What make Turkish delight? Eastern sweets

Thanks to its original taste and unusual appearance, Turkish Delight is known throughout the world and is the hallmark of Turkey. Traditionally, this oriental sweetness is usually served with tea or coffee, but the sweet tooth use it as an independent product. The taste of the dessert is so unusual that, having tried it for the first time, tourists wonder: "What makes Turkish delight?"

Appearance history

This sweetness was first cooked in the second half of the 18th century. Rahat-lokum from Turkish means “convenient piece”. With the advent of lukum associated legend about the rivalry of two chefs of the Turkish Sultan. Each of them wanted to stun the ruler with his dish and get a dominant place in the palace kitchen. One of the rivals - named Ali Mahiddin - invented the unprecedented sweetness "Turkish delight". Its composition was as follows: sugar syrup, starch, aromatic additives, nuts and dried fruits. The dessert just melted in the mouth and had an unusual, unlike anything taste. The Sultan was admired and showered Ali Mahiddin with mercies.What make Turkish delight

At the time of the Ottoman Empire, the taste of Turkish Delight could please only government officials. Families of commoners did not have the opportunity to try this wonderful dessert.

What make Turkish delight?

Sugar and starch are used to make this dessert. To give this sweetness a unique taste, aroma and color, honey, nuts and dried fruits are added to its composition. Finished Turkish delight looks like small elastic cubes, the surface of which is completely covered with the finest powdered sugar. There are many different fillings and fruit syrups that make up this sweet and make it a variety of species.rahat lokum compositionBut Turkish Delight Classic is prepared using water from rose petals. It is this component that gives the dessert a delicate color and that original taste, thanks to which this sweetness has gained worldwide popularity. Tourists must bring an extraordinary Turkish delight to Turkey as a gift for their loved ones.

Benefits / harm of eastern sweets

The healing properties of this dessert are directly dependent on its constituent components.

This Turkish delight contains glucose, which strengthens the body as a whole, has a positive effect on the heart and brain and improves the condition of the hair.

The substance formed by the combination of glucose and starch, strengthens the immune system and helps the body to resist viruses and colds.turkish delight benefit harm

Nuts of various kinds relieve hypertension, obesity, insomnia, high cholesterol, and have a positive effect on the sexual function of both men and women.

It becomes obvious that, in addition to the extraordinary taste, there is another distinctive feature of Turkish delight - the good.

The harm of this dessert is the presence of a large amount of carbohydrates that are easily digested. If you use them often and in large quantities, it can lead to obesity. From the Turkish Delight should be abandoned for people who have diabetes. Those who lead a low-active lifestyle, you also need to limit the consumption of Eastern sweets.

Basics of cooking lokum with your own hands

The production of this dessert does not require rare and refined ingredients or special technologies. This sweetness is quite easy to prepare at home. What a Turkish delight is made of and how to make it with your own hands is described below:

  1. To prepare a classic dessert, you need 750 grams of starch, pour two cups of cold water and leave for some time.Next, you should cook a syrup of two glasses of water and 900 grams of sugar, clearing it from the foam during the cooking process. When the syrup acquires absolute transparency, add diluted starch to it, constantly mixing it. It is necessary to boil until the mass is separated from the walls of the dish. After removing the mixture from the heat, add dyes and flavors, mix well until smooth. Next, you need to pour the resulting mass on the molding sheet and bring to the cold. After solidification, Turkish Delight must be cut into cubes and gently roll them in finely ground sugar powder.homemade Turkish delight
  2. Nutty Turkish Delight. The composition of the starch-sugar mixture is similar to that specified in the recipe for a classic dessert. The difference is that the mass must be reduced less, it must remain liquid. To maintain it in a warm condition, you need to put this mixture in a steam bath. The thread must be strung selected nuts. After you need to lower the thread with the filling in a warm sweet mass, then hang up to dry. Then again lower the thread with nuts frozen in a sugar-starch mass into a warm sweet mass. And dry again.Repeat these steps until the homemade Turkish delight is the desired thickness. After it dries well, the thread must be carefully removed, the product cut and roll the resulting pieces of cylindrical shape in fine icing sugar.

Turkish delight with vanilla

Boil syrup of 1 kilogram of sugar and 300 milliliters of water, pour into it a mixture of 100 grams of starch and 200 milliliters of water, constantly stirring, and keep on fire until thick. Next, add 4 tablespoons of fruit puree, 1 drop of rose oil, 2 teaspoons of lemon zest, 1 pinch of saffron and 100 grams of nuts. Cook until semi-solid, then put the prepared mixture on a baking sheet. The height of the layer should reach 2.5 cm.Turkish Delight ClassicCool Turkish turkish delight for four hours, cut into cubes and roll in icing sugar with vanilla.

Turkish delight with pistachios

Prepare a syrup of 3.5 cups of sugar and 1 cup of water. Pour 1 cup of starch and cook until thick. At the end of cooking add a little citric acid. Pour 200 grams of pistachios on a baking sheet, pour them with the resulting mass, and place the same layer of pistachio nuts on top.Cool, then cut into oblong-shaped pieces.

This oriental sweetness affects a variety of species. What make Turkish delight? Depending on the filling used, it can be with nuts and candied fruits.

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