What is a sports massage?

Sports massage is a method not only of treatment, but also strengthening of muscles and prevention of injuries and diseases, it is often used to improve the physical shape of athletes and relieve muscle spasms.

Often professional sports - this is the pursuit ofresults and achievements with little attention to health. The athlete's muscles are quickly fatigued, the body wears out, and the risk of injury increases. Minimize the unpleasant consequences of a large sport helping massage sports.

He is training, preliminary,regenerative and therapeutic. Training sports massage is part of the training and prepares the athlete for the competition. It helps to increase efficiency and improves the condition of those muscles that are subjected to a heavy load. They pay special attention to the procedure, the rest of the muscle groups are massaged superficially.

But sometimes the general trainingsports massage. It lasts from 40 minutes to an hour and should not be accompanied by painful sensations. Its main task is to relieve muscle tension, increase the mobility of joints and ligaments. It is recommended to use this massage between workouts.

But most often used after classesRestorative sports massage. It increases the performance of tired muscles and prepares the athlete's body for the upcoming loads. The duration and intensity of exposure depends on the type of sport and the condition of the person. With reinforced daily workouts it is good to do a short restorative massage in breaks.

sports massage

He helps to regain strength, relieves painfulsensation, improves metabolism and calms the nervous system. It is best to conduct such a procedure 15-20 minutes after exercise, enough will be 10-15 minutes of manual effects.

Before the competition or training alsodo a short preliminary sports massage. It is needed to warm up and prepare the muscles for exercise, increase the tone of the body and calm the nervous system. It is carried out for 5-20 minutes (10 minutes before warm-up).

A warm-up massage should tone the muscles,because the sports masseur uses intense dynamic techniques. They help to increase the elasticity of muscles and ligaments, stimulate metabolism and blood circulation.

Before the competition, if the athlete is very excited, it is recommended to hold a light soothing massage. If he fell into a state of apathy and became inhibited, you can apply toning techniques.sports masseur

Many sports are associated with fairly strongload on the muscles, injuries and sprains. A necessary part of rehabilitation after injuries is sports massage. During the rehabilitation period, special techniques are used to regenerate tissues, muscles and ligaments, various rubbers and ointments can be used that will accelerate the recovery processes.

The basic principles of sports massage can be used and ordinary people to relax spasmodic muscles and prepare the body for physical exertion.

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