What can not give, on the basis of popular signs

On the eve of the holidays, many people are in turmoil. They are looking for gifts to their loved ones and loved ones. After all, it is quite difficult, you need to find something that a person will like and that he will definitely be happy to see. How not to make a mistake with the purchase? You need to know that you can not give. A list of such things read below.


what cannot be given for a day

They say that the spell is best placed on this piece of clothing. Therefore, the tie ranks first on the list of what cannot be given to a man for his birthday.

This accessory can bind the representative of the stronger sex to the woman who presented the gift. Therefore, men are afraid to get ties from girls, especially from those that they have little sympathetic.


Folk omens always prompt that you can not give. And one of these bad presents is a mirror. Why? Finding the roots of this belief is difficult. One of the most logical explanations suggests that mirrors are not presented only to girls, because young people spent too much time in divination, for which mirrors and candles were required.The last attribute, by the way, is also not recommended to give. And after the girl lost her temper (and she usually asked her husband to show her to the mirror), the young lady did not want to marry those gentlemen who were brought into the house by her father and mother. Their daughter referred to the fact that the mirror showed her another chosen one. In order to avoid such incidents, mirrors to give to girls were careful.


that you can not give

And what else can not be given on a birthday? They say watches are one of the worst gifts. It is believed that such an accessory will attract a quick disagreement between the giver and the birthday boy. But, in fact, they are often considered a magical attribute. After all, they can stop if a person's energy is too strong. Also, many hours stop their turn if their master dies. The Chinese, by the way, directly associate a ticking accessory with death, so they are not just not giving it away, but they don’t wear it either.


According to Western European traditions, sharp objects can not be given. What bad can happen? They say knives will cut relations with the giver. The same applies to scissors, penknives and any cold steel. But in Russia this tradition is not very trusted.After all, since ancient times, the nobles and nobles gave each other weapons in honor of recognition and respect. In the Caucasus, these traditions are still alive.

If you think logically, then you can find signs of the roots in the elementary fear of people. After all, if a gifted person, God forbid, be cut or injure herself with a present, then she will blame the person who made this gift.


that you can not give

Jewelry, in fact, is considered one of the best gifts for a woman. But it is impossible to give pearls specifically. What is this sign?

In ancient Greece, it was believed that pearls are the tears of nymphs. And by giving a decoration of white pearl stones, you can give a person sorrow and grief. In Russia, it is believed that you can present the pearls, but only for adult ladies, and you should also wear it too. According to ancient legends, pearls are created for strong-willed people, and it can disorganize weak personalities.

Empty wallet

Personal things need to give caution. After all, they are often attributed to the mystical value. Not spared the omens and wallet. That's what you can not give, so it's him. At least empty. If you decide to donate an expensive and beautiful accessory, you still have to put in it at least 10 rubles. This is done so that at least some coin is always carried in the wallet.So it is advisable to invest in a gift of at least 1000 rubles.


What can not be given on a birthday? For many, it will be strange to read, but folk signs forbid people to give alcohol. Although the true reason here is quite obvious. Alcoholism is a disease that affects more than half the population in our country. It is not surprising if the people themselves invented a belief prohibiting soldering the birthday boy at least on his birthday. And the folk optum itself says “to give alcohol to diseases,” and this seems quite obvious.


 that you can not give a birthday

What can not give, on the basis of popular signs? Well, of course, socks. This thing is personal, and it is not worth giving it. It is believed that socks will lead to treason. The same goes for panties. Perhaps such a belief came up with the men themselves, when they were tired of getting socks on February 23. And the male logic is: if a girl lacks imagination for a normal gift, and she presents socks, it means that with such a young lady it will be inexpressibly boring, and you can immediately look for a replacement for her.


what cannot be given for a day

Like any other item of personal use, it is better not to give all kinds of combs.On a comb, as well as on a tie, it is very easy to damage. Since ancient times, hair is considered the most vulnerable part of a person. That is why their girls braided in braids and hid under handkerchiefs. A young lady could give a comb to her fiance or her parents only. But from friends such a gift was rarely accepted. After all, slander and envy could give the girl a lot of trouble.

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