Ways to fold a scarf in your jacket pocket

Men, who prefer the business style in clothing, are aware of its demand for details. When creating a classic image takes into account every little thing. Say, how to put a handkerchief in a jacket pocket to look elegant and stylish? This article offers original and at the same time simple solutions.

On choosing a scarf

How to put a handkerchief in a jacket pocket? First you need to understand how to choose this elegant accessory, so that it becomes a highlight of the image. Acquire pasha (the so-called decorative scarf) is desirable in the last turn, having already decided on the fabric of a shirt, suit and tie.

how to put a handkerchief in a jacket pocket

The important point is that the pasha and the tie should not be made of the same fabric, otherwise the masculine image will seem too strict and old-fashioned. They should also differ in texture. The product will often have to be crushed and folded, so the type of processing the edges and the quality of the material play a big role.

Elegant combinations

How to put a handkerchief in a jacket pocket? The impression a male attire will produce depends not only on the way you fold your pasha, but also on its compatibility with the tie. An interesting solution will be a tandem of cotton accessory and a silk tie, which looks incredibly elegant. Pasha of silk looks great in conjunction with products from jacquard and wool.

how beautifully to put a handkerchief in a jacket pocket

If a man chooses a blazer and a sports jacket, he should focus on a cozy cashmere accessory. In this case, it is better to refuse a tie at all, as well as when choosing a pasha with colorful ornaments, otherwise there is a danger of overloading the image.

How to put a handkerchief in your jacket pocket: method number 1

The first method is called “Presidential Fold”, which serves as a kind of hint at when it is appropriate. Business meeting, solemn event - situations in which this method is relevant. When choosing an accessory, preference should be given to linen or silk products. Of course, the most preferred material.

How to fold a scarf in a jacket pocket using the Presidential Fold method? The canvas is folded four times, then laid so that the free ends are located on the upper right, and the fold is on the left. The left edge gently overlaps the right.The lower part of the fabric is folded under the top, while about two centimeters are left up to the top edge.

The folded accessory is placed in a pocket, gently straightening in width.

Method number 2

How beautiful to put a handkerchief in a jacket pocket? Method number two is famous for its versatility, it can be used during informal and formal meetings. One-angle technique is best suited for single-color products, however, experiments with accessories decorated with bright prints are not forbidden. The folding algorithm is given below.

how to put a handkerchief in your jacket pocket

  • The accessory is folded four times, while the fold is at the top right of it. The product is bent in half angle to corner.
  • The left edge of the fabric is carefully wrapped to the right, then this manipulation is repeated on the other side.
  • Pasha turns, is placed in a niche.

Method number 3

How to fold a handkerchief into a jacket pocket in order to look elegant and strict? Method number three is called "Two corners." It is believed that this method is most relevant for official events. If a man wants to make a pasha a highlight of the image, he can give preference to a product with bright prints.

how to fold a scarf in your jacket pocket photo

How to ensure that the two corners of the accessory protrude from the pocket? To do this, follow the instructions below.

  • Pasha folded four times.
  • The fabric is bent in half, its upper edges are slightly shifted, but remain at the same level.
  • The right and left lower parts are bent, as a result, the width is equal to the niche of the jacket.
  • The bottom edge of the product bends about one third of the entire length.

The design overturns on the front side, neatly fits in the chest pocket.

Method number 4

How to fold a handkerchief in a breast pocket? Method number four is not suitable for official events. It is relevant if a man wants to add an informal outfit with the help of a pasha. For this method are suitable as bright products with prints, and inconspicuous monochrome scarves.

The first two points described in method number 3 are exactly the same. Further, the side parts of the product are bent inward, and their ends at the same time should be equal to the middle. Pasha turns over, put in a breast pocket. A stylish look for a friendly party can be considered complete.

Method number 5

Method number five carries the original name "Cloud."It is necessary to pay close attention to the representatives of the stronger sex, who want to create an original and stylish image. Of course, this method is categorically not suitable if a man is going to a formal event with a tight dress code.

how to fold a handkerchief in a breast pocket

Start by choosing the right product. The ideal solution would be a scarf made of airy and lightweight cloth, for example, silk. The folding algorithm is simple. The fabric is clamped by hand in the middle, a magnificent cloud is created on top. The cloud remains on top, and the free ends of the product are inside the pocket.

Many corners

The above is about how to fold a handkerchief in your jacket pocket. Photos given in the article will help to cope with this task. Of course, far from all existing methods were considered. Why not consider another option?

  • Pasha folds in a diamond, then folds in half in the direction from the bottom up. The bottom corner of the fabric is slightly shifted to the right.
  • The left corner of the product is bent to the right, with the result that it is located below the first two. Above is the right corner.
  • Cloth tuck left and right, resulting in a cone.
  • The bottom edge is slightly bent, with the need to focus on the depth of his jacket pocket.
  • The handkerchief fits neatly into your pocket.

The method described above attracts representatives of the stronger sex with its versatility. If you use a bright shawl-pasha, you can go to a fun party. Solid products are great for official events.

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