We write an essay on the "Portrait of Mila" Khabarov

To write an essay on the "Portrait of Mila" Khabarov need a plan of work.

Writing plan

Introduction. About the artist V. I. Khabarov.

1. About the portrait and its plot.

2. The heroine of the portrait: clothes, shoes, book.

3. The interior of the room and the overall composition of the picture.

Conclusion Impressions of the portrait.


In the introduction to the essay on "The Portrait of Mila" Khabarov, I must say that today the artist Valery Iosifovich Khabarov is 73 years old. People of this generation were born in the difficult war years, and they had to grow in an unsettled, hungry, post-war time. Then it was not easy for everyone, it was necessary to work hard, there was no time for entertainment.

The artist Valery Khabarov studied a lot, but learning is also work. After high school, he graduated from an art school, an art institute in Moscow, and then he also studied in the creative workshop of a famous artist. As a result, he became a famous master, a member of the Union of Artists, received various awards for his work, participated in many domestic and foreign exhibitions.

Khabarov gained the greatest popularity as a portrait painter.When describing the picture of Khabarov "Portrait of Mila" one can not but recall his other wonderful portraits. Such, for example, as a chess player Karpov and the keeper of the museum in Borodino Shatov.

Description of the picture Khabarov's portrait is cuteThe portraits made by Khabarov, in particular, “The Portrait of Mila”, the work on which we analyze, are interesting because they are made in a special, slightly tense manner. Their heroes seem to be captured by some kind of idea or activity: here is Grandmaster Anatoly Karpov, standing on the table and looking anxiously at the interlocutor. Girl Mila absorbed reading a book. And the elderly museum curator Konstantin Shatov looks from the portrait as wisely as if he himself had witnessed the battle of Borodino, and all the events of those years remained in his memory forever.

Khabarov portrait lovely storyThe peculiarity of the artist's letter in his essay on Khabarov’s "Portrait of Mila" is some sharpness of the image - this can be found in the works of representatives of the so-called naive painting. But this angularity does not spoil the portraits, on the contrary, it gives them a special charm.

About the portrait and its plot

We now turn directly to the description of "Portrait of Mila" Khabarov.

The picture "Portrait of a girl in a chair" (as it was originally called) was written in 1974. It is considered one of the most famous works of the artist.The heroine of the portrait was Mila Khaldevich, so the picture is often called simply “The Portrait of Mila”.

Khabarov's portrait is pretty

Unfortunately, the history of Khabarov’s “Portrait of Mila” and Mila Khaldevich’s own knowledge are almost unknown. Is that we can assume her age and in some details to guess how and where she lived.

The heroine of the portrait: posture, clothing, shoes, book

Here we turn to the description of the person's appearance in the picture of Khabarov "Portrait of Mila".

The portrait depicts a girl of 12–13 years old, who has climbed onto a chair and is enthusiastically reading a book. The girl is completely immersed in reading: her mouth is half-open, as if she speaks phrases in her mind that bring the plot closer to the interchange. Probably, this is how we all look from the side, when we are passionate about something. It is as if we are inside ourselves, as if in some wonderful capsule. Maybe that's why the artist portrayed his heroine inside a round chair, pursed legs.

The last pages of an interesting book are about to turn over, and the girl is in a hurry. These pages are always the most fascinating, so it is not surprising that the girl, running from the rink, barely having time to undress, grabbed the book.

This picture offers many options for presenting previous and subsequent events, and this is just always interesting for the viewer (or, for example, the reader) of the artwork. We are discussing these alleged events as if we are involved in creating a picture on a par with the artist.

Khabarov portrait lovely storyIn the essay on "The Portrait of Mila" by Khabarov, it can be noted that the heroine of the portrait is most likely a purposeful, mobile, developed girl. She reads a lot (lazy would never force herself to read such a thick book to the end), goes in for sports (this can be seen from her posture, abandoned skates and also because her trousers are on - girls did not often wear pants at that time). And she is still not exposed to girlish cares about her appearance: she is wearing a simple T-shirt, and the strands of her straight hair are simply and modestly scattered around her shoulders.

But jeans ... It must be recalled that the portrait was written in the 1970s, when jeans in Soviet stores had not yet been sold, they could only be purchased on the black market. And this suggests that Mila is from a wealthy family, with connections. She can afford the luxury of denim pants for a teenage girl.But even these jeans speak in favor of her modesty - Mile has no time to be distracted on the street and walk with friends, she is all in school and in her extracurricular activities.

The interior of the room and the overall composition of the picture

In the essay on the picture of Valery Khabarov "Portrait of Mila" we will try to describe the environment surrounding the heroine.

Most likely, Mila is a city resident. This tells us the interior, "got" on the canvas. Parquet, elegant lamp, quite refined for the time round, like a bowl, chair.

According to the memories of the elderly, people lived modestly in the 1970s. Unless, of course, they were not representatives of the party elite. Many products could not be bought due to a shortage. Everything had to "get it." This was not yet felt in large cities, but even good books were hard to find in the provinces, and even more so in the villages. Although now it is hard to believe.

description of the person's appearance picture Khabarov portrait is cuteSo, Mila, most likely, lived in a large city, where there was a skating rink and a decent library. She probably had a mother and a father, that is, a full family.

The composition of the picture is very laconic, because it is subject to a common task: the main thing here is the girl and her occupation. The artist tried to convey the moment when the last, most fascinating pages of the book are being read.A few more minutes - and Mila will close the book and run about her business, and maybe she will start her lessons. Or maybe he will come up to the phone to call a friend and share his impressions of the reading.

Conclusion Impressions of the portrait

In conclusion, the essay on the picture of Khabarov "Portrait of Mila" can be noted that like in this picture. For example, the fact that it is written in a realistic manner, although not so masterfully, as the pictures of Surikov, Tropinin, Fedotov are painted.

And there is in it some kind of fabulousness. It does not seem that Mila Khaldevich is an ordinary girl, just like everyone else. And the very features of her face, and the depicted interior - everything is not trivial, not everyday.

Perhaps the artist, as a representative of the direction of "socialist realism", specially embellished the life of the simplest girl from a typical Soviet family? After all, the artists of those years were supposed to show the ordinary events of life and ordinary heroes. Khabarov reflected the comfort and softness of the world of Mila in the picture. But behind all this softness, understatement. Social and family conflicts obviously have no place in this calm, prosperous, full prosperity of life.

Finishing the description of the picture of Khabarov "Portrait of Mila", we note that over the years this work will cause more and more surprise among viewers. Too much has changed since then. A modern girl would rather be holding a smartphone or an e-book. Paper volumes are fading. Yes, and it is difficult today to meet a person with such a passion for reading a book.

On the statement of these controversial considerations we will finish the essay on the picture of Khabarov "Portrait of Mila".

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