What is good whiskey?

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Whiskey - a drink that has a variety of varieties and tastes. To consider all that exist, it will take a very long time. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the most famous, to decide which whiskey is good. A quality drink can have a beneficial effect on the human body, but if it is used in moderation. Thanks to this alcohol, creativity is stimulated, working capacity, concentration increases, and also it gives tone. This phenomenon is due to essential oils and tannins, which are part of it. However, if you drink this drink in too large portions, then after 6-12 hours you may experience discomfort.

What a good whiskeyThree groups of whiskey

This drink is divided into three main groups: blended, malt and single malt. What is a good whiskey listed? Last. Malt differs by a slightly worse quality, since distillates are mixed in its manufacture, which leads to the fact that the structure of the complex of essential oils changes, and it determines the beneficial properties of the drink.In the process of making blended whiskey, ready-to-drink beverages are mixed, not their distillers. Because of this, the fine harmony and personality of the whiskey is broken. However, there are blends that deserve attention, let them and a little.

Aroma and taste

What is good whiskey? One that has individual characteristics. These features depend on the technology of production of the drink, and the region where it is prepared. There are considerable differences between the Irish and Scottish varieties. The reason is that the second is distilled twice, and the first - three. What is a good whiskey of these two? Everyone will judge, because everything depends on taste. It should be noted that the Irish are characterized by a “creamy” taste.

Which whiskey is betterSpecial attention

It is worth noting the individual varieties of this drink. They are really worthy of attention. From the single malt it is worth trying "Caol Ila". A good drink with smoked flavor. Which whiskey is better than malt is the "Bushmills Malt". Whiskey, made in Ireland, with a peculiar soft taste and a pronounced shade of cream. I want to touch on the topic of blended whiskey.Among them, preference is better to give "Jameson", "Tullamore Dew" (Ireland), and "Chivas Regal" (Scotland).

Homeland drink

It has long been arguing about where the whiskey came to us. Many countries claim to be the homeland of this drink: it is America, Scotland and Ireland, Japan and many others.

Which is the best whiskeyWhiskey essence

It is in the ingredients and proportions. Thanks to them, creates a unique taste. They are different. Malt and barley - a sign of the Scottish drink, if rye is added - this is Ireland, corn with wheat is the work of America, and rice is a Japanese additive. And this is not the whole list of used products. Every person who knows at least half of this list will have a very popular and logical question: "What is the best whiskey?" You can not give an exact answer, again, each has its own taste for alcohol. However, something worth noting is common - the best is that whiskey, which has 50-60 rpm and a minimum of ingredients.

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