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Building technologies today are so developed that they allow owners of private houses and country territories to build a septic tank on their own. Concrete rings are most often used for this. Self-production is quite simple, and funds will be saved significantly. Ultimately, it will be possible to solve the issue of disposal of sewage most effectively.

The need to install a septic tank

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If you think about the question of what a septic tank is, this article will be the answer. However, it is important to determine whether a similar treatment system is needed on the territory. If we make a comparison with the cesspool, we can distinguish a lot of advantages, which are expressed in the minuses of the mentioned system. Thus, the pit is quite expensive to operate, it must be cleaned, which is quite expensive. At the same time, the smell is very unpleasant, and sewage can escape into the soil if the tightness is broken. Such a system is a "time bomb", but the arrangement of the well is out of the question.If you have wondered what a septic tank is, then it is worth remembering that this system solves the issue of disposal completely. Once spent on work, for a long time you will provide yourself with the most convenient and safe enough sewage treatment plant.

Choosing an installation site

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Before starting the process, it is necessary to carry out all engineering calculations, as a rule, they are performed at the planning stage of the main building in the territory. It is important to note that the cleaning system should be located at a distance of 5 meters or more from the house. Among other things, the cleaning system must be removed from a well or a well for 30 meters, among other things, the septic tank should be mounted on a slight elevation, this will prevent the ingress of rainwater and melting snow. Sewer pipes should be installed at a certain angle, the pipe should be straight, as bends contribute to clogging.

Features of septic tanks

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If you are faced with the question of what a septic tank is, then you should know that this system involves working on the basis of a biological process. If you perform all the manipulations correctly, then you can be calm for the foundation of the buildings on the territory, as well as the ecological purity of the land.In the process of work, it will be necessary to install three wells, the first of which will be the sewage through sewer pipes. In this compartment, wastewaters undergo primary processing and enter the second well. There, they undergo a purification stage and are injected into the third compartment, through which they go to the ground in their pure form.

If you think about the question of what a septic tank is, then you should know that the described system, based on concrete rings, provides cleaning through the process of fermentation of sewage. To do this, the first tank must be provided with constantly incoming air. In the second well, bacteria decompose substances into separate components, which settle at the bottom. While the third well acts as a drainage well, it takes clean water and lets it flow into the ground without harming the environment.

Cleaning equipment installation technology

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If you decide to install a septic tank to give, then you must first consider the installation technology. Construction should begin with the purchase of reinforced concrete rings. They need to be purchased in the amount of nine pieces.Among other things, you should prepare three sewer manhole, the number of which corresponds to the number of holes. At the next stage, wells are prepared, which are arranged in a row. The depth of each should be three meters, while the diameter is equivalent to 2.8 meters. This parameter should be slightly larger than the diameter of reinforced concrete rings.

Wizard recommendations

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If you decide to install a septic tank to give, it is recommended to enlist the help of another person who will help with the excavation work. The first master will excavate the soil for wells, while the second will begin to lift the soil to the surface. Further, at the bottom of the first two wells, it is necessary to equip a concrete base. At the next stage, the installation of reinforced concrete rings. There is no way to do without the use of a crane, which will allow to install the rings in place. They must be placed one on another. Thus, three rings are to be installed in each pit. The gaps formed by the rings should be sealed using liquid glass. Next is backfilling with soil, which is placed between the walls of the pit and the outer surface of the rings.

Installation of sewer pipes

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The concrete septic tank is equipped in such a way that it is possible to ensure the free movement of wastewater from one compartment to another. The movement of sewage should not be impeded by the absence of a slope, which should be ensured during the installation of pipes. The sewage pipe that goes to the first well should be discharged at a slight angle. As for the pipe that connects the first and second wells, it should be 20 centimeters lower. While the pipe, which is located between the second and third wells, should be located below another 20 cm.

What you need to know the master

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If you decide to build a concrete septic tank, you need to prepare for the work in advance. To do this, rent a truck and crane. Wells must also be prepared in advance. It is important to provide access roads for vehicles to the site of the manipulation. It is necessary to exclude the occurrence of cracks on concrete rings in the process of their installation. If separate fragments break away from the products, then the rings will no longer be used. Therefore, they should be handled very carefully.

The bottom of the third compartment must necessarily be equipped with a filter, which may consist of rubble or gravel. If the water that will leave the third well, will go into the pond, you must put a chlorine cartridge at the bottom. It is acceptable to use special bacteria or algae as a filter. The volume of the well can be any, it will be determined by the amount of sewage. The septic tank should be 3 times larger than the daily amount of fluid that arrives. According to the rules, it should always be water.

Disadvantages of a septic tank made of reinforced concrete rings

Pumping septic tanks of this type is not performed, but it is important to consider some of the shortcomings of the system. They are expressed in the fact that the construction assumes the presence of a sufficiently impressive area. That is why not everyone can afford the installation work. Among other things, during the operation it is necessary to carefully monitor that no cracks form on the rings. Otherwise, they will cease to be airtight, which will create a threat to the ecological situation.

Home craftsman tips

The installation of a septic tank, based on reinforced concrete rings, may be accompanied by additional cementing of wells from the inside.Among other things, concrete can be used for sealing.


Manufacturers of septic tanks provide their services for the installation of cleaning systems for a cost that varies from 18,000 rubles. The final amount depends on the volume of the barrel. Thus, if there is a need to install a system whose volume is 1.5 cubic meters, then you will have to pay 50,000 rubles. However, this includes not only the equipment itself, but also all the materials, as well as installation services. Among other things, you do not have to worry about delivery issues. The company will produce everything independently. Septic, the price of the arrangement of which was mentioned above, has many advantages. Among them can be identified a significant period of operation, as well as the absence of extraneous odors. During operation, the system does not create additional noise.

Pumping septic tanks of this type is the only thing that is required in the process of using the system. This feature must be taken into account if you want to install on your site a cleaning system based on a plastic barrel. A septic tank, the price of which may vary depending on the characteristics, is often chosen by modern consumers.In some cases, such an approach is the only right and irreplaceable solution for the owner of a private house or a country site.

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