What to replace the mascarpone cream?

There are many cheeses in the world. Some of them are considered real delicacies. Individual varieties are prized for a particular taste. And there is mascarpone, it stands apart not only because of its unusual composition, but also because of the number of dishes in which it is considered indispensable. But this statement is still controversial, as thousands of culinary experts and lovers have already witnessed at the stove.

Special features

The name of the cheese is often pronounced, involuntarily rearranging the letters. But the taste of mascarpone is difficult to compare with its other "brothers." It is not soft, and in any case not hard. Reminds, more likely, on density the butter which is sunk in heat or sour cream. At the heart of mascarpone cooking - cream from a cow or buffalo. Their fat content is 25%.

what to replace mascarpone

To make this cheese, apply the so-called water bath, in which the cream is heated, gradually pouring lemon juice or wine vinegar. After coagulation of the dairy base, the resulting mass is folded into dense tissue bags and suspended in order to remove excess liquid, as well as for self-pressing.

When you are wondering what to replace the mascarpone, try to make it at home. According to the description of the technology it is easy to do. The main thing is to determine the proportions. For example, for one liter of cream you will need ¼ tsp acid. And if the farm has a double boiler, it is suitable as the main unit.

what to replace mascarpone cream

Many hold the opinion that Mascarpone appeared on the table due to the mistake of an unknown culinary specialist at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. He wanted to make ricotta cheese, and it turned out a completely new variety. When there is no time for cooking, it is not by chance, but quite consciously you can find options for what to replace the mascarpone.

In which dishes is this cheese most often used as an additive?

The first thing that all experts in the world cuisine call it is tiramisu. Not all compatriots have become accustomed to this name of the Italian dessert, but the essence is clear - the cake, which consists of several layers. As well as possible, the mascarpone cheese is suitable for him as a layer. What can replace it when there is no time and opportunity for preparing the necessary mass? A very quick recipe is considered to be a mixture of cream cheese with sour cream. Ingredients better beat the blender, adding a little lemon juice.And for fat, you can add a small amount of cream.

mascarpone cheese than replace

In Italy and other countries, mascarpone is used for morning sandwiches. Delicate, but colorful composition of cheese gives a pleasant taste to the beginning of the day and a good energy boost. What to replace mascarpone in this case? If you have soft cheese, cream and slightly softened butter in the fridge, mix them up, beat well, adding a little bit of citrus juice, better from lemon, and also some greens.

Mascarpone has become a good cream not only for tiramisu, but also for many other desserts and pastries. Mushroom pie, smeared on top with this amazing cheese, acquires a unique taste, refined and delicate. Curd with cream mixture, mixed until smooth, - this is what you can replace mascarpone in this case.


Cheese, which serves as a layer, is also used to make pancakes. To it add pieces of various soft fruits. And this is truly a great dessert. And here you can find a variant of what to replace the mascarpone cream. Sour cream or cottage cheese cheese mix with cream is most suitable.By the way, pancakes can easily be turned into fruit rolls, cutting them into pieces characteristic of the traditional analogue.

what can replace mascarpone

Have you not baked tea cakes for a long time? Especially good products from air puff pastry. Our exotic friend also approaches them as a cream inside. The original may cost too much. Therefore, choosing what to replace the mascarpone, you can choose a cheaper analogue of cream-cheese cheese. And add sugar or honey to taste.

Gourmets love to treat themselves to a light mascarpone dessert with fruit. It can be a cherry or pear in a wine sauce or berry juice or syrup. Or just fruit sliced. Visually reminiscent of ice cream. You can’t go wrong when deciding how to replace the mascarpone cheese in this dessert if you go back to the curd with cream.


There are many recipes for dishes, where the "Italian" appears in the main or secondary roles. The famous risotto will be much tastier and more nutritious if you add mascarpone cheese on the final straight line in cooking. How to replace it in order not to spoil the whole dish? Given that mascarpone plays the role of additional impregnation, the best cream cheese mixture with the addition of oil.

The proposed analogues of the Italian pet are diverse.There are also more complex ones, for example, using ricotta cheese. Egg yolk, sugar, cream or milk appear in the ingredients. And you will not manage one blender.

It is necessary to bring the yolk with milk mixed together to a boil, hold for a few minutes over low heat and then cool. And only then add whipped cream and ricotta cheese to them.


Today, many have embarked on the difficult path of struggle with excess weight. Therefore, Mascarpone, despite all its obvious advantages, is not recommended for dieters, as it has a very high calorie content. Sufferers of kidney and stomach people are also not advised to get involved in cheese. At risk can be attributed to those who have problems with pressure and cholesterol.

what can replace mascarpone cheese

But this does not mean that everything is hopeless. What can replace mascarpone cheese? Follow the main rules. The analogue should be a little fat. That is, the components, be it cottage cheese, cheese, sour cream, choose for the recipe light, low-calorie.


All the proposed options are, if not one hundred percent, then close to this indicator mascarpone substitutes.But if there are no restrictions and there is an opportunity to try the original, do not deprive yourself of such an opportunity. This "Italian" is worth it! We hope that you have chosen what you can replace the mascarpone in your dish.

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