What is an application software

Application software is a collection of programs that cause a computer to perform useful tasks (as opposed to computer viruses, for example) and are responsible for the functioning of the computer itself. A specific instance of such software is called a program or application.

application software

Differentiation from system software

This term is used to demarcate application programs from system software that manages and integrates computer capabilities, but does not directly perform tasks that benefit the user. In other words, application programs are applications that serve the user, and the system software works to maintain the application. Examples of such programs include accounting or corporate software, graphics software, media players, and office suites.Many application programs are mainly related to documents and can be bundled with a computer and system software or offered separately.

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Principle of operation

Application software uses the power of a specific computing platform or system software to accomplish its goal. Some applications are available in different versions designed for several different platforms, others have narrower requirements. Thus, for example, there are applications for Windows, Android or other Linux distributions. Sometimes a new and popular application appears to work with only one platform, and then applies to others in new versions.

pc software classification


The classification of the PC software of this variety has many criteria. For example, thanks to the rapid development and almost universal acceptance of the Internet, web applications written in HTML, JavaScript, and other web technologies have begun to play a special role. Such software requires the user to go online and work in a web browser. In addition, there is also application software that is written in more standard computer languages ​​that do not require an Internet connection.Application software can also be considered horizontal or vertical. Horizontal applications are more popular and common because they are general-purpose programs, such as word processors or databases. Vertical apps are niche products designed for a specific type of industry or business.

Software packages

There is also an application software offered as a set of applications. As a rule, each of them has corresponding functions, features and user interfaces, while programs can interact with each other, for example, open each other's files. Business applications are often bundled with, for example, Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, and IWORK, linking a text editor, spreadsheet, etc. together. There are also kits designed for other purposes, for example, for working with graphics or music.

Corporate and departmental software

Enterprise software is designed to meet the needs of the entire organization and process data flow, often in a large distributed environment.Departmental software is a subtype of enterprise software with a focus on smaller organizations and / or groups in large organizations.

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