What is Kisa and where it is used

Today, many are thinking about how to update the interior on their own. The easiest way is to hang the original curtains. And what to choose? Give preference to kisie. What is hidden behind this original name, we will tell in this article.


easy kisaWhat is pussy? This is a curtain that is made of threads or tapes. Kisey is mounted on the eaves, and can take a place both on the window and in the doorway. Many designers prefer to use cotton curtains for zoning rooms. What is a mustache? Today you can find many varieties of it. The threads are made of cotton, acrylic and even wool. You can find a version of muslin made of lace ribbons. The color scheme is also surprising. Manufacturers produce both strict black and white versions, and motley curtains.

What is used Kisa

easy kisaMost often, these curtains are for their intended purpose - they decorate the windows. People replace plain tulle with muslin. After all, cotton curtains look more elegant and more interesting.Today it is already unfashionable to insert doors into the doorways. In small apartments, people want to see more air. But still something to close the door space is necessary. In such cases, use Kiseyu. The threads can be easily collected, thereby freeing the entrance to the room, and it is also easy to dissolve, hiding from prying eyes what they do not need to see.

What is a hat for zoning a room? Threads can divide the space clearly in the middle, and can only separate some part of the room. It will depend on the desire of the person. Why do zoning at all? Not every family has the opportunity to purchase a 2 or 3-room apartment. And in odnushku live three together difficult. Every person wants to have their own personal space. And the easiest way to get it is to hang a curtain of threads.

Variety of muslin

hat on the windowsThe textile industry is developing rapidly. What is Kis, we learned, and now let's see what kind of species it is divided.

  • Monochrome. Such curtain will be suitable for any room. She can replace both tulle and night curtain. It is only necessary to choose the right thickness of the threads.
  • Rainbow. Such a curtain usually has a gradient.It can flow over a single shade or create smooth transitions of several different colors.
  • Decorated with glass beads or beads. Jewelry in a chaotic manner distributed over the curtains. They are few. But they add a light touch of something Arab or, at least, Eastern.
  • With lurex threads. A blind with inconspicuous modulations will attract the eye, but it will not be very full. A variety of such Kisei is used to dilute a strict interior.
  • With sequins. This curtain is very specific. Most often she or zoned space or hang in the doorway.
  • With feathers. Photographers or bloggers are very fond of using such a mess as a background.

Kisey in the kitchen

It is in this room that curtains of yarn are the most popular. Why? Yes, because the curtains of the shower give a lot of light. A kitchen should be well lit. Kiseyu is convenient to use both as a regular curtain and as an original decor, for example, creating arcs, rectangles or multi-level compositions from it. With the help of a muslin, you can visually expand the space, and it is also easy to match it to any room.

But the main reason why housewives choose curtains from threads for the kitchen decor is the fact that they do not absorb odors. If you choose synthetic yarn from kissey, you can not be afraid that after you fry the burgers, in the kitchen you will smell them for two more days.

Kisey in the living room

tulle tulleThe hall, like the kitchen, requires good lighting. Especially if children grow up in the house or if family members spend daytime together in the living room. Curtains Kisay help fill the room with light, and with the help of threads you can create a fancy play of light. If you choose a rainbow curtain, the hall will not only be bright, but still seemingly shining.

Kiseyu can be used as a color accent. For example, to keep the hall in white or beige color, and bring textiles to the room brightness.

How to choose the color of the muslin

curtains KisaIt is desirable that the curtains of the threads had some kind of support indoors. It can be textiles or decorative items. For example, if the curtains are green, then green can be cushions on the couch, as well as vases on the shelf. You can choose tulle Kiseyu not in tone, if it will be sustained in any neutral color. White, beige or gray curtains can complement absolutely any interior. You can play with contrasting colors.For example, if the interior of the room is made in blue and yellow tones, then this combination should also be chosen in a muslin.

Benefits of muslin

What is KisChoosing cotton curtains, you need to know that they have a lot of advantages.

  • Do not absorb odors. For this reason, a hat on the windows of the kitchen will be not only a wonderful decoration, but also the best practical choice.
  • Kiseyu convenient to wash. If the threads are braided into a braid, then they will not be tangled together. And most importantly, after washing, a muslin does not need to be ironed or steamed.
  • Low price attracts many housewives. After all, these curtains are durable, and their cost is several times lower than the usual tulle counterparts.
  • Kisey gives easy access to the window. If you need to water the flowers, then the usual curtain will have to be removed. And it is very uncomfortable if you go with a watering can to water the flowers. Through the gourd, you can easily penetrate without committing unnecessary actions.
  • Cotton curtains are not dust collector. Dust just nowhere to accumulate. Of course, its smallest particles linger on the threads, but still it accumulates much less than on fabric counterparts.

Disadvantages of muslin

  • Curtains of threads are very attracted to small children and animals. Therefore, a light kisa can get confused.To unravel the threads is sometimes not that very difficult, but even impossible.
  • Colored threads can quickly fade if they are hung on a window strongly illuminated by the sun.

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What is Kisa and where it is used 77

What is Kisa and where it is used 77

What is Kisa and where it is used 83

What is Kisa and where it is used 54

What is Kisa and where it is used 49

What is Kisa and where it is used 10

What is Kisa and where it is used 35

What is Kisa and where it is used 82

What is Kisa and where it is used 93