Vyborg pretzel. Recipe and cooking tips

Legend has it that this kind of baking, like a pretzel, appeared in the distant twelfth century. A monk, whose name has not reached our days, experimenting with dough, made a bun in the shape of hands crossed during prayer. For centuries, French and Italian bakers argue about whose ancestor invented the pretzel. Some say that the monk was a Frenchman, others, respectively, assert that this is a man with Italian blood.pretzel recipe

It is believed that the first pretzel recipe could invent in Germany. The national baking of this country pretzel is very similar in shape and taste to the pretzel. Brectels are also sprinkled with sesame seeds or salt. By the way, in this country, as in some other European cities, the pretzel is the logo of many bakeries and bakeries.

Vyborg pretzel recipe

Vyborg has long been called the "pretzel" city. The recipe of Vyborg pretzels is woven from secret ingredients brought by French monks to the Russian land, from the war between bakeries, from the assemblies of Peter the Great.By the way, it was precisely by order of Peter I that the pretzel became one of the main dishes at festive feasts. Six pretzels a day were eaten and Emperor Alexander the Third.

What is the secret to the pretzel recipe? Someone believes that the true taste of the pretzel can only be felt when the dough is brewed according to an old recipe, and baking is prepared on straw, like many centuries ago. Other culinary experts say that the recipe of the Vyborg pretzel is good because it can be made from any dough (yeast or puff, sweet or sweet). Let's see what kind of secret ingredients should be added to the dough so that the recipe for homemade pretzels is accurate and gives a delicious result.vyborg pretzel recipe

Required Ingredients

  • A kilogram of flour.
  • Three eggs (it is better to take home with a bright yolk).
  • 50 g yeast (live).
  • Milk - 500 ml.
  • 260 g sugar.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • 220 grams of butter.

In the preparation of pretzels use quite a lot of spices and aromatic spices. To master the classic recipe for a pretzel from Vyborg, you have to prepare:

  • Half a teaspoon of marjoram.
  • 1h l mint (dried, chopped).
  • ½ tsp Saffron and the same amount of cumin.
  • A teaspoon of nutmeg powder.
  • Ground cloves - ½ tsp.
  • Two spoons of tea cardamom.sugar pretzel recipe

Dough preparation

In a separate container, the yeast is mixed with warm water. Stir them well and let stand for about five minutes. Yeast will be ready when a characteristic yeast lush cap appears.

At this time, beat the eggs with the spices listed above. Sift flour and half pour gradually to the egg mixture. Then pour the water with yeast and mix thoroughly again. The pretzel recipe does not require haste, so do not rush to immediately dump the dough on the table. To begin with, you should let it come and rest in a semi-liquid form for about five to ten minutes.

We begin to knead the dough, gradually pouring the rest of the flour. It should be not only soft, fluffy and supple, but also brilliant in appearance. Cover the container with a towel. We are waiting for the dough to rise. We crush him and let him stand again. As soon as the dough twice approached, it was limp, you can get to work.

Pretzel formation

Even knowing the correct recipe for pretzels with sugar, it is not always possible to make pastries the first time.This is done gradually, exactly following the rules, verified and re-checked for centuries.

We divide the resulting piece of dough into three parts. From each will be one pretzel. Carefully skip the dough between the palms, forming a small harness. Then the work goes to the table, where we make the flagellum with our hands longer and longer. Try to roll out the dough so that the central part (middle) of the tow is slightly thicker than the tips.

Pull slightly the ends of the harness, twist them together. Carefully lift up and throw on the round part. Put tails should be so that their tips touched opposite sides of the central part of the workpiece. Pinching or pressing the ends is not recommended. They themselves in the process of baking "grab."homemade pretzel recipe

Bakery products

If there is an opportunity to get high-quality finely chopped straw, then it is better to bake on it. This is not only a tribute to fashion or tradition, but also a notorious improvement in the taste of baking. We lay straw on a baking sheet. Pretzels, meanwhile, sink to boiling water for one minute. Pulling out the pretzel from the water, place them on the straw and send them into the oven. Degree - 190, time - 20-30 minutes.As soon as there is a delicious golden crust on top, you can remove the pretzel.

On request, homemade pretzels are covered with sugar, powdered sugar or sesame seeds.

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