Ways how to cure chronic rhinitis

Perhaps, one of the most unpleasant manifestations of cold is a cold. Theoretically, this is a kind of protection of the body, thanks to which the mucous membranes are cleaned of harmful microorganisms.

There is an acute and chronic form.

In the first case, it is the consequences of a viral infectionor supercooling. For the transition of the disease into a constantly manifested ailment there are a number of reasons. Among them, the often repeated or protracted acute form of the common cold, its improper treatment, trauma to the nose, prolonged exposure to harmful mucosal irritants, etc. To know how to cure a chronic runny nose, you must first identify the reasons for its appearance in order to avoid this in the future, and to find the right means.

Symptoms characteristic of chroniccoryza, in addition to severe stuffiness of the nose, are headaches, stuffiness of the ears, general weakness. This is due to the fact that immunity decreases, accordingly, it is easy to get complications from this seemingly "simple" disease.

A specialist (an otolaryngologist) should tell how to cure a chronic runny nose, with which it is necessary to consult before treating.

If there is a strong nasal congestion, whichoften hinders and causes discomfort, it must be removed. With this task, the vasoconstricting drops are easily handled, presented in pharmacies in a wide range. However, it is important to be careful in their application, they should not be carried away. The effect of such drugs is based on the narrowing of the blood vessels, as a consequence. Thanks to their use, the swelling of the mucous membrane is removed and nasal breathing improves. These drugs are used no more than 7 days, as they can be addictive.

Effective way of how to curea chronic runny nose, will be the use of moisturizers. Typically, this is a special sea water, containing salts and trace elements, helping to facilitate the departure of mucus. Since the use of these drugs almost does not cause side effects, the dose can be safely varied independently, depending on the state of health. With the same goals, saline is also used. Such a tool many pediatricians recommend, explaining to parents how to treat a cold in children under one year.

Homeopathic can come to the rescue alsodrugs that have immunostimulating, antiviral effects on the body. If the effect of therapeutic treatment is not available, the doctor can recommend a procedure using laser therapy. It will not only remove the swelling of the mucosa, but also improve breathing, as well as reduce mucus secretion.

Thinking about how to cure chronicrunny nose, it must be remembered that in some cases it can be caused by an allergy. In this case, in addition to special means prescribed by a specialist, it is recommended to reduce the risk of exposure to an allergen. Help identify its special tests and tests.

You can use folk remedies,especially if some therapeutic procedures or preparations are inadmissible to use for any reason. This includes the question of how to treat a runny nose during pregnancy. Inhalations using boiled potatoes, chopped onions or black pepper are quite suitable for use by almost everyone, and the result is quite palpable. Water, in which a small amount of starch is diluted, can get rid of sneezing if several times a day dig it into the nasal passages.

For the treatment of common cold in the people applybeet or onion juice. In this case, it is worth remembering that in its pure form they can not be buried, it is better to dissolve it with boiling water. If the sense of smell is partially lost, it is recommended to eat grated fruits with honey and linden flowers.

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