What are the latest theories about the origin of man?

What are the latest theories about the origin of man?

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  2. yes, that's the whole point - it's not so simple the origin of man, as previously thought

    Earlier, for example, thought that the modern Cro-Magnon came from the Neanderthal man, but the latest genetic studies of the remains of Neanderthals show that the modern man has no genetic relation to him - they are completely different species, even almost not related to each other - 60-40 years ago at the same time earth existed at least 2 human species: "Cro-Magnon" and "Neanderthals"

    there is also a version that periodically there were massive strongest mutations of human beings, almost simultaneously on the whole planet, the last such mutation was about 40 thousand years ago, for only a few generations there was a fundamental change in the cortex of the brain, skeleton, mobility, person ...

    there is still a version that originally there was no single ancestor of man, as the Bible teaches, but there were different biological ancestors of modern people that gradually became uniform and similar to each other, and later different races of people: the red race, the black race , the yellow race, and the white race, as well as some relic or extinct races of humanity (Atlanteans, Lemurians, etc.). in favor of this version they say very interesting facts: in Siberia (in Yakutia), a site was found for the most ancient people, stone axes, anvils, arrowheads dating back to 3 millions of years (excavations of Deering on the shores of Lena - 140 km north of Yakutsk) - these findings completely change all previous views of scientists about the origin of man and partly confirm the hypothesis that there were originally several kinds of ancestors of people who subsequently became so similar to each other that they turned into one bi Logical view - modern man
    (we omit hypotheses about the cosmic origin of people that supposedly either from Sirius, or from the Polar Star, or from the constellation of Orion, or else God knows where the ancestors of people came from on earth)

  3. The origin of man is known to everyone and new theories or who do not elaborate, but here new chains in our evolution are found .. !!
  4. Yes, just imagine yourself flew into space with some kind of mission to return and see the earth after well, for example, a nuclear catastrophe. A bunch of wild survivors. What are you going to do? You will be doing? I think you'll try and try to teach people what you know, namely agriculture and the knowledge of stars and medicine. Does not it look like anything? And you too will be very against marriages with the local .. But your children will not listen to you as always ..
  5. but what are the old bad? Here is the 2 source: The emerald tablets of Thoth Hermes are dated 36000 years to now and the Slavic-Aryan Vedas (some more than 100 kilo). for information and there even on the site. GOOD LUCK IN SEARCHING FOR TRUTH! monkeys are not ancestors, and descendants of perverts who have forgotten their gender
  6. I know of three new hypotheses about the origin of man. As far as they are true (and whether they are true at all), I do not know. I also do not know how new they are (maybe about 20 years ago, but I just read about them recently). So just pass it as I read it myself.
    The first hypothesis differs little from the usual Darwinian doctrine of the origin of man from the monkey in the sense of this very fact. But gives an entirely new reason for such an evolutionary leap. According to Darwin, the reason for the transformation of the monkey into humans was slow evolutionary changes due to random mutations. According to the new theory, these mutations were not accidental, but arose because of strong external radioactive irradiation. In Oklo in Gabon, Central Africa, a unique uranium deposit with a reduced content of the isotope U-235 was found. Physicists have found out that here, due to the coincidence of a number of geological factors, conditions for a spontaneous nuclear reaction have been created. In other words, for several million years a natural nuclear reactor was operating here. Under the influence of radiated radiation, the strongest genetic mutations began at the monkeys wandering around. Most of them gave a negative result and the monkeys died. But some were positive and mutated monkeys were given advantages over their relatives.
    According to the second hypothesis, modern man came from the cross of a monkey with aliens. They say, came to Earth from somewhere aliens and decided to create on the Earth a rational race as a work force to fulfill their plans. The raw material for the creation of man served as the local monkeys of gorillas and chimpanzees, who changed the chromosome set, removing from it some of the old genes and introducing new genes, typical of aliens. The main factor in favor of this hypothesis is the fact that monkeys have 48 chromosomes, and in humans - only 46. If a man descended from a monkey in a natural evolutionary way purely through Darwin, such a decrease in the number of chromosomes can not be explained. Evolution can lead to a change in the chromosome itself, but can not change their number.
    The third hypothesis generally refuses the very idea of ​​the origin of man from anyone else. The main facts in its favor are finds in very ancient layers up to several hundred million years of human footprints (sometimes barefoot, sometimes in shoes) and technical products such as bolts and screws. It is not possible to explain these findings by the arrival of aliens, since it is unlikely that aliens will walk around the Earth barefoot or use bolts with thread parameters in their products, just like our products. But if we assume that sometimes there is an accidental transfer of a person to the past, then everything is well explained. In this case, a man in the past could cross there with monkeys (there were no women), and eventually all these transitional forms of the Pithecanthropus and the Neanderthal type arose. And if a whole team of men and women got into the past, then those whom we call the Cro-Magnon people could go from them.
    Here such theories. Believe it or not.
  7. Yes, a new hypothesis has been proposed for the origin of man and the world. It is based on research in quantum physics and the relatively recent discovery of the fractal nature of the world. Full name: Hypothesis of the paradoxical origin of man and the universe. According to her, people in the past will be created by people from the future who have comprehended the nature of time.

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