What is Greenfield - From Business to Tea Drink

In English, words can have up to 10 completely different meanings. The exception was not the word "greenfield". The meaning of the word, its history and context of use (spoken and written) will be discussed in this article.

From the United Kingdom to the United States

In the UK, the last name, which sounds like Greenfield, is translated as "peace-loving", "noble". The lucky owners of this family name are:

  • Herbert Greenfield - the fourth Prime Minister of Canada, a talented politician from Winchester;
  • David Greenfield - pianist from The Stranglers rock band;
  • Susan Greenfield is chairman of the London House of Lords, an eminent brain physiologist.

The sonorous word "Greenfield" is a city in northeastern Massachusetts, the town is famous for the largest museum of the national heritage of the United States Industrial epoch. What is Greenfield, the inhabitants of the state of Minnesota, which is located in the north of the United States, know firsthand.Only 2.5 thousand people live in this small town. Here is a picturesque place, popular with tourists with families - Lake Rebecca Park.

Branded products "Greenfield"

Connoisseurs of black, green, white tea and oolong tea are well aware of Greenfield. The Greenfield trademark specializes in the production of small-leaved tea, the production sites of this company are in several major importing countries of this popular beverage:

  • Sri Lanka is a secluded island in the Indian Ocean, also known as Ceylon, from which “Ceylon tea” is so popular.
  • India is a multi-million country of contrasts, known for its products - spices, fruits and, of course, tea.
  • China is a densely populated country with a centuries-old history of tea ceremonies.
  • Kenya is a country in the east of the African continent with a rich flora and fauna.
  • Japan is the birthplace of samurai and geisha, an island state in the Pacific Ocean, the food habits of this country seem specific to most Europeans, but what everyone likes is a famous Japanese tea.
    Tea ceremony, appliances

Greenfield have chosen a good name for their brand, as it characterizes all the most important properties of the tea leaf.After all, it is the ripe, green plantations, on which all the favorite varieties of tea are grown, become the key element of the formula for the excellent taste of a tea drink.

Meaning of the word "greenfield"

Tea Plantation

What is "greenfield", will be able to tell the dictionary of business terminology of the English language. The thing is that in business the word greenfield denotes a qualitatively new enterprise. "Green" startup or venture enterprise, organized with the use of hitherto unknown technologies and mechanisms, in the special literature can be called such a word. The phrase greenfield investments can be literally translated as "investment in a new project." Deeper into the meaning of the word greenfield allows the dismemberment of this complex concept with two roots into two distinct ones:

  • green - green, fresh, new;
  • field - field, field, meadow.

In this way, an interested reader can take a fresh look at what Greenfield is.

Word from different spheres

In addition, the word "greenfield" refers to green terrain, green meadow. That is why in the names of geographical objects so often you can find this word. Any plateau, plain, meadow or glade can be in English-speaking (and not only) countries called the sonorous and easy word "greenfield".

Tea Forest

This is often used by experts in the promotion of places in the field of marketing. The frequent name "greenfield" can be found in advertising articles and offers. For lovers of secluded outdoor recreation, away from the bustle of the city and traffic, this word serves as a kind of "quality marker." An attractive concept that characterizes an eco-friendly and measured lifestyle is another successful marketing ploy, widely used in all areas of sales and promotion.

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