What are the battery batteries finger, and what is it?

The vast majority of modern electronic devices are powered by elements such as finger batteries. Their advantages include the possibility of recharging, their cheapness, portability, accessibility, safety. They are used everywhere and everywhere: wall clocks, remote control TV or music center, player, flashlight, and the like.

Battery selection

Finger batteries are otherwise called simply "batteries." If this device generates a reserve - it must be replaced. It is not enough to know the color and price to make a choice. Low-quality finger batteries can not provide the necessary charge for an electronic device, quickly fail, and in rare cases even damage the device.That is why it is necessary to be able to choose them correctly in order to avoid wasting money. There are different rechargeable batteries fingertips. Which is better? It is definitely not possible to answer, since all these drives are designed for different types of devices.
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The main characteristics of a conventional battery

In this class of power supply is an incredibly wide choice. The most common rechargeable batteries are have the following parameters:

- size of 50.5 millimeters by 14.5 millimeters;

- marking with signs "AA", R6 or "Mingon";

- output voltage is one and a half volts.

When selecting a battery, it is necessary to pay initial attention to the load of the electric device that will power this battery. It is usually considered that a large load is possible with a current of 0.2 Ampere, medium - with a current of 0.1 Ampere and a small one with a current of 0.01 Ampere. For devices such as flashlights, digital devices, children's mobile toys, electronic pressure gauges, audio players, is characterized by a large load. With an average load, cassette players, static toys for children, low-power flashlights and simple calculators work.Low load is typical for remote controls of a TV or multimedia center, wall clocks. It is on the basis of the load that the finger batteries are chosen, the price of which can vary significantly and significantly in different cases.
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What other batteries are there?

Finger drives are used constantly in our daily life. They are single galvanic cells. In addition to the standard AA-labeled batteries, there are many others that differ in the types of electrolyte, types of chemical reactions and sizes. Naturally, prices will also be different. The so-called "little" batteries have a smaller size and a cylindrical shape, and are also marked with three letters - "AAA". A little more than a standard AA battery will be the so-called “medium” with the letter C. It has a cylindrical shape and larger dimensions, however, the output voltage is the same as the standard one. An even larger drive is labeled D. There are two more powerful types of batteries, which are commonly called “square” and “crown”.They are made in the form of a parallelepiped of large size.
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Electrolyte and chemical reaction

Power supply elements are also classified by type of electrolyte, and finger batteries are no exception. There are different types: saline, air-zinc, silver-zinc, mercury-zinc, lithium, alkaline. Alkaline alkaline are considered to be the most powerful. The most popular among the inhabitants - alkaline and saline. The latter are much cheaper, but tend to lose capacity faster than the first. Salt batteries are used in low-power devices with a stable consumption schedule: watches, consoles, radios. Alkaline batteries are more expensive, but also more durable. They are used in voice recorders, electric shavers, cameras, tape recorders, a variety of flashlights and players.

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What are battery batteries finger, and what is it 94

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