Where are the best burgers in Moscow: a review of institutions

Man is a biological organism that needs regular replenishment with its energy, most of which it receives from food. Food can be treated differently: some may argue that what matters is how useful they are for the body, and food should be considered solely as a source of nutrients, others are in the position that food should bring pleasure, satisfy exquisite whims. It is impossible to say exactly who is right. But really, in the modern world, food is a kind of cult. The art of cooking and the process of its use have found their place in the lives of many people. Today, everyone gets the opportunity to try a variety of dishes, compare them and form their preferences. Many have given their heart and stomach to the burgers, whose lovers every day becomes more and more. In this regard, the question arises: where to find the best burgers in Moscow?


Where the best burgers in Moscow are offered (the rating of popular establishments is given below), each one defines differently. But in any such list, the place of honor is occupied by the burger and the “Mince" restaurant. From the first days of work, this place has gained enormous popularity among various segments of the population, so it can be safely called one of the most visited establishments in the capital. High-quality service, fresh ingredients and their excellent combination made the "Stuffing" really a worthy place for spending time.

the best burgers in Moscow

The classic cheeseburger is highlighted in the menu, which receives accolades from many critics and journalists. Visitors are offered a considerable choice of burgers, including a vegetarian burger, a burger with marbled beef, ostrich meat and caramelized apples. Also in the "Stuffing" there is a butcher shop, where you can buy ingredients for cooking "meatballs in a bun" at home, pans, oils, etc.

Shake shack

Shake Shack is a chain of eateries in New York, which appeared at the beginning of this century and received great support from the population. Due to the success of such establishments, Shake Shack was opened in Moscow.Although burgers are prepared fairly quickly, you can’t call them fast food.The most delicious burgers in Moscow where the bestThe high bars in serving and cooking attract visitors who position Shake Shack as the place where the best burgers in Moscow are. The restaurant offers five types of burgers: SmockShack is a cheeseburger with spiced pepper and smoked bacon, Shack Burger as the perfect combination of fresh vegetables, Cheese Burger with natural Australian beef, Shack Stack and Shrum Burger. The latter is a vegetarian burger and is prepared using mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes and a special sauce. In addition, visitors can please the stomach with four types of hot dogs, fries, ice cream, milkshakes and float.

"U Slavik"

Where to taste the best burgers in Moscow? You can try the meat masterpiece "U Slavik". A place with such an unusual name can please the most delicious burgers in the capital. It is not so easy to find it, and the establishment itself is a small room without special amenities, but with an eye-catching menu and delicious food. The ideological inspirer and creator of this diner, Vyacheslav Shalimov, wanted to have a place for gatherings of his friendly company, and as a result, “U Slavik” became one of the favorite places of Muscovites.best burgers in moscow ratingThe recipe for success is simple: the diligence and professionalism of the staff, combined with the best beef from Russian farms, make a set of products a real treat for the stomach. All five types of burgers in this institution have the same price. Among them stands out a vegetarian burger with a lentil patty. And what is best to drink with meat? Of course beer! "Slavik" serves self-brewed beer, which, along with burgers, will make an ordinary evening unsurpassed.

Burger heroes

Many are looking for the most delicious burgers in Moscow for a reasonable price and find them in Burger Heroes. It is a mistake to believe that if the price is not too high up to the ceiling, then the quality of the ingredients and cooking is below average. If we talk about Burger Heroes, then yes, they save a lot here, but meat has never been included in this number. The institution itself does not differ in particular chic in the interior and design elements.

Simplicity and comfort are the main principles on which the room is built. Visitors understand that their main goal in Burger Heroes is to taste the most delicious food, and not to look at walls and ceilings. The menu features six types of burgers, among which you can find both the familiar cheeseburger and interesting options - “Black Mom”, “007” and “Bad Bro”.With a lot of positive feedback, you can understand that in Burger Heroes you can eat, have a good time and spend a little money.


A cozy place called "Voronezh" quickly gained recognition and love of visitors. Many of them claim that it is within its walls that one can taste the most delicious burgers in Moscow, where the best ingredients, furnishings and service. In the menu of "Voronezh" you can get lost, and the drawing of marble meat on the ceiling on the ceiling catches even more appetite. Much of this place is obliged to the Australian chef, who learned from experience working in institutions in America and England. That is why we can safely say that Voronezh is a great combination of Russian and American. The composition of the dishes is given special attention.where are the best burgers in MoscowAll ingredients are supplied from different regions of Russia, and for meat dishes, meat of gobies of a special breed is used. Each dish on the menu - a masterpiece. The chef strongly recommends tasting "Pastrami", the recipe of which is kept secret. It takes a lot of time to cook food for this dish, because beef brisket is first soaked in a special brine for about 8 hours, and then smoked for 12 hours and served with pickled cucumbers on rye bread.The Marble Cheeseburger, Crab Roll, Truffle Burger, Protein Burger deserve special attention.

Black star burger

If we talk about where the best burgers in Moscow are, we cannot but mention the Black Star Burger institution that blew up Instagram. The popular Russian performer and leader of the Black Star-company Timati turned a small room into one of the most popular places among young people.the best burgers in Moscow around the clockAnd although many cross the threshold of the place just for the sake of cool photos on the social network, the burgers in the Black Star Burger are also good. An interesting move was that when ordering, the cashier issued black rubber gloves so that during the meal you should not get your hands dirty. The menu includes both burgers and other fast food (chicken wings, falafel, hot dogs). Particularly noteworthy is the “classic” burger, which is in fact a regular cheeseburger with cheese, a “VIP burger” with two cutlets and Bengal fire when carried out, and burgers “Mushroom”, “Curry”, “Salsa”, “Eggplant”.

Lucky Burger

Burger are a great success, as there are a lot of people willing to try tasty food for a reasonable price without much excess. That is why many large restaurant chains are turning to the idea of ​​creating their own “fast food outlets”.In this way, Bocconcino also went, which transformed its basement and created a place called Lucky Burger.the most delicious burgers in MoscowA rather simple interior with a twist in the form of wooden chairs and trays retains the simplicity and comfort that the institution needs. Many visitors say that in Lucky Burger you can try the best burgers in Moscow. The signature dish is “Terminator” with perfectly roasted cutlet and ginger flavor in barbecue sauce. Attention also deserve "Lamb Burger" with a lamb cutlet, burgers "Chicken", "Spicy" and "Fish."

BB & Burgers

Burger lovers are ready to visit a lot of different institutions in search of the perfect dish. BB & Burgers, in which the best burgers in Moscow are cooked, are not bypassed. The menu features both American classics and the demands of modern consumers. The quality of ingredients and cooking at a high level, as the burgers are amazing in taste, do not fall apart and do not remain on hand.where to taste the best burgers in MoscowThe basis of the dishes is chilled marbled beef. Buns are not purchased, but are prepared personally, which is felt when you first meet with BB & Burgers burgers. Most visitors prefer the Oxtail and Black Ruben sandwich,“Classic” burgers, “Drunk grandmother” with gorgonzola and cheddar cheese, onions and lingonberry sauce, “Soso” with mozzarella cheese and oregano.

Beverly hills

Did you want to try something tasty at night or early morning begins with a feeling of hunger, but is there nothing in the fridge? Then you should visit Beverly Hills, where you can taste the best burgers in Moscow around the clock. Even at the door you can pay attention to an interesting interior with famous American films. Red sofas, music from the player and the floral form of the staff - all this creates an amazing atmosphere and causes sincere admiration. In the menu, besides the burger “American”, “Cheeseburger”, “Chile”, “Grandmother”, “Tower”, you can find a huge selection of cocktails, lunches, salads, appetizers and other things. Visitors say that Beverly Hills wants to come back again and again, because in the setting, level of service and quality of food this establishment always keeps the bar, which means that the time spent in its walls will be remembered for a long time.

Corner burger

Institution Corner Burger can be called the first burger bar in the capital. The whole space is divided into two large zones: the first is a bar where you can enjoy cocktails and a quick bite, the second is a restaurant for long evening get-togethers and meals without haste. The interior is made in a modern minimalist style.In the menu you can find brunches, snacks, soups, salads, desserts, as well as the best burgers in Moscow. Ingredients in Corner Burger are always of the highest quality. Dishes combine simplicity with some features of an institution. All burgers on the menu with medium roast are prepared on an open grill and served with french fries and salad. Popularity gained Burger "Athlete" with buckwheat bun, mozzarella and yogurt sauce, "Crisp Cheddar" with ketchup based on kvass, "Caprese", "De Luxe", "Fish-Burger", the signature burger "Korner" Positive feedback from visitors once again confirms that Corner Burger is an ideal place for a quiet family dinner, bright meetings with friends and romantic conversations of lovers.

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