Wheel alignment wheels: step by step instructions

Wheel alignment today do at any point of service. For this there is special equipment. Usually the process does not take much time and is performed electronically. By itself, the service is inexpensive, so many motorists and know not know how to perform this procedure with their own hands. Nevertheless, there is nothing complicated here, though accuracy is important. Only properly adjusted wheelbase will be the key to success.wheel alignment

What is fraught with unregulated wheelbase?

It should be understood that the alignment of VAZ, Nissan, BMW and any other brand of car is performed in almost the same way. If this procedure is not periodically carried out, then trouble can happen. First, the vehicle begins to lead in the direction that is not good. Secondly, tire wear increases significantly. Depending on how much convergence or collapse is brought down, either the outer side of the tire or the inner side will be erased.Anyway, not adjusted wheelbase leads to the fact that confidence is lost in driving, and dynamic readings are significantly reduced, while fuel consumption increases. Nevertheless, if you come to the service station after every 5-10 thousand kilometers, then all this can be avoided. But if there is still no car service nearby, and the work needs to be done, then you can do it on your own.

Basic concepts and terms

The camber is the angle of inclination between the plane of rotation of the wheel and its vertical. In this case, the collapse is positive and negative. The first type is characterized by the fact that the top of the wheel is directed outwards. The second, on the contrary, the fact that the wheel is slightly tilted inside the vehicle.

equipment wheel alignmentConvergence - the angle between the plane of rotation of the wheel and the direction of motion. It is usually defined in millimeters, but on some equipment the calculation is made in degrees / minutes. Also introduced such a definition, as the angle of the transverse slope. This is the angle between the projection of the axis of rotation and the transverse plane of the wheel.

The angle of the king pin, the so-called castra, is responsible for the stabilization of the wheels during movement.Therefore, experts recommend to perform alignment every 5-10 thousand kilometers. But there are unscheduled cases when the wheelbase needs to be adjusted urgently, for example, if there is a deformation of the wheel disk due to mechanical damage.

Alignment: price and something else

As noted above, at the present time, almost every service station makes adjustments to the wheelbase. To do this, there are special stands on which work is performed. As for the cost of services, it starts from 400 rubles. And today computer debugging of a disorder convergence is very popular. The key feature of this method is the great accuracy of angle adjustment. True, the cost of a computer method usually starts from 500-600 rubles, but it's worth it. For example, checking and adjusting one axis of a passenger vehicle will cost about 400 rubles. Two axles - 800 rubles. If you need to check and adjust commercial vehicles, you will have to pay 800 rubles for one axis, and two thousand rubles for two. In principle, these are approximate prices for wheel alignment. Price may vary depending on the selected service. Terms of performance of work - from half an hour to an hour. It depends on the complexity and some other factors.wheel alignment Price

What you need to start work?

You must understand the seriousness of the procedure being performed and treat it as responsibly as possible. You need it first. To perform the adjustment of the angle of inclination will require not so much. First, the car must be put on the viewing hole. Secondly, get a cord with a plumb line and a small piece of chalk. It is also desirable to have with you the usual measuring line and a set of tools for the vehicle (keys, screwdrivers, etc.).

After that, try to stand on the inspection pit so that the wheels look as straight as possible. Make bottom and top marks using chalk. Then use a plumb line. It is applied to the wing of the vehicle, and then measure the distance between the cord and the rim near the marks. The allowable difference is 3 mm.wheel alignment vaz

Self adjustment. Wheel alignment debug in his garage

After performing the above steps, you need to turn the steering wheel and roll the vehicle a little. In this case, the labels should turn 90 degrees. It is desirable to repeat the procedure again and record the results. This is necessary for the so-called purity measurements. The fact is that neither the surface, nor the wing or the wheel are ideally smooth, and in our case we should try to reduce the error to a minimum.After that, the wheel is removed and the steering knuckle is loosened with a shock absorber.

The knuckle must be moved inward or outward, depending on the direction that was obtained as a result of the measurements. After the wheel and bracket are fixed. In principle, after performing such a simple procedure, we had to achieve the correct angle of collapse. But it is worth remembering that there are permissible errors. For rear wheel drive cars it is + 1 / + 3 mm, and for front wheel drive -1 / + 1 mm.adjustment wheel alignment

How to set the toe

After the camber angle has been adjusted, it is necessary to engage in convergence. In this case, be sure to set the car on a flat surface and turn the wheels to the "straight" position. On the inside of the tire marks are made in the form of points. They must be placed close to the disk. By the way, to do the work you will need a telescopic ruler - this will be your most important equipment. Wheel alignment is impossible without such a device.

The ends of the ruler are set to marks and fixed. However, it should not touch the details of the body.Next, you need to combine the mark "0" and a fixed scale on the ruler. Slightly move the vehicle forward, so that the ruler moves, but it does not touch anything. Next you need to check the readings. If the distance between the wheels has decreased, then the tie rods must be shortened somewhat, and vice versa. Adjusting the length of the clutches is done using a clutch.

wheel alignment vaz do it yourselfConclusion

Here we are, in principle, and figured out how to adjust the alignment of the WHA. The work can also be done on other brands of vehicles. But on foreign cars the accuracy should be higher, and the errors are practically unacceptable. At the same time, foreign-made cars undergo a similar adjustment less frequently than domestic ones. But bad roads sooner or later make themselves known. In principle, there is nothing complicated, but it will take a little time and ingenuity. If there is no desire to engage in such a matter, then go to the service station and spend 500 rubles on alignment. Given the low frequency of such adjustments, it is not so much.

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