What is prescribed "Dipyridamole" during pregnancy

Often prescribed during pregnancy "dipyridamole FPO". It so happens that doctors recommend to drink a course of the drug under the name "Curantil" or simple "Dipyridamole." Another lady can get scared, frankly nervous: is there really a health hazard, a threat to the fetus, a risk of miscarriage? In fact, everything is not so scary. Of course, by itself, the need to use drugs can be alarming, but "Dipyridamol" is among the safe multi-functional drugs that sometimes alleviate the rather serious condition provoked by pregnancy.

dipyridamole during pregnancy in the 3rd trimester

Problems and solutions

During gestation, many ladies suffer from severe headaches. There are frequent cases of puffiness, pressure may increase. Such a state is tolerated especially hard, since the body literally throws all its forces to support the development of the embryo. To improve the general condition of the woman, doctors recommend using dipyridamole tablets during pregnancy.Write them out, as can be seen from the reviews, really many. Numerous tests have shown that the active component is perfectly safe both for the adult organism and for the small life developing inside. With proper use, it is possible to intensify the work of the internal organs, stimulate the immune system, improve the functioning of the circulatory system, slightly dilute the blood.

If you pay attention to the instructions to "Dipyridamole", during pregnancy, this tool is intended to eliminate the complications associated with an interesting situation. Many modern experts believe that it can be used as a preventive. This opinion does not yet have an official evidence base, it is actively disputed by those who adhere to the practice of using the drug only if there are obvious indications for a therapeutic course. Some doctors recommend using "Dipyridamole" immediately after conception, and some people adhere to the strategy of taking the medication already at the planning stage of the child.

Should I Believe

If the doctor has recommended the use of the drug, it would not be superfluous to first study the instructions for "Dipyridamole."In pregnancy, any medication should be treated with special suspicion, since even a specialist can sometimes miss an important aspect of attention. After personally reading the manufacturer’s recommendations and understanding how the tool helps, in what cases it should be used, you can understand how reasonable its application will be in a particular case. It is known that absolutely healthy women, having started using tablets without indications for this, soon faced with unpleasant symptoms. Here we need to remember the basic law of medicine: "Do no harm!".

dipyridamole tablets during pregnancy

As can be seen from the reviews, during pregnancy, "Dipyridamole" can provoke an allergic reaction, sometimes quite severe. Using the drug without good reason, you can provoke nausea, tachycardia. Sometimes dizzy. The tool can thin the blood, and all drugs of this group in the European powers are prohibited for use in the initial terms of gestation. Do not support the practice of prophylactic use of "Dipyridamole" during pregnancy and homeopaths, convinced that the unreasonable use of the drug only provokes problems that might otherwise not be.

Mindfulness is a guarantee of health

Sometimes at the reception the doctor says that the use of "Dipyridamole" during pregnancy is akin to the use of harmless vitamins in food. Being under the supervision of such a specialist, you need to think about changing the therapist, because this approach is categorically wrong. When prescribing a drug, the doctor must clearly explain the purpose for which the drug should be taken, how it will help and what it is intended for. Normally, “Dipyridamole” is used to prevent premature aging of the placenta, relieve puffiness, restore blood flow and reduce the level of pressure.

The instructions clearly spelled out how to take "Dipyridamol" during pregnancy. It is important to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer. Sometimes a doctor may advise another, even milder regimen - you need to listen to this advice. Like any other medication, "Dipyridamol" must be used very carefully, otherwise the probability of an allergic reaction and other side effects is high. You cannot choose this drug for yourself, only a doctor can prescribe it. He must create an optimal treatment program based on the needs of a particular woman.

What we get

Proper use of "Dipyridamole" during pregnancy (reviews confirm) allows you to remove the swelling and leave shortness of breath, to stabilize the pressure. As soon as the condition returns to normal, you should see an appointment with the doctor to check the main parameters of the body. It is necessary to discuss the possibility of completing the course - to use the medication without a clearly expressed need is completely useless.

Having restored a healthy state of the body with the help of “Dipyridamole”, measures should be taken to normalize the life rhythm to prevent problems. For this, special nutrition and physical activity programs designed for pregnant women will benefit. Doctors recommend, for example, to include in the menu dishes with fresh ginger, regularly indulge yourself with ripe apricots. This approach will help to maintain the effect achieved by artificial pharmacy drugs.

Get to know

Before you decide for yourself what is best during pregnancy - “Dipyridamole” or “Curantil”, you should first carefully read what the drugs are.However, if the doctor gave clear instructions on the name that you need to use, and recommended not to use others, then you should stop on it. Compliance with the recommendations of a specialist is the best way to preserve health and make a healthy full-fledged child.

"Dipyridamole" belongs to the group of means to prevent the formation of blood clots. Under the influence of the active component, the vessels expand, the pressure decreases. If hypoxia is observed, it is “Dipyridamole” that effectively improves the general condition of both the mother and the fetus.

dipyridamole instruction during pregnancy

What is in pharmacies

Clarifying with the doctor, tablets "Dipiridamol" during pregnancy for what it is prescribed, it must be remembered that there are several varieties of such a drug on sale, as well as products based on a similar component, but produced under other trademarks. The medication in question exists in three forms - for oral administration, suspension, solution for injection. The active ingredient gave the name of the drug, that is, the main substance - dipyridamole.

Most often, women stop on pills as the most familiar form of the drug.On sale are two options that differ in the concentration of the active ingredient: 25, 75 ml. Talc, titanium dioxide, alcohol, and starch are included as additional compounds. For dyeing tablets used dye - yellow or orange, a specific option is determined by the dosage of the active substance. When taken orally, adsorption occurs in the digestive tract. An hour after the initial intake, you can notice the effect - this is stated in the instructions for use of "Dipyridamole." During pregnancy, this tool has a pronounced therapeutic effect, and the compounds will soon react with plasma proteins. Metabolic processes occur in the liver.

Alternative forms

How to take during pregnancy "dipyridamole" in the form of a solution, explained in detail in the instructions to the drug. One ampoule contains 5 ml of the active substance. The drug is supplemented with propylene glycol, tartaric acid. Intended for insertion into a vein. It is necessary to use the agent very carefully, because when penetrating the skin, there is a high probability of severe irritation.In practice, during pregnancy, this option is rarely used, only in stationary conditions.

Suspension "Dipyridamole" during pregnancy, by contrast, is often used because of the increased bioavailability (about 66%). As shown by specialized studies, the remedy is completely removed from the body within 10 hours. The suspension is colored bright yellow and has an almond aroma. There are two dosage options available - 10, 50 ml of the active compound. In addition to flavoring, citric acid and several specific compounds prescribed in the instructions are included as additional substances. It is necessary to get acquainted with the full list in case a woman knows for her body a tendency to allergic reactions to products used in the pharmaceutical industry.

How it works

In order to understand why Dipyridamole is prescribed during pregnancy, it is necessary to grasp the essence of the work of this medication. The drug belongs to the category of preventing thrombosis, characterized by the breadth of the effect in relation to the human body.When used properly, peripheral resistance is reduced, coronary vessels dilate, blood runs almost twice faster through the system. In the veins, the fluid contains more oxygen, which eliminates hypoxia, normal circulation in the eye retina. In addition, "Dipyridamole" has angioprotective efficacy.

As numerous tests have shown, "Dipyridamole" is able to activate the production of interferon by the internal organs of the human body, if the leukocytes are not sufficiently active. As the venous outflow returns to normal, Dipyridamole prevents blood clots during pregnancy. With the same purpose it is prescribed after surgery. Proper use allows you to prevent pathological processes in the brain associated with improper circulation, as well as put in order the blood flow in the placenta. It is known that the active ingredient can penetrate into breast milk, so the drug is applicable only at the stage of gestation, but during breastfeeding it is not taken.

Features of use

The use of "Dipyridamole" during pregnancy is associated with a number of nuances, since the drug has a rather strong effect on the circulatory system.Receiving it without medical supervision is strictly prohibited, since improper use can cause severe adverse reactions of the body, up to arbitrary interruption. At present, no such studies have been organized that would confirm that “Dipyridamole” for a pregnant woman definitely will not be a source of any harm. As can be seen from the instructions, the solution is not recommended by the manufacturer for use in an “interesting” condition. The other two options are recommended by the manufacturer to apply only under the supervision of a doctor and if there are extremely important indications for this, when the obvious positive outcome from the use will be more significant than the possible dangers for the mother and fetus.

dipyridamole during pregnancy for what is prescribed

At the same time, practice shows that during pregnancy, "Dipyridamol" significantly improves the general condition of the expectant mother, increases the likelihood of successful pregnancy. This is due to the stimulation of blood flow in the placenta. When you take the medication will not occur hypoxia, the fetus will receive the required amount of oxygen, vital components, which means immunity, the nervous system will be laid down correctly.

Do no harm

Normally, “Dipyridamole” is prescribed during pregnancy in the 3rd trimester, but in the early stages it is strongly not recommended to resort to it. This is due to the peculiarities of the development of the fetus: by the end of pregnancy, the main vital systems are already formed, so the chemical components with which modern drugs are rich will not be a source of harm. However, sometimes the tool can be used in the second trimester. But in the first 14 weeks you can not resort to it.

International standards classify the medication in question as category B. This is evidence of animal testing. According to the results of the events, it was not possible to detect a negative impact on the fetus that has been hatched by the female. But in humans, the study of effectiveness was not organized.

Following the rules

From the instructions you can see why “Dipyridamol” is prescribed during pregnancy: the remedy helps eliminate swelling, normalize blood flow and prevent the formation of blood clots. But self-admission with the same goals is strictly prohibited. Even if the doctor prescribed the medicine, you should carefully read the instructions before use so as not to encounter unpredictable negative effects. The highest risk of blood clots in the second half of the period.This is characteristic of those women whose blood is thicker than normal. Gestation of the fetus is always associated with pressure surges, edema, but with thick blood there is a risk of hypoxia of the embryo, which can provoke irreversible consequences. "Dipyridamole" is the only effective way to alleviate the condition.

Before prescribing a specific drug, the doctor must carefully examine the patient's condition and take all the necessary samples for laboratory testing. You should not force a lady to choose for herself, “Dipyridamole” or “Curantil” during pregnancy to use: the task of the doctor is to clearly state which particular drug is suitable for a particular case. Oriented to indicators of blood quality, other specific features of the situation.

dipyridamole FPO during pregnancy

Special case

From the instructions it follows that "Dipyridamole" is effective for hemorrhoids and is prescribed if pathological microcirculation of the blood flow is detected. The tool is necessary if the patient has glomerulonephritis, DIC, encephalopathy, immunodeficiency. Sometimes the drug is used as an adhesive, as it is able to remove pathogenic microscopic substances from organic tissue.life forms.

The duration of the course the doctor selects, focusing on the diagnosis, the patient's condition, blood quality. Much depends on the form of use of the drug.

Application features

From the instructions it follows that the tablets should be drunk on an empty stomach for a couple of hours before the meal, drink a glass of liquid or a large volume. At the beginning of the therapeutic course, they drink the minimum dose, gradually increasing the volumes to those selected by the doctor. The daily dose is divided into several doses. The maximum amount per day is 600 ml. The duration of treatment depends on the reaction of the organism.

Dipyridamole tablets during pregnancy for what is prescribed

The suspension should also be used before the meal (in about an hour and a half). For one day, the dosage is up to 300 ml, that is, three times a day for a couple of teaspoons. If placental insufficiency is diagnosed in severe form, if platelet aggregation is significantly higher than the norm, the dosage can be doubled. In order to have an immunomodulating effect, you should drink the suspension a week, 50 ml daily.

Only under control

In some cases, "Dipyridamole" may be recommended in the form of injections. In pregnancy, this form is prescribed extremely rarely, introducing only if the woman is undergoing inpatient treatment.The procedure takes time, as there is a possibility of a sharp decrease in pressure. Daily dose - up to two milliliters.

Trouble: what to prepare for

"Dipyridamole", as well as any other drug, has contraindications, there is a risk of an adverse reaction. You can not use the tool if a woman has asthma, hypotension, arrhythmia, angina. "Dipyridamole" is not intended for treatment in case of stenosis, diathesis, insufficiency of the functioning of the heart muscle. The drug is not used for atherosclerosis, increased likelihood of heart attack, sensitivity to any component used in the production. "Dipyridamole" can cause bleeding and is not used in case of insufficiency of the kidneys, liver. If blood clotting problems are identified, the tool is strictly prohibited.

dipyridamole during pregnancy how to take

In some cases, patients faced with negative reactions of the body. Prolonged therapy, improper use can cause problems of heartbeat, fever, pressure reduction, exacerbation of existing heart disease, bronchial spasm.It is known that "Dipyridamole" can cause thrombocytopenia, coronary "robbing", a sharp decrease in pressure, disruption of the stomach, intestines. Some say that when taking it lays their ears, a headache, the state is close to fainting. There is a possibility of an allergic reaction up to angioedema, appetite disturbances, muscle pain, general deterioration of health, apathy.

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