What is it all over?

I have for you two pictures that were popular several years ago on the Internet.
Remember what it was all over?
First, about the plane:

More than 15,000 spectators witnessed the accident that occurred at the airshow of the Association of the Royal Air Force in Shoreham (West Sussex). Back in 2010, the Swift S-1 aerobatic glider, which was driven by 35-year-old pilot Mike Newman, crashed his nose into the ground while performing a stunt.

As reported, the cockpit was broken, but the pilot himself survived. The accident occurred 100 meters from the crowd of spectators.

According to an eyewitness, amateur photographer Bob Yuill, who managed to photograph the glider literally a second before the collision with the ground, at first silence reigned among those present. But soon everyone was relieved when the pilot began to move.

Newman got off with damage to three vertebrae and was immediately taken to the hospital. Now he has to spend at least three weeks on a special folding bed-board so that his back can be restored correctly.As reported, after the incident that occurred on August 23, the pilot is now recovering.

The British Accident Investigation Bureau and the Gliding Association began an accident investigation. According to eyewitnesses, on the day of the incident it was very overcast, which could cause an emergency.

Newman is a former race car driver, working as a flight instructor, and has been flying since 1996.

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