean. The Chersonites did not like the half-barbarian guardianship of the Bosporus. Then they began to strive for a free Rome. This was done in the hope that, under his firm leadership, the life of the Khersonites would finally change. However, the Roman ruler Guy Julius Caesar was not as good as it was thought to Khersonites. After the Chersonesos joined Rome, the dictator entered into an alliance with the Bosporus, and the monarchist influence doubled.

The tense situation only aggravated with the advent of Christianity. In the 1st century AD, on the territory where Chersonesos is located, the first adherents of the Christian religion appear. They ruthlessly destroyed monuments of antiquity, theaters, ancient pagan temples. At the same time in their places erected their own churches and chapels.

where is Chersonesos in Sevastopol

In the fifth century, Chersonesos, nevertheless, managed to get out from under Roman influence, becoming part of Byzantium.After some time, this city was considered the military-administrative area of ​​the Byzantine Empire, and the locals changed its name. Then he became known as Kherson or Korsun.

What happened to Chersonesos in the period 988-1399?

In 988, the prince of Kiev Vladimir seized Kherson. After that, he began to actively preach Christianity throughout Russia. In 1204, the Byzantine Empire collapsed. After that, many small states were formed. Chersonesos could not resist the Lithuanian prince Olgerd, who defeated the city, destroying many valuable architectural monuments. For many years, the Khersonites tried to restore their former life, rebuilding and reconstructing their native places. However, in 1399, temnik Edigei destroyed the remaining greatness of the city.

Address Chersonesos in Sevastopol

Since then, and for many years, the area where Chersonesos is located has been only a small fishing village. Only in the 80s of the XIX century, archaeologists began to show interest in the ancient settlement, organizing mass excavations in the territory of the former city. During the reign of the USSR, the Chersonesus Historical and Archaeological Reserve was opened. It became a major research center, where numerous archaeologists from different countries began to work and students undergo practical training.

The history of ancient Chersonesos, known today, was made available through systematic archaeological excavations. Many valuable finds are kept in the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, the State Museum in Moscow, and others.

Sights of modern Chersonesos

The ruins of the city, like the whole territory of the peninsula, is one big museum of a long human life on these fertile lands. Visiting the peninsula, many tourists are eager to find out where Chersonesos is located in the Crimea, and visit this ancient monument. Since there really is something to see.

Chersonesos city where it is located

Among the main places of interest are the Central Town Square, the Zeno Tower, the City Amphitheater, the Chersonese Bell, the Basilica in the Basilica, the Vladimir Cathedral. Consider them in more detail.

central square

The central square of Chersonesos is located on the main street of the city. It has existed since its foundation. Throughout the life of the city was the center of life of Chersonites. Here you can see the traces of ancient temples, altars and much more.

Zeno Tower

The tower of Zeno was a fortification of Chersonites for many centuries. This architectural monument has survived to our times best. The construction was 9 meters high and 23 meters in diameter, which was quite difficult to implement in ancient times.


The City Amphitheater is the cultural center of the area where Chersonesos is currently located. For a long time there were various performances and folk festivals. After the arrival of Christianity in the land of Chersonesos, the theater was almost destroyed. However, part of it has been preserved to this day. Chersonesus Amphitheater today is the only ancient theater in the world.


The Chersonesus Bell is a favorite tourist attraction. Its history lasts from 1778. It was then that he was cast from Turkish cannons left after the hostilities. During the Crimean War, the bell was taken to France. However, after some time, he was able to return to his homeland. Now it is located in the Sevastopol Cathedral of St. Vladimir. The Chersonesus bell is still heard by residents of the Crimea peninsula at all significant holidays.


The Basilica in the Basilica is a temple from the Middle Ages. It was founded by the ancient Greeks in the territory of Chersonesos. The interesting name of the temple is due to the fact that two were erected in the same place - one on the ruins of the other. The first construction dates back to the sixth century. It consisted of marble, and was completely covered with mosaics. After the first temple was destroyed, Chersonites began work on its restoration. Then in the twelfth-thirtieth centuries several warehouses and trading premises were completed, as well as a chapel and a tomb. After another century, the temple was destroyed by fire, and was no longer restored. Today it represents only a few surviving columns and the outlines of the ancient construction.

St. Vladimir's Cathedral

This is the wedding venue of Kiev Prince Vladimir the Red Sun and Byzantine Princess Anne. Prince Vladimir conquered Chersonesos in 988 and adopted Christianity here. From this point on, it is considered to be the beginning of the spread of this religion in Russia. In honor of the Grand Duke and the cathedral was built, named in his honor.

 where is Chersonesos in Crimea

Address "Tauric Chersonesos" in Sevastopol

The listed attractions can be explored in more detail. To do this, you just need to personally visit the place where the “Chersonese of Tauride” is located - the National Museum-Reserve, a unique monument of antiquity. The Museum-Reserve today is an object of cultural heritage of the Russian Federation. And where, after all, is it?

Address "Tauric Chersonesos" in Sevastopol: Russia. Republic of Crimea. City Sevastopol, Gagarinsky district, Drevnyaya street, 1.

Interesting facts about the city of Chersonese in the Crimea

Let's look at some interesting facts about Chersonesos:

  1. Among the historically significant persons who visited this city are the Greek Queen Olga, the Duke of Sparta Constantine, the prince of Greece George, the Russian Emperor Alexander III, and the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II with his family.
  2. Catherine II named Kherson in honor of the ancient Chersonese.
  3. This city became the place of exile of such political opponents of the Constantinople authorities as: Justinian II, Filippik Vardan, Pope Martin, Leo IV Khazarin brothers.
  4. The famous Chersonesus bell is captured in the film “The Adventures of Pinocchio”.

Tauric Chersonesos where

Small conclusion

Now you know the address of the "Chersonese of Tauris" in Sevastopol. Photos of this interesting city are presented for clarity. Both the city and the museum will pleasantly surprise you. Today, Chersonese is a place where a large number of tourists from all over the world come. Those who are interested in history, it will be very important to visit the place where the city of Chersonese is located. Do not doubt. It is here that one can experience the whole atmosphere of the times difficult for Chersonites, learn a lot of historical facts not only about the city, but about the whole peninsula.

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