What is a symbol?

A symbol is a conventional sign that revealsmeaning of concept, idea, phenomenon or event. The origin of the symbols is related to Ancient Greece, where symbols were first used to designate a secret, understandable only to a group of specific persons. A vivid example is the cross, which denotes Christianity. Muslims designate their faith as a crescent moon. A little later the symbols began to be used to distinguish the manufactory of one owner from the enterprise of another. What is a symbol for modern man? The symbol of justice for us are the scales, and the symbol of power is the state, the symbol of brotherhood is the handshake, and the symbol of the god of the seas of Neptune is the trident.

The symbol is often confused with a sign, butthe differences between the symbol and the sign are very significant. If we consider what a symbol and sign are, then it should be noted that the symbol characterizes a certain phenomenon, and the sign is the hallmark of something. For example, a trademark indicates that a particular product is produced by a particular brand or brand.

Symbols in the literature

In poetic creativity, poets useda lot of character images. For example, in Esenin's verses, the word "window" is very often mentioned, which is the image-symbol. In some verses the window divides the outer and inner world of the poet, and in some it appears as a symbol-symbol dividing the two periods of the poet's life-his childhood and young years with the last years of his life. Similar examples in the work of poets and prose writers can be found quite a lot, answering the question related to what a symbol image is. Moreover, each author has his own image-symbol, which he uses not in one work, but at least in several.

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries in the literatureformed a current called "Symbolism." But in fact, literary symbols were used much earlier. Each of us has a Wolf character from the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood" symbolized with evil, and the main characters of the bylinas - Dobrynia Nikitich or Ilya Muromets - symbolize strength. All literary symbols have a figurative meaning, therefore, it is necessary to distinguish between what a symbol is in literature and what a metaphor is. The symbol is more complex in its structure and meaning. Metaphor is a directly described analogy of one phenomenon or thing to another. Not always the reader manages to reveal the image-symbol to the end, because the author concludes his vision of an object or phenomenon in it.

Symbols in Informatics and Mathematics

In computer science, most of the actions areare symbols. What is a symbol in computer science? The answer is Pascal, which is known to both computer users and programmers. The Pascal language consists of basic and auxiliary symbols. The main characters are 26 Latin capital letters and the same lowercase letters. In addition, Pascal uses specific symbols and numbers.

To special symbols it is possible to carry «_» - a signunderscore and all signs of operations (+ - x / = =: = @), as well as constraints and specifiers (^ # $). Limiters are the following notation (., "() [] (.) {} (* *) ... :). Pascal uses a series of special words and a space that can not be used inside special (reserved) words and double characters. In computer science, a number of graphic symbols are used, which are necessary for compiling block diagrams.

Symbols that are used for mathematics are well known to us from the school bench. These include arithmetic signs, letters and signs for "set", "infinity" and so on.

State symbols

If you do not know what statesymbols, you should open the Constitution of the Russian Federation and get acquainted with information relating to the national flag, hymn and coat of arms, which are the main symbols of the state. The Russian flag is a canvas of their three bands - white, blue and red. Each color is a symbol of something. For example, white color indicates peace and purity, blue - about faith and fidelity, red - about energy and strength.

The hymn is performed at all solemnevents of national importance, on parades and state holidays, as well as from the hymn, the broadcasting of state-run television channels begins on public holidays. The Russian coat of arms is an image of a three-headed eagle. The coat of arms identifies the age-old history of Russia, since its image is new, but it uses traditional symbols.

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