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A good welder is never left without work. To maintain health, this specialist needs to protect the body and, of course, the organs of vision. Today we will talk about such a device as welding goggles. You will learn about the benefits, features and classification. Let's talk about how to choose glasses.

welding goggles

Glasses welder: what is it?

Welding goggles can certainly be called the best option for protecting the welder's eyes and a small area of ​​skin around. They protect not only from metal splashes and dust, but also from glare with bright light.

To date, the choice of optics for professionals is very diverse. That is, you can pick yourself not only comfortable, but also beautiful glasses. There are also options that allow you to wear eye glasses under them!


Too bright light, which is unfavorable in spectral distribution, is observed with conventional and laser welding.Therefore, remedies must comply not only with all safety requirements, but also with certain standards. For example, welding goggles should have a small weight, fit snugly to the skin to eliminate the possibility of sparks in the eyes. It is also important the lack of effect on visual acuity. Among the requirements - providing a wide field of view, ventilation. In addition, glasses for welding glasses should not mist or irritate the eyes.

welding mask glasses

Types of lenses

Lenses, which are used for welding masks and glasses, differ in degrees of protection and in their properties. Different and the materials of which the lenses are made. So, glasses of gas welders are usually completed with glasses of different degrees of shading. There are glasses for welding works of increased power, for welding and cutting metals of average power, for work on open spaces. Lenses are made of acetate, polycarbonate, high-strength plastic. Their minimum thickness should be 3 millimeters. However, there are exceptions, for example, lenses with increased impact resistance can be two millimeters.

Pay attention: lenses for glasses of the electric welder should be much darker than for the gas welder.That is, glasses for gas welding can not be used for electric welding, but on the contrary - you can. Failure to follow this rule can result in burns to the cornea and retina!

welding glasses chameleon Price

Points advantages

Previously, it was almost impossible to see a welder who would work in glasses. A few years ago bulky masks were used everywhere. The glasses that replaced the inconvenient equipment instantly won the recognition of welders. After all, they are distinguished by a number of advantages, including:

  • simplicity of design;
  • maximum convenience - glasses do not squeeze the face;
  • ease;
  • wide overview;
  • with glasses it is easy to turn the head;
  • it is possible to raise the folding filter to check the quality of the seam - this is significantly easier than lifting the entire mask.

Welding glasses differ in multifunctionality. The same model can be used for different types of work.

welding glasses Price

Recommendations for selection

How to determine which points are suitable for your welding jobs? The first choice is dictated by the working conditions. In second place - the amount that you have. The most budget option - welding glasses "Chameleons".Prices for models of this brand start at 400 rubles.

Products whose darkness is significantly higher, and the functionality is improved, will cost 1.5-2 thousand rubles. Welders working in the open air or in rooms that are well ventilated should opt for inexpensive open-type glasses with a slight degree of darkening. Professionals working inside the production premises, fit closed welding goggles. They should fit snugly to the face. Both in the first and in the second case it is necessary to choose glasses with a folding mechanism.

Review of famous brands: "Chameleon"

Welding glasses "Chameleons" - one of the most popular. They are distinguished from analogs by the absence of a lifting filter. The fact is that the filter is built right into the glass, that is, as soon as a welding arc occurs, the glasses automatically switch to protection mode. Liquid crystals are polarized under the influence of voltage. This mechanism is called "Auto Dimming." That is, these welding goggles provide maximum darkening, and the welder is protected from glare.

"Chameleons" - universal glasses. They protect against infrared and ultraviolet radiation.This is possible due to the overlapping of protective films. Such glasses are suitable for work in an open area. They can also be used if the equipment has a small capacity.

welding glasses chameleon Price

The advantages of "Chameleons" and their disadvantages

These products welders loved by a number of advantages. For example, the body of "Chameleons" does not squeeze the face, that is, it is comfortable to work in them. In addition, the glasses are fairly light, the neck of them does not get tired. Due to the presence of valves, the product is well ventilated, the eyes do not water. Apply "Chameleons" can be with different types of welding. However, there are disadvantages. So, these protective agents are not recommended for use in the upper position of the weld. Glasses are not able to protect the face and head. If welding is planned, in which there is a high risk of sparks and droplets of hot metal being sprayed, care should be taken to ensure the presence of shields or helmets.


The most popular model of "Chameleons" - WHG100. They are suitable for air-plasma cutting of metal, electric welding and gas welding. They can be used in gas-oxygen welding and during short work with a semiautomatic device.

This model has two sensors, the delay time is only half a second. It is possible to work in such glasses at a temperature of -5 ... +55 ° C. They are compact, they allow working in hard-to-reach places, where due to the small space it is impossible to use a massive mask. At the same time such “Chameleons” weigh 440 grams.

Origo Spec 5 DIN

Chameleons also have worthy competitors. For example, glasses Origo Spec 5 DIN, designed to safely perform various works: they are suitable for gas welding, gas and plasma cutting of various metal parts.

glasses for welding glasses

The price of welding glasses Origo Spec 5 DIN is about 800 rubles. For this money you get a convenient means of individual protection weighing 24 grams. The glasses are fitted with lenses that protect the welder's eyes from IR and UV radiation. Hard coating ensures no scratches on the glasses. In addition, this model has a soft arc.

Helmets and Shields

Will add glasses for welding special shields. They are necessary to protect the face of the welder from high temperatures and ultraviolet radiation. Maximum protection is provided by helmets. They protect not only the eyes and face, but also the respiratory organs and even the ears! The helmet protects the welder from splashing from above. Today there are a huge number of different models of helmets.They are configured headband, there is a front seal, adjustment. There are products with air supply, solar panels.

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