Vladimir Naumov: biography, personal life, films of the director

Vladimir Naumov - the famous Soviet and Russian film director. Also known as an actor, screenwriter, teacher and producer. In 1982 he was awarded the title of People's Artist of the USSR. Received awards at international film festivals for the films "World to Enter", "Legend of Til", "Tehran-43", "White Holiday".

Biography of the director

Biography of Vladimir Naumov

Vladimir Naumov was born in 1927. He was born in Leningrad. His father was closely associated with cinema, Naum Solomonovich worked as a cameraman, by the way, he had a double surname - Naumov-Guard. He worked in the films "Song of Spring", "We are from Kronstadt", "Night in September".

Vladimir Naumov followed in his footsteps, in 1952 he received a diploma of graduation from the directing department at VGIK. Engaged in the creative workshop of Igor Savchenko.

His creative debut took place in the paintings of Savchenko himself “The Third Strike” and “Taras Shevchenko”, in which Vladimir Naumov worked as an assistant director in the work on which.

Creative debut

In 1950, Savchenko dies suddenly, Naumov and Alexander Alov complete the picture "Taras Shevchenko", which comes out in 1951.

Then, along with Alov, the hero of our article puts another film. This is a picture of “Anxious youth” based on Belyaev’s novel “Old Fortress”. In 1956, they released the film version of Ostrovsky's novel How Steel Was Hardened under the title Pavel Korchagin.

The action of this picture is transferred to the 30s. Already mortally ill, Korchagin, who is bedridden, recalls his fighting youth, talks about the revolution, life's adversities and difficulties, even losing his sight, seeks to finish the work on the book of his memoirs.

This work was awarded a silver medal of the World Festival of Youth and Students, an encouraging diploma of the All-Union Film Festival.

In 1957, young directors come to work for Mosfilm at the invitation of the famous Ivan Pyryev.

Participation in the Venice Film Festival

Vladimir Naumov and Alexander Alov

The real success of the director Vladimir Naumov was the drama “The World to Become”, on which he also worked with Alov. Alexander Demyanenko, Viktor Avdyushko, Nikolay Grinko starred in the lead roles.

In the center of the film is Junior Lieutenant Ivlev, who just graduated from college. He went to Berlin a few days before the complete surrender of Germany in World War II. In the ruined city, he meets a pregnant German woman, whom he helps to get to the hospital. Next he will have to accompany the shell-shocked soldier to the rear. Thus, older and more experienced officers want to protect him from an accidental death in the last days of the war. Together with Ivlev, a pregnant German woman is going. Their path, in its complexity and thorniness, immediately resembles Homer's Odyssey.

By the end of the path the main character arrives mature and matured. The end of the war coincides with the celebration of the birth of a baby. In the final scene, the newborn is pissing on the now unnecessary weapon.

The picture was awarded at the International Venice Film Festival. The film received a special jury award.

Censorship bans

In 1962, Naumov shoots a cycle of the novels “Coin” based on the stories of the American writer Albert Maltz, and in 1966 difficult times begin in the biography of Vladimir Naumov. His new film, also co-authored with Alov, is banned for censorship reasons.

This is a tragicomedy called "A Bad Joke", filmed after the same story by Fyodor Dostoevsky. The story of a Petersburg official who decided that the success of state reform depends solely on his personal qualities and humanity was not approved by censorship. In fact, this was the end of the thaw and the beginning of the Brezhnev era. The tape came out on screens only in 1987.

Best work

Movie Running

One of the most famous films of Vladimir Naumov is the movie romance "Running." Together with Alov, the hero of our article put it on the play of the same name by Mikhail Bulgakov.

The film tells about the last months of the Civil War in Russia. The action takes place in the south of the country.

The film The Legend of Teale

In 1976, the "Legend of Thiel" was released. These are two full-length paintings, united by one theme - "Ashes of Klaas" and "Long Live the Beggars." The film is dedicated to the medieval hero of German and Dutch legends Til Ulenshpigel.

The sufferings of the Dutch people in the 16th century, which languishes from high taxes, cruel decrees, and the Inquisition, starting the war of liberation against Spanish domination are vividly shown.

Film Tehran-43

In 1980, Alov and Naumov released another high-profile premiere - the political detective story Tehran-43. The tape instantly becomes one of the leaders of the Soviet hire.A large role in this was played by the cast. In addition to the famous Soviet artists (Armen Dzhagarkhanyan, Natalia Belokhvostikova, Gleb Strizhenova), the film stars and French cinema. First of all, all attention is riveted on the sex symbol of the 80s Alain Delon.

Success also provides a fascinating story - on the instructions of Hitler and his confidants in Tehran on the eve of important international negotiations, the leaders of the three powers penetrate a group of terrorists. Soviet intelligence officers were tasked with ensuring the security of the Tehran Conference and preventing the negotiations from failing.

Work after the death of Alov

Vladimir Naumov at work

In 1983, Naumov's constant partner, Alexander Alov, dies at the age of 59 years. After that, Naumov works alone.

In 1987, he shoots the drama "Choice" about a Soviet artist who, at an exhibition in Italy, meets his front-line friend who dreams of returning to his homeland. In 1989, the historical drama “The Law” was launched on the beginning of the process of rehabilitating political prisoners in the mid-50s after the death of Joseph Stalin.

In 1990, with the support of cinematographers, the political drama Ten Years Without the Right of Correspondence was published from the Federal Republic of Germany.

In the 90s, Naumov was not working so actively. Only a few of his tapes appear - "White Holiday", "A Clock Without Hands", "Gioconda on Asphalt", "Tales of Tsar Saltan".

In several of these pictures he appears as an actor. In general, he played his most famous roles in the tragicomedy of Alexander Mitta "Burn, Burn, My Star", where he got the image of a staff captain, and the psychological theft of Alexander Gordon "Theft".

Family life

Personal life, the biography of Vladimir Naumov has always been interested in his many admirers. He was married twice. His first choice was the actress Elsa Ledgey, from whom in 1962 he had a son Alexei. Now the grandson Vladimir Naumov Jr. is a famous playwright. Here are just a couple was not happy. In 1962, they broke up.

The personal life of Vladimir Naumov happily developed with actress Natalia Belokhvostikova, whom he married in 1974. Two years later, they had a daughter, Natalya, who became an actress and film director. Also, the couple raised a foster son named Cyril.

Now Naumov retired, he is 90 years old.

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