What is a log? Value and translation

What is a log? The answer to this question will be expanded, since this short word has many meanings. It is equally relevant to the maritime industry, and to the unification of the Arab states, and to the dynasty of the kings of the Ptolemies. More about what lag will be described in the review.

Contact with the sea

What does lag mean according to the dictionary interpretation? There you can find many options, for example, those that are marked "sea". Among them:

  • A device used to measure the speed of a vessel and the distance it has traveled.Initially it was a rope with knots, at the end of which there is a chock, it is unwound from a hand-made coil. Nowadays, hydrodynamic, induction, and radio-Doppler logs are used on sea vessels of the transport fleet, which measure the speed relative to water. Example: “Looking at the lag, the captain was pleased to note that the ship was traveling at a speed of sixteen nautical miles in a strong tailwind.”
Gun lag
  • Board the vessel.Example: “Being a seasoned sailor, he noted that in such bad weather the steamer cannot be put in a lag to swell”.
  • A number of guns, located on a shipboard side.Example: "When the ship turned right bot, in the embrasures one could see a lag of heavy cannons, near which there were gunners."

For a better understanding of what lag is, the origin of the word being studied in the indicated meanings will be considered further.


What is the origin of the word "lag"? Its translation from the Dutch language, from which it is borrowed and where it looks like a log, is “a tool that measures the distance traveled”. In German, there is a noun log in the same meaning. According to etymological scholars, it goes back to Old Norse lag, meaning "chump".

However, the term "lag" has other meanings, which will be discussed below.

Relationship with time

In the dictionary there are three options for the interpretation of the word "lag" associated with the concept of time.

  • The first of them is interpreted as a special term, meaning the time interval between two (several) events. As a rule, these events are in a causal relationship with each other.This is an indicator that reflects the advance or lag in time of one phenomenon in comparison with another. Example: “In the book of V.P. Bauer“ Gold as a Factor of Economic Growth ”it is said that the price riddle of monetary policy is that immediately after the central bank tightens its credit policy, the price increase occurs without any lag ".
  • The second is a computer jargon, the meaning of which is in the designation of the delay that occurs between the actions performed by the user and the application response to them. Another word "lag" is used by gamers regarding the delays of the program itself. Example: “The main reason for lags is the time required for transferring information to the server and in the opposite direction, which is related to channel congestion and connection speed”.
Camera shutter lag
  • The third indicates a lag, a delay that occurs between pressing the shutter-release button in the camera and actually opening the shutter. This makes it difficult to capture moving objects and fast flowing events. Example: “Scalable and distance measuring cameras are characterized by the smallest lag, they do not require any actions until the shutter is triggered.”

An interesting fact is that in these cases the word lag is borrowed from English, where it is written as lag and translated as “delay, lag”.

Other meanings

If desired, you can find in the dictionaries and other interpretations of the object being studied. These include, for example:

  • A construction term that refers to a bar used to lay it on either a floorboard or a roofing sheet.
  • LAS is an abbreviation for the League of Arab States, an international organization uniting Arab states and a number of non-Arab friendly ones, where Arabic is one of the official languages. It has 22 states. Established in 1945, the headquarters is located in Cairo.
  • Barrels arranged in a row or in layers - one on another.
Ptolemy I Soter
  • The name of the Macedonian aristocrat, who lived in the 4th century BC. Oe., who allegedly was the father of the founder of the dynasty of the Egyptian kings Ptolemy I Soter.

In conclusion of the study of the question of what a lag is, one can consider its action as a device.

How does lag work?

Lags measure vessel speed

As already mentioned above, one of the values ​​of the lag is a device that measures the speed of the vessel.In ancient times (and in our time on small vessels) they used manual, it’s a sector lag. This is a board in the form of a triangle, called a sector, to which the rope (line) and the load are tied. On the rope at the same distance tie knots.

The board is thrown over the stern and recalculate the number of nodes that went overboard in a certain period of time. As a rule, it is 15 seconds or 1 minute. The action of modern devices is based either on the measurement of water pressure, or on the seafloor sonar.

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