What day is the pensioner? Congratulations

Have you heard something about retirement day? There is International Women's Day, in some countries, celebrating Dad's Day. International is also celebrated, but there is also the Day of Pensioners. Not everyone knows about this day, because, unfortunately, it is celebrated not in all countries or even in all regions of Russia.

Pensioners Day

Place and time of celebration

When, what date is the Day of the pensioner decided to celebrate? This is a regional holiday, which is celebrated in the Sverdlovsk region annually on the last Sunday of August. This holiday is called “day”, but it is celebrated for a month, as it gives rise to a 30-day marathon of good deeds dedicated to the older generation. The decision to celebrate this date was made in 2013. The governor of the Sverdlovsk region came up with this idea, and was supported by the inhabitants of the region. For five years, mass events have been organized to ensure that people pay attention to the invaluable work of retirees and their contribution to public life.The events are aimed at ensuring that the younger generation will pay attention to retirees, respect and value their work.

Pensioner day congratulations

Events in the "Month of pensioners"

Pensioner Day in 2017 was held in the Sverdlovsk region on August 27, opening the whole season of celebrations, which lasted until October 1, until the International Day of Older Persons. A huge number of events were held, reaching up to 140. In this month, pensioners can attend exhibitions, museums and theaters for free. Special consultations are held where people of retirement age can get answers to their questions. Pensioners can get medical help. Teams of doctors travel to remote places to examine the elderly. Cultural events are also held, concerts and fairs are organized. Pensioners attend special celebrations at which they particularly distinguished themselves are awarded with signs for various services.

Pensioner Day 2017

Cool for an hour on the topic "Day of the pensioner"

Schools organize events to ensure that children take part in the celebration. Great hours are arranged on this topic, concerts.We offer a brief scenario for the Day of the Senior Citizen (classroom hour scenario).

  1. To begin with, to focus on the topic, you can read an instructive parable about grandparents. The parable should concern how important the pensioners are, how much good and useful they have done so that the younger generation needs nothing now. A touching story should encourage students to talk. You can ask everyone how he understood this parable. It is good if the student tells about his grandmother or grandfather - this is how the conversation will start, dedicated to the Day of Pensioners.
  2. You can hold a discussion by asking children a problem question. Everyone should be involved in the conversation. The question may be of this nature: “So that you would first of all take out of the house if there was a fire?” The students' answers will show the values ​​they live by. The teacher must ask to argue the answers.
  3. You can watch social clips about contemporary values, about the attitude of young people to the elderly.
  4. It is advisable to offer the children a game: they should compare children and the elderly, say that between them is common and different.The children themselves will quickly come to the conclusion how to treat grandparents.
  5. You can find stories about people who have already become famous in old age, in order to focus the attention of children to the fact that "for life, age is not a hindrance."
  6. Pupils must leave the class not with an empty head, but with the thought of how each of them relates to pensioners, grandparents, it may be worth rethinking and changing their behavior.

Scenario per day pensioner

What to gift?

Very often, people, thinking about what to give to a pensioner, no matter for what holiday, be it Pensioners Day or what other, decide to give them something like a medal “For Labor”, “For Honor” or hand over sets of dishes, towels . Frequent gifts are just flowers or sweets. Forget about these gifts, please! The gift in no case should remind of age or status.

So, donate something to the perpetrators of the holiday on the Day of Pensioners: a bicycle, skates, roller skates, a scooter - let them not think that they are no longer capable of anything. Give them a trip not to the theater or a museum, but to an incendiary concert, bring them to the restaurant of “non-Russian cuisine”. Most importantly, remember that you have no right to forget about our pensioners not only on their day, but always.A professional photo session can be a good gift. Let senior citizens feel like stars, give them a little holiday!

How to congratulate retirees?

Congratulations on the Day of Pensioners should be as bright and lively as possible. Of course, you can wish a person who has retired good health, but you shouldn’t emphasize this. Desire success, new ideas and their implementation, a sea of ​​smiles, the conquest of peaks. May close people always be near. Wish the heroes of the celebration of happiness and love! You can jokingly call a person “pensioner”, but do not allow him to relax for a second, because the pensioner should be full of energy every day.

What day is the pensioner

Analogue of the Day of Pensioners

Do not think that pensioners are remembered only in the Sverdlovsk region. Since 1990, the whole world celebrates the Day of Older Persons. It is celebrated on the first of October. Initially, this day was celebrated only in Europe. But very soon the rest of the continents picked up the idea of ​​celebrating this date. On this day in many countries, charity concerts and actions to help older people are held. Cultural events, exhibitions and concerts are also organized.On this day, conferences are held that are dedicated to the protection of the rights of older people.

Japan is a little different in celebrating this day. There is a day of honoring the elderly, and celebrate it on the third September Monday. It doesn’t matter how many people celebrate the Day of the pensioner or the Day of the elderly, the attention that we should give to the elderly is important. Life is such that youth cannot be eternal. A person is born, lives and dies, passing such stages as infancy, childhood, adolescence, youth, maturity and old age.

You can not always be a child, always remain young or young. Everyone is waiting for such a fate - to grow old. Therefore, we must behave with older people as we would like others to treat us when old age comes. People should respect and appreciate their work and just what they are. Day of pensioners should pass not only one day or a month, but the whole year. They deserve it.

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