What is motivation? Motivation to work, motivation for sports, for weight loss

In today's world, people often need motivation. With it, they perform certain actions. She helps to achieve goals. But the term was formed from such a thing as “motive”, which, in turn, means the process of stimulation to certain actions to solve the tasks set for itself.

Main aspects

what is motivation

To date, calculated the main factors that stimulate people to achieve goals. It:

  1. The pursuit of financial well-being.
  2. Success
  3. Confession.
  4. Satisfaction with their activities.
  5. Work in a good team.

These are the main motivational aspects. However, it should be understood that they can be quite a lot.

Stages of motivation

Speaking about the fact that such a motivation, it should be noted that the main function in management is the formation of people's readiness to work to the best of their abilities.In this regard, the leader should wake the employee’s interest in effective activities, in achieving certain results. The process of motivation includes several stages. It:

  1. There is a need.
  2. There are incentives in which needs play a significant role.
  3. At that moment, when the needs are already met, the achievement of goals comes to the fore.

So what is motivation? This is a psychological phenomenon that provides for the need to satisfy all needs. It also appreciates the achievement of all goals through the design of an incentive plan.

What are employee incentives?

The most common phenomenon today is staff motivation. Under this concept it is necessary to understand the internal motivation of employees to the most effective and high-quality activities. It is necessary to interest the employee in the results of his activities.

By staff incentives, it is necessary to understand the external impact on employees, which is necessary in order to get a certain result or to solve a particular task.

According to the leaders of many enterprises, staff motivation is based mainly on material incentives. In other words, the monetary reward for the performance of their work is appreciated. As numerous polls have shown, those workers who are satisfied with their wages, and the money for which is an important and strong motivational factor, will do the routine work, agree with processing, close their eyes to the fact that there is no career growth, etc.

The main types of motivation

staff motivation

However, you cannot build quality work on the same material aspect. Money is not a reliable stimulant. In some situations, one salary does not keep employees. And in this case it is necessary to pay attention to other ways of motivation. Employee motivation may be as follows:

  1. Career. Employees always want to get a new social status, professional development.
  2. Praise from management, recognition of colleagues.
  3. Good atmosphere in a friendly team.
  4. Conduct a variety of recreational activities and competitions, the winners of which will receive gifts.
  5. Official employment, guarantee of social package.
  6. The possibility of training, which will be paid by the company.
  7. High image of the enterprise.
  8. The possibility of traveling on business trips abroad.
  9. Convenient work schedule.
  10. Convenient location of the enterprise.
  11. The presence of a kitchen and dining room, as well as a room in which to relax.
  12. Issuance of season tickets to swimming pools, gyms, etc.

Speaking of the fact that such a motivation, it should be noted that only the presence of an effective system of stimulating the activities of people can lead to great success and prosperity. In order to build such a motivational structure, it is necessary first to find out the interests of employees. After that, a differentiated reward system should be formed.

Sport requires great willpower

Probably, everyone has already noticed that recently a healthy lifestyle has been highly valued. People start practicing fitness, stop smoking and drinking, eat healthy food. Even such a popular concept as motivation for sports cannot surprise anyone.

motivation for sport

All those for whom an active lifestyle and sport are empty words, automatically turn into a category of losers and losers.This is due to the fact that the sports figure and excellent health is the main sign of a successful person. And in order not to become losers, people go to the gym, even if they hate it. And it is in such situations that the right motivation is required.

The main types of motivation for sporting achievements

Naturally, everyone has their own recipe. However, you can highlight the main points. So, the motivation for the sport may look like this:

  1. Osteoporosis treatment. Did you know that after 20 years the bone mass gradually begins to disappear? And this disease affects both men and women. With the help of regular physical activity you can cope with a similar problem.
  2. Great sleep. During exercise, endorphins are produced. At the same time, the processes of impulse transmission are stabilizing. Therefore, after a good workout will be very good sleep. And sleep, in turn, affects the release of growth hormone, which is responsible for the youth of the body.
  3. Prevention of cancer. This fact has been proven by scientists. They found that those people who are constantly engaged, do not drink and do not smoke, 20% less prone to cancer. And this is quite a big percentage.
  4. And most importantly - the motivation for losing weight. Sport contributes to the prevention of obesity. However, this is primarily due to the need to get into your favorite clothes. Due to obesity, serious diseases can occur, among which diabetes can be distinguished. Excess weight not only looks ugly, but is a dangerous component in your life.

How to force yourself to play sports?

It is very hard to begin to exercise. Especially if you have never done this before. Most beginners will start classes, then they will finish. And all this is repeated again and again. And the main problem in this case is that it is very difficult to begin to show willpower, when earlier there was no need for it. Guys have always been fascinated by the sport of bodybuilding. The motivation for this is quite serious.

bodybuilding motivation

No need to set a huge number of tasks

Often a person has a huge number of goals. At one point, he suddenly begins to realize that he needs to lose fat, tighten the form. He begins to follow a diet, go to the solarium, have time to run to the dance and much more.However, the achievement of all goals is simply not enough time. All loads must be introduced into your life gradually.

Buy a uniform and start playing sports with friends

Lack of motivation can be a serious problem. And at first, in order not to give up classes, you can go to the gyms with friends. In such places there is a special atmosphere. And if there are friends in the hall with you, then obviously you will not be idle.

If you decide to go in for sports like bodybuilding, you need motivation. And first of all you need to buy a sports uniform. It is necessary to select clothes carefully, as you are engaged in it. Buying a sport has a psychological role. You will imagine how beautiful it will look on you. Especially after several months of hard work. Fantasy can play a very important role. And it is she who will not leave you indifferent to the sport. You just can not sit on the ground after buying clothes.

Best time to train

Exercise is best before dinner or before breakfast. In other words, before eating food. However, to go to the gym on an empty stomach is impossible.One hour before training you should eat something light. At the initial stage, the main thing is not to get overloads. Load yourself gradually. Otherwise, the gym will appear disgusted.

The system of motivation to the sport is also attached to the fixation of their achievements. You have to see them in order to know exactly whether the goal was achieved or not. We need to plan for ourselves a task for a long period, while achieving greater success. All results must be carefully recorded. Stimulation to success will manifest itself when comparing old records with new ones.

Some basic rules to remember

activity motivation

Every person has a motivation for activity - a problem area in life. In some situations it is necessary to do something. However, getting yourself is not so easy. However, there are a few things that will help.

It is necessary to focus on the ultimate goal. All that you work on has a definite result. The process can be boring and unpleasant. However, the goal itself is worth it. Think about it all the time.

We must take breaks. After some time of vigorous activity, the motivation begins to weaken.Even if you spend a few minutes apart from your work, this will help you relax. This method perfectly restores the sense of perspective. Especially if you have too much work.

A walk and water will help induce you to activities

motivation system

The best way to relax is to walk. Even if it does not take more than five minutes. Walking in the fresh air allows you to warm up the blood and make the body move. After it you can safely return to work.

It is necessary to make a list of tasks. Motivation can fade if you need to do a lot of work, but where to start is unknown. On the formation of the list will take only a few minutes, but the work after that will take place most effectively.

Do you drink enough water? Due to dehydration, concentration is lost. Therefore, if you can not concentrate on their activities, then you just need to drink a glass of water.

Learning motivation began to disappear? You do not want to do anything, and the task list is not so small? Then you just need to learn how to switch between multiple tasks.Worked on one question about 10 minutes? Switch to another. In this case, you just do not get bored monotonous activity.

Fixation is required

learning motivation

In some situations, it is enough just to write down everything that you were able to achieve. In addition, you can write on one sheet with your achievements and the goals that need to be achieved. Then you will clearly see not only what needs to be done, but also what you have already coped with. This is a great stimulus for further success.

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