What is a motherboard? New motherboards. How to install a motherboard

Have you ever wondered what is the basis of your personal computer. Yes, it can be a processor, a memory, and a video card. However, the main element of the system unit is the motherboard.


What is a motherboard? This is the main chip of your laptop, computer or phone, which serves to ensure the interaction of all devices and expansion cards connected to the gadget.

what is a motherboard

Logically, the "motherboard" is divided into the north and south bridge. The north bridge, whose functions in some modern products are transferred to the central processor, connects the processor to the motherboard and is responsible for the interaction of all the internal boards and their connection to the south bridge. The south bridge controls the interaction of all external devices and connects them to the north bridge or processor.

What is a motherboard in official terms? This is a multi-layer printed circuit board, which is the basis for building a computer.


Having dealt with the definition of what a motherboard is, let's deal with its structure on the physical level. On any "motherboard" there are connectors for expansion cards and external devices.

  • Ps / 2 external ports for keyboard and mouse or additional USB connectors for them.
  • In the old motherboards there were COM ports for printers, now they are being replaced by unified USB.
  • AGP and PCI Express for the video card.
  • DDR slots for RAM.
  • Ports for connecting hard drives and drives.
  • And, of course, power connectors.

acer motherboard

The number of ports may vary for different motherboard models. You can read the model and name of the motherboard, as well as the version of the BIOS installed on it, right on the label. It also indicates the manufacturer and version of the chipset. After a general insight into the structure of the device, we will review the motherboards of various manufacturers.


The level and quality of products vary greatly. First of all, they differ in the number of connectors for expansion cards, the integrated sound card and the type of processor supported.If you are going to change your "motherboard", be sure to check with the vendors or carefully read the technical specifications of the device and supported sockets.

motherboard review

One of the latest Asus premium motherboards - ASUS Z87-PRO - has the following characteristics:

With a price of 11.5 thousand rubles, technical specifications are greatly underestimated. For ordinary users, it is not recommended to take such products, because then you will not end up with the trouble of replacing and repairing them.

But the ASUS B85-PLUS motherboard, which stands in the stores from 5,000 rubles, with the characteristics listed below, will be a good solution for budget-conscious people:

  • motherboard form factor ATX;
  • socket LGA1150;
  • Intel B85 chipset;
  • 4 slots DDR3 DIMM, 1066-1600 MHz;
  • CrossFire X support;
  • SATA connectors.

The lack of Wi-Fi is easily compensated by the price, since buying a USB modem with Wi-fi for 300 rubles is easier than paying extra for the built-in function.

motherboard processor

Another leader in the production of computer equipment - the company Acer. Any Acer motherboard is notable for its increased reliability, but it is also expensive. If you take a laptop of this manufacturer, be prepared to pay from 40,000 rubles. But it will be worth it. It is worth noting that Acer is not engaged in the direct production of motherboards,but only performs the assembly of their gadgets on the finished versions. We give a detailed overview of the motherboard used by Acer.


Motherboard used in Acer aspire 5742g laptop:

  • In the BIOS, the support of the next generation of AMD AM3 + processors is initially embedded.
  • The overclocking utility built into BIOS allows to increase processor performance by a single keystroke by almost 5 times.
  • Solid-state capacitors, more resistant to temperature, are used in the structure, and the absence of liquid in them increases their reliability in the sense that it becomes impossible to leak and damage the motherboard itself when they fail.
  • USB 3.0 interface has an increased bandwidth - up to 5 GB per second.
  • Allows you to fully realize the modern speeds of hard drives SATA connector 6 GB per second.
  • Many utilities that remove the limitations in the BIOS and the processor, allowing to increase the performance of the entire computer.


Acer motherboard, which is the next step in the development of the 890 series:

  • Developed technology to support the latest processors.
  • Modern tantalum capacitors that will last 8 times longer than solid-state ones.
  • Also support by the manufacturer overclocking in one click.
  • Latest versions of USB and SATA interfaces.
  • High-quality HD sound.
  • Utility M-Flash, which allows you to create backup copies of BIOS on flash media.

how to install a motherboard

We collect ourselves

Finding out what motherboards are and choosing the right one for your computer, you need to learn how to install a motherboard on it:

  1. First of all, turn off the power of the computer from the network.
  2. Install the motherboard chip inside the casing of your personal computer.
  3. First of all, connect all the small parts, such as the power wires of the front panel and the cooler.
  4. Then connect the long cables to the motherboard. These can be wires from the hard drive, drive and power supply.
  5. Now we install expansion cards. It is impossible to confuse the nests for them, since they are absolutely different in shape. We install memory cards, video cards, network and sound cards as needed.
  6. Attention! After all the previous steps, you should not close the lid of the system unit!
  7. Connect to the back of your personal computer all the necessary input-output devices, such as a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and so on.
  8. If any nests sink too deep into the body, you can fix them from the inside.
  9. Now you can close the lid of the system unit.
  10. Connect the power supply to the outlet.
  11. On the back of the computer, where the power supply wires go from, switch the button to the "|" state. Thus you turn on the power of the computer. On the old power supply units there is no this button.
  12. You can run the computer.

motherboard name

The result

Having learned what a motherboard is, now you understand that its price and quality very much depend on the manufacturer. However, remember that expensive "motherboard" is not always the best. With the development of the computer sphere, manufacturers are trying to add as many different functions as possible to them, which are not always necessary for the user. It is easier to save on expensive components and work quietly at the computer for several years, without even noticing the difference. After all, about a decade ago, nobody even heard about today's developments, but computers served their masters much longer, and did not break down after six months of work, even with a valid warranty. In general, you decide, but do not belong to the task of choosing a motherboard too carelessly.

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