What is Shambala and where is it located?

What is Shambala? It is believed that this is the purest land located closest to our world, but it is rather difficult to get into it. Shambhala is beautiful in itself: jewels that fulfill desires are scattered on a flat and smooth ground. Trees growing in the mountains are also able to fulfill desires. The residents of Shambhala do not spend time preparing food that they don’t want, then they fall into their hands. They listen to the Great Teachers, developing their abilities and pacifying the mind. There are other concepts of the word. For example, “Shambala” is a Russian-made cartoon. He is very kind and positive, has several awards. Shambhala - what is behind this word? Let's try to figure it out.

Back centuries

In search of Shambhala, expeditions from different countries were filled up many times. It is shrouded in mysticism, and its location to this day remains a mystery, which has not yet been solved. For thousands of years, people have been trying to understand what Shambhala is.

The very first mention of this country is in one of the ancient Indian texts, dated to the tenth century. It says that Shambhala carefully guards secrets about the real origin of life on planet Earth. It is there that people receive the necessary knowledge in all sciences. Who will be able to find it, will have a direct connection with the greatest teachers of the universe, as well as unlimited power. However, many authors who wrote about this country agree on one thing:

  • this country really exists, but it is carefully hidden from the world;
  • Great Masters of humanity live in it;
  • only cleared of vices and people disinterestedly striving for knowledge can get into it.

shambala do it yourselfIn one of the sources there is a mention that Shambhala has a real geographical location, and is located high in the Himalayas. The writings of other philosophers speak of its non-material existence; nevertheless, the inhabitants of this country (called Mahatmas) communicate with humanity through dreams and telepathy.

The concept of Shambhala

The famous Russian orientalist N. Roerich, as well as his students, was also engaged in the search for the mysterious country of Shambhala.According to ancient legends, the Great Masters decide the fate of all mankind in this country, and Shambhala is an earthly paradise. Masters independently decide when to transfer knowledge to people, with whom to establish a connection. However, they do not affect one individual, but help in solving global issues. If you believe the legend, then during the reign of the twenty-fifth king of this unusual country will be a battle between the dark (evil) and light (good) forces. And in this battle the warriors of Shambhala will win a great victory over egoism, backwardness, then spirituality will prevail, as well as wisdom. And the time will come when the Great Teachers will connect with humanity themselves.

Location of Shambhala

Unfortunately, many are trying to find Shambhala with one sole purpose - to gain complete power over the world. However, the great Shambala does not give anyone such an opportunity, since the spiritual knowledge obtained from the Great Masters cannot be used to the detriment of the living beings of the planet Earth. The individual who tries to do this will simply disappear, because people are powerless before Shambhala. One of the Tibetan lamas in his treatises wrote that in this country are united:

  • the purest land;
  • complete union with the Divine;
  • real place on the general geographical map.

The place where you are born again and you are in a state of enlightenment and happiness is pure land in the understanding of many.

Shambala AzovShambala is considered an invisible country, since no one has managed to establish its location, there are only hypotheses and conjectures. However, surprisingly enough, there are guides to this country showing the way. To date, Shambhala remains inaccessible to people of the legendary country. According to another theory, in order to find the way to it, it is necessary to achieve enlightenment and a certain level of spiritual knowledge.

Search for an entrance to an invisible country

The country in which intelligent beings with the highest level of spiritual development live is Shambhala. It is the center of the world, giving life to all life on earth. Many were looking for a road to this country, but they did not find it. According to legend, there are several entrances to this mythical country:

  • in the area of ​​the ridge Kailas;
  • in the sands of the Mongolian Gobi desert;
  • near Belukha in Altai.

And one of the Mongol saints built a monastery in the immediate vicinity of the entrance to this country, indicating the coordinates of the entrance. Currently, around him everything is equipped to receive tourists and pilgrims.But so no one found the sacred Shambhala.

Shambala countryAccording to another legend, the country is hidden deep underground, and people live in huge caves. It is located under Tibet, there are many entrances to it from India and China. In the city of the Gods - the main entrance to the capital of Shambhala. And there are several moves that the Great Teachers have built for themselves. Another legend says that this country was located at the North Pole of Atlanta. The entrances are carefully guarded by the Kingdom of the Dead, in which people dwell in time within the Universe dwell.

Shambhala: an annual plant

What is shambala? It is a spicy herb about 60 cm high, having leaves of a light green shade and little white flowers. In its fruit-box is from 10 to 20 small solid seeds of irregular shape brownish-yellow. Another name for the plant is fenugreek, fenugreek greek. Pakistan, India and Southern Europe are considered to be its birthplace. Found in the wild in North Africa. The seeds are sweet-bitter, and after roasting they resemble to taste burnt sugar. The plant smells like freshly mown hay.

Historical facts

Shambhala has a rather rich history.The Greeks noted that animals enjoy eating this grass, even when they refuse other feed. Shambhala was added to hay, and it received a new name - fenugrek, which in translation means "Greek hay".

When embalming and as incense Shambala was used in ancient Egypt. There is information that this plant was part of the anti-aging remedies that Cleopatra used.

In the women of the east, she enjoyed great popularity. Constant intake of fenugreek Greek in the form of infusion, prepared on the basis of seeds, has the following effects:

  • gives the figure a seductive roundness;
  • increases lactation;
  • promotes rapid recovery after delivery;
  • restores hormonal balance;
  • makes hair thick.

From the unusual properties it should be noted that the use of Shambala improves the character of a person, making him softer. In addition, as a dye using the powder of this herb.

The use of Greek fenugreek in cooking

The plant is widely used in the national cuisines of the Caucasus, Egypt, and India. Used as a flavoring in the preparation of basturma, Arab bread, green cheese, maple syrup (artificial).Also, Shambala is a part of some spice mixtures: hops-suneli, adzhiki, curry. Ground seeds are added to vegetable and fish dishes. In Indian and Caucasian cuisine dried and fresh Shambala leaves are used, and they are also added when cooking vegetables, meat, sauces, and pastries. Before use, the seeds are roasted in a dry skillet to expose the aroma.

Shambala: application in medicine

Infusions made from the seeds of this plant have a healing effect, and in combination with the herb Valerian is an excellent sedative. For therapeutic purposes, use:

  • infusions;
  • decoctions;
  • ground seeds;
  • roasted seeds.

Fenugreek goes well with milk, cumin, ginger and honey. Influence of a plant on a human body:

  1. Respiratory system. A strong infusion is used for rinsing for sore throat. Broth with the addition of milk copes with dry cough.
  2. The cardiovascular system. Reception of Shambhala reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, contributes to the normalization of pressure, improves hematopoietic function. Due to the content in the seeds of a large amount of iron, their reception is indicated for anemia.
  3. Digestive system.Infusion is used to improve intestinal motility, treatment of peptic ulcer and gastritis, relieve pain and stomach cramps. Sprouted seeds are recommended for indigestion. Acceptance of broth stimulates appetite, eliminates unpleasant body odor, cleansing the body of toxins.
  4. Reproductive system. Fenugreek is used to treat impotence, is a strong aphrodisiac. Diosgenin contained in the seeds is similar to the female sex hormone estrogen, thus, their constant use normalizes hormones, menstruation becomes painless.
  5. Dermatology and cosmetology. On wounds, warts, ulcers, boils, panaritiums, they make compresses using paste prepared from Shamballa seeds. The course (two-week) intake of the infusion rejuvenates the skin, giving it elasticity and a pleasant healthy color. Courses need to be repeated throughout the year.

A contraindication for taking a plant is pregnancy.

Gaming zone "Azov-City". Shambhala Casino

The first gambling zone in the Krasnodar Territory was organized several years ago (in 2010). And the history of the casino is conditionally divided into two periods.Initially, the institution was in the very center of the Krasnodar capital, and its opening dates back to 2006. After a change in the legislative base, the Shambhala casino moved to Azov-City. Its design was done by the best design specialist. New casino offers visitors:

  • backgammon;
  • checkers;
  • dominoes;
  • chess;
  • gaming machines;
  • American Roulette;
  • poker;
  • black Jack.

Shambala Azov CityIn 2015, it was planned to eliminate the gambling zone. However, to date, it is functioning.

Cartoon "Steel Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambhala"

The action takes place in 1923, in Germany. For two years, Edward was not in his world. He is looking for a way home, studying rocket science with a very similar young man by the name of Alfons. Once Edward was lucky to find out about one secret organization called the Thule Society. Members of this team are looking for a mysterious and mysterious place Shambhala.what is shambalaThe alchemist again shines with the hope of returning to his world. Edward begins to unravel the mysteries and riddles of alchemy in order to return his brother. In one of the expeditions, he meets someone who can help him, but a meeting with this person can harm both worlds. However, Edward and Alphonse stop him and remain to live in Germany.A few years later, Edward moved to Japan. The feature film "The Conqueror of Shambhala" ends the story of anime.

Information about the main character

In 1899, Edward Elric was born in the family of the alchemist. When the boy was not yet five years old, his father left the family, and his mother soon died. Ed and his brother remained in the care of a neighbor. The talent of the alchemist he manifested at an early age. Together with his brother, they actively comprehended all the subtleties of science in order to resurrect the mother, and achieved tremendous success.

The appearance of the protagonist in the anime and manga “The Conqueror of Shambhala” is not remarkable. He is short and of good build with golden hair that he weaves into a pigtail. He always wears thick-soled shoes, as he is often confused with his brother because of his small stature. He is dressed in black leather pants, the same color as a jacket, over which he wears a red and burgundy raincoat. He is a military man, he was awarded the rank of Major of the Amestris Army. However, in the form it does not appear.steel alchemist ShambalaThe nickname of the Steel Alchemist (Shambhala the Conqueror), he received from the Fuhrer. As a result of an unsuccessful transformation into a man, he lost his left leg and right arm, his limbs replaced prostheses. Edward tries not to advertise it, wears special clothes that hide them.By his character, he resembles a hot-tempered and impulsive boy with cynical manners, but at times he is rather naive. Goes straight to the goal, not paying attention to the obstacles. His whole life is devoted to the dream of returning the body to his brother.

In the anime "The Steel Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambhala", Edward's character changes quite a lot. He becomes tougher, more calculating, calmer, and fully confident about the price he will have to pay for the victory. And he is completely ready for this. As well as Ed, of course, a talented alchemist, he can transmute any substance, which he actively uses in battles. He mastered the skills of hand-to-hand combat perfectly, and he never learned how to handle firearms.

In addition to manga and anime, books were released, two series of radio shows based on “The Steel Alchemist: Shambhala the Conqueror”, as well as whole series of video games, several graphic albums and guidebooks. Various companies are engaged in the manufacture of souvenirs of characters.

Shamballa Bracelet

These stylish bracelets are very popular. They were even counted among the elite jewelery produced by jewelry companies, using precious stones. However, they can be made independently, using beads instead of stones.According to legend, beads and stones, interlaced with thread, help to find harmony and give confidence. Bracelets are worn as talismans.

A bit of history

Initially, the bracelets were a lace, on which nine knots were tied, they protected its wearer from difficulties and adversities. Before the beginning of weaving, monks read mantras, created this amulet in a secluded place, endowing it with miraculous power. Over time, they began to decorate with beads, which made ornaments and magical symbols. And already in India, natural stones were woven into the threads of the bracelet.

Mascot Making

Any stone has energy, and before you buy or make an amulet, you need to get acquainted with their properties. Making a Shambala bracelet is not difficult. When choosing a material for making an amulet, not only stones and beads should be carefully selected, but also their color range. Wear the amulet on the right wrist. It is believed that by taking the wrist of a person you can instill in him any thoughts, take energy and get full power over him. Many peoples traditionally cover this part of their hands with wide bracelets.At night, he must be removed, so that he "shed" all the negative emotions accumulated during the day. Once every two weeks, the bracelet should be washed with running water to cleanse the negative energy. At the same time you can wear no more than three talismans. However, they are stored separately from each other. To weave Shambhala will require:

  • satin and waxed lace;
  • nine beads or stones;
  • sharp, better manicure, scissors;
  • matchboxes or lighter;
  • PVC glue.

conqueror of shamballa

Weaving is carried out using macrame technique. On the Internet you can find detailed instructions for making a charm.

What is Shambala? This is the language of the people of Tanzania, radio broadcast, grass name, city, mythical country, cartoon, casino, amulet.

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