Wedding oath of the bride and groom

Wedding is a touching and sensual event. It is associated with so much superstition, hope and belief that it is difficult to count. In many countries, there is a ceremony in which the wedding oath of the bride and groom, recognition of eternal love, loyalty and respect is voiced. This is a good opportunity to publicly admit your soul mate in feelings, learn about reciprocity and add more romance to the event. How do potential newlyweds make an oath?oath of the bride and groom

What is an oath?

There is even a special definition of this term, according to which an oath is a solemn promise or assurance given in the presence of other people and reflected in the reputation of the one who makes the oath. Usually a person swears that all is more precious to him. In Greek mythology, however, they swore by the waters of the River Styx. Violation of such an oath responded eternal afterlife torments. Naturally, at the wedding, the oath of the bride and groom is not fraught with physical violence, but it can still strike by reputation.This convinced many of the stars of Hollywood, publicly giving the oath to appreciate and protect their loved ones and their faddish vows for the bride and groom

Life examples

The brightest cine pair - Angelina Jolly and Brad Pitt - left behind a formal relationship. Pitt had a wife, Jennifer Aniston, to whom he swore at the altar of eternal love and loyalty. Aniston brought a return promise, adding that his wife would always cook his favorite banana cocktail. Jolly had an extravagant relationship with Billy Bob Thornton, for whom she tattooed and presented him with a vial of his own blood. Under witnesses, Jolly promised that she would never take a man out of a family and never take a child from a shelter. All their promises stars with a bang broke. It turns out, the wedding vows of the bride and groom become funny kitsch? Moment for smiles? Gone is the very component that caused tears of emotion? In some cases, this is true. Oaths can be not only serious, but comic, absurd, and even outrageous. In fact, it all depends on the subject of the wedding, the mood of the couple and the invited guests.the oath of the bride and groom cool at the wedding

Classics of the genre

When the wedding is held in the traditional style, it is better not to deviate from the intended course and prepare in advance the oath to the wedding for the bride and groom. Nobody obliges to compose essays on a given topic and unfold into significant volumes. A few sentences are enough to be uttered at the altar in the presence of guests and relatives. If we replace with the oaths the moment of mutual exchange of consent to marriage, then we get, of course, the most touching episode of the holiday. Of course, you can use other people's creations and borrow wedding oaths for the bride and groom from friends or complete strangers, but why learn the standard and alien options ?! It is wiser to come up with your own, albeit brief, but sincere option with an emphasis on your own love story and vows of the bride and groom

For a traditional wedding

A few days before the wedding, free yourself the evening and make yourself comfortable with a piece of paper and a pen. Yes, improvisation at a wedding is not always possible, so it is better to at least outline a plan for your speech. What do you want to say to the second half? Probably confess your feelings? Great, but leave the words of love for last, to complete your oath beautifully. And in the beginning, insert some touching moment from your common history.Many promise to remain faithful and maintain in grief and joy, in sickness and health. These are not empty words, so try to feel them. Remember why you loved your chosen one. Maybe for the beauty of the eyes? For the breadth of the soul? Or for help on the control? The phrase "I remember the day when we met and you ..." always causes smiles, as it reveals something intimate and preserved. An example for a traditional wedding could be the Catholic oath of the bride and groom. It begins with the consent to take the spouse to the family, to be faithful support, promises to love and care until death. You can add a few personal experiences, because there is no clear guidance on what should be the oath of the bride and groom. Is the oath touching or dry? You decide. A beautiful lady is easier to show their ardor with words. She can say: “I promise to be there always and give my warmth to you. I will never ask for more than you can give, and I will never reproach you for failures. I will accept as you are and I will not try to change. I promise to be open, but stay interesting. I promise to keep your secrets and not use them against you.Let our relationship be lively and fascinating, so that you don’t have to regret over the loss of warmth over time. ”The groom can restrict himself to a brief and traditional speech:“ I ask you to become my lawful spouse. In front of all the witnesses I promise to love you all my life, to protect and take care of you. I will help you in everything and will not leave you alone, because you are my man, necessary, desired and loved. You inspire me and give me interest in life. "cool vows of the bride and groom

When fear blinds your eyes ...

On the wedding day, not only women are nervous, but also men, so they sometimes get into ridiculous and annoying situations, forget the words, lose buttons from shirts and manage to crush the bride's foot in new shoes. Therefore, the wedding vows of the bride and groom should not be memorized by a poem, which must also be kept in the treacherous memory. Sketch a plan of your speech or do it easier and write it down on a postcard. Firstly, your half will be able to once again get acquainted with the manifestation of your feelings, since you can give a card to her. Secondly, you have the full right to peep a line or two, if you still decide to read the text on a piece of paper.Just do not buy a postcard with ready text! So you risk offending your other half by demonstrating your indifference to drawing up the oath.comic oath of the bride and groom

In verse

Another fairly familiar, but still an interesting option - this is the oath of the bride and groom in poetic form. Oddly enough, such a choice gives a lot of room for imagination. Will poems be romantic and incredibly pathetic? Or maybe they will be presented in the form of humor? Many brides go far in their imagination and read verses to music, wanting to give a beloved rap with a declaration of love. Basically, such a gift is presented at a festive feast, when the wedding ceremony itself is behind, lush congratulations and the first few toasts. It can be difficult for a single bride to cope, so it would be nice to have a support group in the person of girlfriends who set up the equipment, agree with the DJ and attract the audience’s attention to the main star of the evening.

How to start a bride?

In such a situation, it is advised not to delay the verse, not to get involved in the layering of rhyme and remember that attention is weakened every minute. Should not stretch out more than three couplets on a pair of sentences in each oath of the bride and groom at the wedding.Funny poems or songs are often filmed on camera and posted on the Internet, so it is advisable to try even in a close circle of friends and relatives.

The bride picks up the microphone and says:

"I will be faithful to her husband herself,

But stay in the family home. "

In these lines there is some joke, but there is also some challenge in which the girl hints that she wants to remain beloved and patronized by the girl.

You can, by the way, play on the contrast and divide the funny oaths of the bride and groom into two parts, with the first to make a little impudent, and the second - more tender.

"You are my husband, you are the head, but without a neck - nowhere," the bride continues, which probably breaks a storm of applause. Then you can list a number of wishes, from a new fur coat to a trip to Paris for a week of sales, but until the spouse started to get upset that he was married to a waste, you have to jump to a new wave and finish the oath in a traditional way, sweet and sincere. The new wife says: “We will go fishing, we will have a rest in nature. We will not forget about friends, we will invite guests”. At the end of the oath in verse, save the words about feelings, so that your chosen one feels like the lucky one and wants to reciprocate.oath of the bride and groom touching

From the groom

But the groom without beautiful words is nowhere, so it is better for him to decide in advance on the moment of their voicing. Most shyly hides from prying eyes, tends to speak words of love only in private, and confine in people “I will love, respect, call my mother-in-law”. Of course, this is already good, but women are romantic creatures and want to hear more detailed maxims from men's lips, even in a humorous presentation. The comic oaths of the bride and groom at the wedding should, if possible, be made in the same style. If the bride chooses poetry, then it would be good for the groom to follow her example.

Just for fun

You can rely on fate and give free rein to improvisation. Let it be a special oath of the bride and groom at the wedding! Funny and unforgettable promises are made just when there is no sense of impending responsibility. Far from other people, you can remain yourself and promise something that you did not want to voice with others. Interesting may be the oath of the bride and groom at the registration. And let her hear only relatives! Brilliant Carmen Electra promised her husband to learn to appreciate the sound of opening soda cans.This is such a trifle, but she was important to her loved one! The comic oath of the bride and groom can be more serious than a speech at a traditional wedding. The main thing is to remain sincere to express your feelings.

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