What is size?

In various explanatory dictionaries (Ushakov, Ozhegova, Efremova) the concept of "what is the size" is determined quite a lot. The meaning of this word suggests the following.

  1. The magnitude of something in one or all dimensions. For example, the size of the ruler is 20 cm. Or - the mountain is huge. The size of the land. The size of the human body.
  2. The amount (amount) of the monetary sum, reward, fine, penalty. For example, the amount of wages. Or the size of a fine.
  3. Relative value or scale. For example, a city plan of 100 meters in one centimeter.
  4. The measure (measure) of an article, its valueor number. For example, the size of the shoes, the size of the clothes, the suit on the size. Read more about how to determine your shoes size in our article How to determine the size of shoes.
  5. Also, the word size can mean the degree of coverage,the magnitude of any phenomenon. For example, waves in a storm reach an unprecedented size. Fires in the summer in the forest bring huge losses to forestry.
  6. The number and arrangement of syllables in poems, a certain alternation of percussion and unstressed, short and long syllables, melodic and sound system, meter of the poem. For example, iambic or trochee.
  7. The number and location of rhythm units in the musical clock, which creates a rhythmic system, an account in musical works.
  8. In metrology, this is a quantitative certaintyphysical object. There is also the concept of "angular size", which determines the magnitude of the observed angle between two different points of the object and depends not only on the size and shape of the object, but also on the distance between the observer and the object.

Thus, we see that the concept of what isthe size is very, very ambiguous. Of course, there are basic meanings of the word "size", and there are secondary, less used in the Russian language. The most used are musical and poetic dimensions. On how to correctly determine the size of a poem, read in our article How to determine the size of a poem.

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