Welding machine "Resanta SAI 190": reviews, specifications, instruction manual

Welding inverters, which are distinguished by ease of operation and ease, have supplanted transformer welding units. Visiting the store, you can make a choice by reading a wide range of welding equipment, represented by dozens of models. They differ in technical characteristics and cost.

Welding inverters appeared not so long ago, in the 70s. last century. As the main difference of such a device from a transformer is the method of current conversion. In the inverter, the alternating current goes to the rectifier and is converted to a constant one. In the next step, the constant is converted to a variable with a high frequency. At the next stage, the AC voltage is lowered. Such conditions are necessary for welding.

High-frequency transformers have compact dimensions, but welding machines can have a weight that sometimes turns out to be significant. When choosing a welding inverter, several factors must be considered, among them:

  • model class;
  • thickness of materials to be welded;
  • intensity and scope of work;
  • Operating conditions;
  • power network.

The design may have a display that displays the performance. The market today presents a huge variety of models, among them the “Resant SAI 190” should be highlighted, the reviews of which you can read below. Opinions of consumers will allow you to understand whether it is worth declining your choice towards this device.

Description of the model "SAI 190"

Resanta Sai 190 Review

The above-mentioned variant of the inverter welding equipment costs 4800 rubles. The unit is used in manual arc welding with coated coated electrodes. The equipment has a small size and low weight, but the device is highly productive, does not require any maintenance and is easy to use.

After reading the reviews about Resant AIS 190, you can understand that the device is protected from overheating and belongs to IP21 protection class. The welding current is adjustable from 10 to 190 A.Operation is simplified thanks to the anti-sticking and hot start function.


welding machine resanta sai 190

Before you buy a welding inverter, you should be familiar with its technical characteristics. The described unit is no exception. Among the main ones, the product class should be highlighted The device relates to household appliances. Its maximum power is 5.5 kW. The minimum input voltage is 140 V.

PV at maximum current is 70%. There is no TIG welding equipment option. The no-load voltage is equivalent to 80 V. Before purchasing a Resant AIS 190 welding machine, you should ask about its overall dimensions, they are equal to 180x300x280 mm. Model weighs 4.7 kg. The minimum current is 10 A.

The diameter of the electrode or wire can vary from 2 to 5 mm. Case is not included. In work the welding wire DX25 is used. The design provides for a network plug. The maximum current reaches 190 A. The device operates on 220 V mains.

Consumer reviews

resant inverter

If you are also interested in the welding machine "Resanta SAI 190", then you should read the opinions of consumers about it.Among other positive features, customers highlight:

  • convenient control;
  • ease of transportation;
  • reliability.

As for the control, it is provided with the ability to adjust the current, which indicates accurate work and even seams. Ease of transportation is guaranteed by a practical belt that simplifies the movement of the inverter around the working platform. If you like Resant inverter, you should pay attention to its reliability. The device will be ready to serve for a long time, which was achieved thanks to a durable metal case. It protects the internal components from mechanical damage.

The unit is built on IGBT transistors. Overheating protection is provided by forced tunnel cooling. Inverter high-performance, special maintenance, according to consumers, it does not require. Buyers also like the small weight of the device.

User's manual

Resanta Sai 190 Features

Before you start using the "Resantu AIS 190", the instruction manual must be studied. Among other sections, it covers safety rules.The manufacturer stresses that the operator must protect himself from burns. They can be caused by hot metal, slag and sparks, as well as by arc radiation. All these effects can cause serious damage to the skin and eyes. Therefore, the welder and other people who will be in the work area should use personal protective equipment. This should include:

  • gloves;
  • boots;
  • headdress;
  • mask or welding shield.

Before using the device, it is recommended to wear a flame retardant suit and pants that will cover all areas of the body. Before you start using the Resant inverter, you should be familiar with the rules of its operation. It is important to bear in mind that during work, ultraviolet radiation will be emitted which can damage the skin and eyes. To prevent irreversible effects, you must use a welding mask and protective clothing. The shield should be equipped with a filter with a degree of dimming DIN 10.

Before turning on the unit, it is important to ensure that fire extinguishing agents are available in the near zone of welding.Flame and explosive materials should be removed 10 m or more. It is prohibited to weld closed containers containing explosives or toxic compounds. If such a need arises, then the tank should be cleaned. You should not carry out welding work in an atmosphere where there is a high concentration of flammable gas, dust and flammable liquids.

Reviews about the features of operation

resanta sai 190 faults

In order to extend the life of the welding inverter, according to consumers, it is necessary to follow the rules for its use. For example, it is forbidden to turn on the machine during rain or in a wet room.

After reading the reviews about the Resant AIS 190, you can understand that you should not use cutting tools like electric saws or grinders next to the switched on device. This can lead to metal dust getting inside and disabling equipment.

Welding in case of damage to wire or cable insulation is prohibited. When the device was stored at a negative temperature, consumers are advised to keep it for 2 hours at room temperature to prevent condensation.

Possible faults and solutions

Resanta Sai 190 User Manual

During operation, "Resanty AIS 190" faults may occur. When the “Network” indicator is not lit, you need to check the position of the switch and make sure that the device is connected to the network. If the equipment does not develop full power, then a low line voltage or a wet welding electrode may indicate this.

If you notice that the “Overheating” indicator is lit up, then it may be that the value of the LV was exceeded. Inside the device, the temperature is quite high. In order to continue operation, the device must be allowed to cool. The above-mentioned indicator may also work when a lot of dust has accumulated inside the case. To clean it you need to contact the service center.

Fan Problems

resanta sai 190 electrodes

Characteristics "Resanty SAI 190" - this is not all that you should know before operating the inverter. It is important to get acquainted with possible malfunctions. For example, if the cooling fan stopped rotating, then it could be blocked. Sometimes this leads to foreign objects trapped in a rotating part.In order to continue work, it is necessary to clean the fan. However, his refusal to work may also indicate that this piece of equipment burned down. To replace the node, you must contact the service center.

About anti-sticking function

When consumers buy an inverter, quite often they pay attention to the anti-sticking option. The model described has such a function. At the time of the start of welding, the “Resanty SAI 190” electrode often sticks. In this case, the ANTI STICK function is triggered, which will contribute to the automatic reduction of the welding current. After the electrode breaks off, the inverter will resume the set parameters.


Reviews of "Resant SAI 190" often help consumers make the right choice. The described unit has outstanding technical characteristics, and the cost is quite affordable. The inverter has a metal casing, and on the front panel there is a regulator of the welding current. This allows easier operation. The device is equipped with a forced ventilation system, so you should not close the holes in the case.

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