Water-based parquet lacquer (reviews)

Choosing parquet lacquer, many consumers today prefer natural compounds that do not have an unpleasant odor and are harmless. Among these, you can select water-based mixtures. However, on the building materials market there is such a variety of varnishes, in which it is quite difficult for a buyer to understand.

Characteristics of parquet lacquer on water

parquet lacquerSuch compounds are usually used indoors. They are not very often used in offices, corridors or other premises, the floor of which is exposed to strong friction during operation. At the first stage, the composition should be applied with a thin layer, which should then be allowed to dry. You can then apply up to three layers using large brushes or a roller. It is important to create the right conditions for drying varnish. Thus, high humidity and low temperature contribute to a fairly long drying process. Do not use water-based parquet lacquer if the temperature in the room is below 12 degrees.Among the main features of such compositions can be identified a period of complete drying, which can last up to 12 hours. After drying, the surface can be freely subjected to wet cleaning. Buying a varnish, you can choose the capacity which volume is equal to 1 or 5 liters. The presence of dry residue can be 37 percent of the total. If you buy parquet lacquer, you must know its consumption. It will depend on the type of surface and the number of layers applied.

Reviews parquet lacquer

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Consumers often buy water-based parquet lacquer for the reason that they like its environmental friendliness. In the process of applying the composition does not emit odor, dries quickly enough in comparison with other means. Even if you have to cover a large enough area, you still can not use a respirator, which is very popular with customers. As a disadvantage, it is possible to distinguish a higher cost in comparison with some analogues with a different composition, but the price is compensated for by the quality characteristics.

Reviews of acrylic lacquer water based

water based parquet lacquerIf you choose parquet lacquer, you may prefer the one that is made on the basis of acrylic and water. In the basis of such compounds alkyd-urethane resin.Consumers speak of such mixtures quite positively also because they are very versatile, because the lacquer can be used both outside and inside the premises. However, it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that such a varnish can cover only the surface, which will not be exposed to strong mechanical stress.

Reviews on the use of water paints

water parquet lacquerIf you decide to use parquet lacquer as a finishing layer, it is important to know how to apply it. Before use, the composition must be shaken, and if the varnish is not new, it can be diluted with white spirit, using a ratio of 1 to 10. After the first layer is applied, it can be left until it dries, and then the surface can be covered with several layers of undiluted . Initially, the surface can be treated with a primer. Grinding can be carried out between layers, if necessary. During drying the surface should not be exposed to drafts, as well as ultraviolet. It is important to observe the correct temperature and humidity conditions, so if the temperature is 20 degrees and the humidity is within 65 percent, the drying will take about two hours.After a day, the surface can be exploited. In a week, heavy furniture can be installed on the base.

What else you need to know about water based parquet lacquers

parquet lacquer reviewsVarnished parquet water like most consumers for its environmental friendliness, but not many people know how to properly store the composition. Thus, it cannot be subjected to freezing. After that, the composition may lose its quality characteristics. Water-soluble mixtures, as a rule, are dispersions. Water-soluble varnishes have excellent adhesion to the surface. After applying on a wooden base such compositions form a viscous and elastic film. Water-based parquet lacquer can be divided into three categories, one of them contains no solvents at all, the second contains 5 percent of them, while the third has solvents of 15 percent. Water varnish has a negative characteristic, which is expressed in the sizing of the side joints of the slats. Adhesive characteristics can be reduced by using a primer, but they will not be completely eliminated.Choosing a water-based parquet lacquer, you can be sure that the composition has a low concentration of solvent vapors in the environment during the period of application. Consumers choose this composition in cases where it is not possible to vacate the premises for the period of repair.


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These compounds are not flammable. They can be used where under the conditions of construction the use of varnishes in which solvents are contained is impossible because of the danger of an explosion or a fire. Consumers do not always like the fact that at the time of applying the varnishes show capriciousness to the microclimate of the room. Water-based paints are demanding of tools, in particular rollers. Parquet lacquer, reviews of which you have the opportunity to read in this article should not be applied with a spatula or swab. Do not use these mixtures on uneven rocks such as pine or beech. However, it is convenient that the primer is often attached to the lacquer manufacturer. It is able to protect the edges of the floor planks from warping. It is best to choose a modern parquet lacquer, while the board will show its best qualities, it will not change the linear dimensions. Choosing such compounds, you can not expose the surface to be treated with a primer.

Varieties of water-based formulations

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Despite the fact that water-based varnishes for parquet do not have a very high wear resistance, you can choose the expected load. Single component formulations are designed for moderate loads. Their cost is not very high. They must be applied in tandem with a primer. Such compositions are most suitable for rooms that are characterized by low permeability. There are on sale and one-component varnishes, which are intended for increased loads. They dry quickly and do not smell. They can be used with or without a primer. Such mixtures are most suitable for a larger number of parquet floors. If there is a need to cover the floor, which is characterized by impressive loads, then you should choose a two-component composition. After the two components are connected by you, it is necessary to use the prepared solution within three hours. Such mixtures are suitable for residential apartments, hotels, country cottages and restaurants.

Light intensity

Depending on how shiny the floor should be after drying, you can choose a matte finish that does not reflect the sun's rays.You can prefer semi-matte composition, which allows you to get a smooth color, it gives slight glare when hit by the sun. Whereas semi-glossy compositions emphasize the color of wood and allow you to get a soft sheen. For lovers of gloss there are appropriate compositions that have an optical sheen, allowing you to get a transparent film. The intensity of the gloss will depend on the number of applied layers.


Parquet lacquer wood flooring, although it has some drawbacks, for example, is not so impressive wear resistance, however, it is often chosen by consumers because of its environmental friendliness and the ability to carry out repairs, not excluding operation of the premises during this period.

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