What is the right and how it happens

The concept of law is one of the fundamental categories of the social life of mankind, one of the regulators of social relations. At the same time, despite the long-term development of this institution and its careful study of the last few centuries, the definition of what such a right does not clearly havewhat is the rightaccepted definition. So, for the positivists, the right is a set of coercive norms established by the authorities to ensure the effective functioning of society. The positivist theory of law identifies its compulsory attribute as the main distinctive quality. In contrast to the positivists, a number of philosophical and legal trends endow the law with an independent entity. This literally means its naturalness and inevitable occurrence.

Different types of law

One way or another, but the long period of development of legal philosophy and jurisprudence gave rise to a certain classification of legal norms.

What is right? Public and private law

The main criterion for distinguishing public and private law is that whose interests affectlegal theoryrelationship governed by law. If we are talking about individual interest, this is a private right, and if it is public, it is public. It should be noted that among several systems existing in the world (Anglo-Saxon, Romano-Germanic, Far Eastern, various kinds of religious) public and private law is divided only in the Romano-Germanic legal relations, which are rooted in Latin law of the Roman Republic.

What is right? Substantive and procedural law

There are also such branches of law. The concept of material means the entire set of legal norms that directly regulate social relations, as well as the set of all branches of law governing the rights and obligations of subjects. Procedural law is a kind of superstructure. It is a set of norms of the legal system that regulates the procedure for the implementation of norms and processes of substantive law. An example of procedural law are those rules that come into force wheninternational trade lawcriminal investigation, trial, criminal, civil or
administrative punishment, the consideration of relevant cases and so on.

What is right? International and national law

It is easy to guess the difference between international and national norms of law. If the national is a domestic product of the state and regulates all types of social relations within it, representing the aggregate of legal branches, then international norms concentrate that aggregate experience of our civilization, which was acquired through centuries-old international relations. International law implies an agreement and agreement between the states of its basic norms and regulations. In particular, this area includes international trade law, the behavior of states and armies during military operations, and so on.

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